Getting an FHA loan after bankruptcy if no proof of rent/mortgage payments?

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Asked at 2012-08-27 12:09:04
My husband and I filed for bankruptcy just over 2 years and have not acquired any new debt since. We reaffirmed our cars , that have made us pay it forward and will be paid soon. Here is my question: Our house was included in our bankruptcy and it was only on my behalf , however , we still live here because I can make one payment each month , but were told they could throw us almost any time ( the loan is 60 days late , we were told that we will drive the 120 days most likely) , but we can not afford to live here and my house is now worth $ 120,000 maybe $ 40,000. Anyway , have a student loan debt up the wazoo until after medical school , but my husband has none besides $ 3,000 left on a car loan that I have with him and he has a 690 credit score and excellent income . So we're thinking of putting a new house in his name and it seems that he should be able to be approved for an FHA mortgage , but wonders if it will be a problem , since technically do not pay a mortgage or rent payment ? I pay and is 100 % on my behalf . Other than that , he / she has enough funds for payment and obviously seeking credit . I have no fear of paying rent / mortgage will give us a hiccup .
Answer1decaturAnswered at 2012-09-02 18:16:02
Sorry, but there is no federal requirement that if you are married , all banks must request credit reports and go through them together . Even if the house is in his name . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If my husband has excellent income - why it can help pay the mortgage on a house in which they live ?
Answer2GabirriellaAnswered at 2012-09-17 14:47:04
FHA lenders will require that the spouse is on the loan and your credit account . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If he makes that kind of money to buy a house , why would not I be paying for that you already have ? The bank will want to know why you're so far behind if you can pay thinlk a different house .
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