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How can someone commit tax fraud like this?1marcellous2012-09-17 11:47:05
Taxes and I have a guy who did only had a 42K and 46K statement mortgage . Last year , said 112K of mortgage interest . Seriously , I'm not kidding , that is only in their interest ( not original) 1098S , I know he is lying about his real address and is married ( filing head of household ) , but how can he get away with it ? I suggested that he is a bs'r , but I'm not allowed to be as simple as I was . He just does not want to pay taxes .... But is there any way this can be right ? MedlinePlus In an important note : presented for quick loan , so his return is being reviewed by the IRS for later. He already has his $ $ ...
Why I want to commit suicide?3student_helper872012-10-20 11:11:57
The reason is many. , 1. I lost my mother two years ago. she died of a brain tumor . we can understand that she had a tumor in the last stage only. i suggested the operation in the hope given by the doctor who was going to live for 12 months with that operation. but after the operation was to eat at once . . after he suffered a lot of pain for about one month , she died . I think if I had not decided to do the operation , which could have atlest to live with us for the rest of days ... i feel guilty of not considering the feelings of my mother to live with her son and husband in the remaining days of his life . MedlinePlus 2. born in a BPL family . I was good in studies and education thought of my living doing good work . I took tution for PUC students to earn money for my studies . Kerala MBA finished , yet could not get a good job in finance. I'm doing 11 hours of work a night shift mere 15k salary . I tried to switch companies , but was rejected by all who attended the interview . i was not selected for promotion in my company . ends meet just left me with cash to pay my father and to pay room rent , after paying student loans . Finally , I am forced to make this decision , better to end my life . LIC took 5lakh . their first year at this time. I think if I die , my father will be able to handle life in the rest of his life .. MedlinePlus Now I think I 'm a failed product of God, which is completely useless . cofidence i lost me completely .
Should I report my father for unemployment fraud and tax fraud?0SAPPHIRE2012-10-12 13:27:46
I wondered if, in the circumstances it would be morally right or wrong just report my father? I know that at first glance the question seems a little fucked up, but please, read the situation before making a comment! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I lived with my grandmother when I was a kid because my mother died when I was 5 years old and my father did not want me at the time, so I lived with my grandmother ID until I was 13. My father went and demanded that I returned to California to live with him after my grandmother asked my dad help with the maintenance, so they returned to California to live with him at age 13. MedlinePlus I lived with my father until I was 16 when he left school and moved to Arizona in search of work (also to escape from a situation that I felt at that time was very abusive mentally)! While in Arizona finished my GED and worked as a welder when my grandmother died, leaving my younger brother (12 years), with no place to go and no one in our family choose to take care of him, so I asked him to come to live with me (at the time I was 17). When I turned 18 I went to real estate school to become a real estate agent (BSNs was to be in the moment lol) and did so until the market crashed and was out of work! At that time I was involved in an investment that went wrong and lost most everything in a property. So at 21 I was at a loss for what to do with a child of 16 years, basically, no job and little money to feed myself and still pay for our house, I called my father and asked if we could move to place for a bit until I stand! He said yes, as long as I put it as an endorsement of my car (2003 BMW) so you can have some assurance if something is stolen or broken while im there. So being in the situation where I was and moved according to their place! 2 weeks later we moved to my younger brother did not like how my father treated me and how he was cheating on his girlfriend at the time, so he decided to go back to my father telling his girlfriend about his affair ... my dad explained his way out of it and both my brother and I where kicked because his girlfriend was not comfortable being with us more (his girlfriend was a girl I personally went to high school with! then was 19) then took my keys out of my car and hid my car! when I called the police who came out and said that because he is a part owner in the car, they can do nothing because it has no equal participation and the only way to recover the car would be in civil court (fee for the filing of the demand was more than $ 200 that I had! So no money and no place to go he had no choice but to send my brother to my aunts house (she was willing to help him at this point) and I moved again to find a cheap place to work! After two years of jumping from place to place trying to find my balance and a stable job that was back asking my dad if I could move again because he was no longer with his girlfriend and had an extra room ... He agreed for $ 700 per month in rent! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So now I'm 23 years working as a photographer Barly doing enough to survive and keep looking for a safer job, I found out last week that my dad (he's a lawyer) has not been paying the mortgage, is behind almost 80k and they are talking forclosing at home! This would not be a problem if not for the fact that I have been what you pay each month and has been spending the holidays with a new 20-year-old Russian girl almost every two weeks, taking it to miami, vegas, desert hot springs , new york, not ect (about 7-8 vacation last 6 months), who also works as a lawyer on the side, report any portion of their earnings to normal. and collecting unemployment at the rate of 440 a week last year and not pay taxes on their practice of law! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last month fell short in my part of the rent for $ 150 because I had to go out and get a loan for a motorcycle (my car has not been returned to me, one of her friends in Arizona is currently conducting) and I still had to do most of the payments because he rejects it mostly and I do not need any more dings on my credit card! I offered to sign him the car as a whole to get my name and just call it a loss, but your credit is not compatible with its status as principal of the loan, and will not pay the car that says "im not going to buy a car, taht will teach? "and being short the $ 150 my father started getting pissed and tells me to get out of his house and he is going to leave the house to go anyway and that the forclosure happen, he says I'm a loser, a kitten, and tell me im a piece of **** because I am employed at the moment and I can bear Barly! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Still, said taht My opinion is I'm tired of protecting him when their customers call asking for him, when he should be working on their cases, but instead is in miami, or convince my little sister
Why can't he commit?? Advice please guys?4Mekilt2012-11-05 14:34:02
Ok so this guy and I have been seeing for 8 months. About 2 weeks when he learned that having a say gfand wana end it. Then he says it's only coz he owes loan repayments and not panic if you break everything and demand money upfront . I say no , I still can not do it , but somehow we get along so well and finish connecting all the time . This weekend I decided it has to end or continue as it is not fai . He says he still wants to keep things as they are. He says he likes onevery level but can not commit right now. If I walk away ? Advice please!
Help! I need to get my mum to commit to selling our house.?2HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012-10-24 06:52:02
My mom is in a lot of debt and struggling to make ends meet. It all started with his former partner who basically used it and made him get credit cards and loans and all sorts . Me and my sister dug a bit and found I had been in jail for fraud and had been married five times , each time you run the women in debt and then leave them . Anyway my mother had what I thought was a lucky escape when he threw one month before they were married. Then me and my sisters learned of the magnitude of the debt that had been, there was no store cards , catalogs with thousands of . And the worst part was a secured loan on the house to
Would this be a good time to commit suicide?4 집합 단수명사 2012-09-23 12:01:02
If you're rich (greater than 1%, so over a million dollars a year) or upper-middle class (about 9% or less, doctors, dentists and small business owners who do so least a couple of hundred thousand a year) ... . I guess all is well for you. Things have been getting better and better for the rich over the past 35 years, and that higher centers - are still doing well. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But for the rest of us, the bottom 90%, things have gone from bad to worse, and there is no end in sight. Instead, we are told again and again to expect bad things take a long time, and expect even bigger financial crises / scams to divert what little wealth achieved save as savings, home equity, plans pension investments ... to steal just that and give the billionaires who run Wall Street and Washington. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In other words, the great American middle class and the American dream of upward mobility is dead - who was strangled in the bathtub by corrupt politicians from both parties, puppets billionaire elite own everything - including the media, the churches and politicians from both parties. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There is no chance of any of us practically NO improve our lives, let alone join the ranks of the rich. If you were not born in a very rich and well connected plutocratic family, sent to boarding elite from an early age, and then to an Ivy League, etc ... well, you can almost forget. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You will be in debt to banks his entire life - student loans, credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, etc. You will do best in a job, only to be summarily tossed into the street when the company goes to the bankruptcy due to mismanagement, or if you become sick or injured, etc, and after that, good luck finding another job. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So really ... Is there any hope? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We're all going to die anyway .... it could do so on our own terms? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think?
Should i just commit suicide because i don't have the financial support for my future ?0Mark J2012-11-06 00:10:25
I'm really stressed out so much because i don't have the financial support fundings for my education for my future. I've just graduated from high school in the past summer and i applied for a 2 year college and the transfer to a 4 year university, i've also applied for financial aid so it could help out with my payments for college. But the other day, i've recieved a letter from the financial aid's office saying that i don't qualify for financial aid because i still live with my parents and because my parent's income is in the range that does not qualify for aid support. I've tried applying for a student loan but it is still not sure if they will lend me the money or not. I feel really hopleless and i think my future is going to be ruined. I've tried applying for a part time job but i can't even get hired and now my parents don't even have enough money to pay for me for college because they are in so much debt of credit cards. They were thinking of putting our new 3 year old home on the risk of losing it to rent a loan for me if they don't approve the student loan, i don't want lose my home. I think it's president obama's fault for letting things get this worse. He has not done anything to fix the economy yet at all. Also no girls like me at all, i've never had a girlfriend either. I'm vietnamese and all the vietnamese girls in my town don't like me because i am so poor. They say no one will ever like you because you're poor. It looks like no woman will ever marry me because i am poor. I'm so stressed out and i can't take it anymore. Could i just commit suicide so i could just relieve myself from all of this stress ?? I have a huge headache right now. I don't want to live anymore because life is not treating me fair, even when i want to have an education for a better tommorow i don't have any money to pay for college ?
How to get out of this circle of HELL, wanting to commit suicide?1roza2012-09-25 06:43:02
It's like an endless circle . MedlinePlus I received a severe paycut my company only suppose to be temporary . ($ 650 less per month ) Now my bills are rapidly falling behing , I watch my credit go down the drain . I lost my house . I do not see the light of my work puts me back in my previous salary level , even if they did I'm so into shit I can not see myself going for a very long time . MedlinePlus I've been looking for work . There are just decent jobs here , any decent work I manage to apply to decline me based on my credit score . But I can not repair my credit score without sufficient income . And I can not get enough revenue without a credit repaired . MedlinePlus I left college because I could not afford it. I cant afford to get my degree and I can get more student loans with bad credit and can not get help finicial because I left near the end of the sememester because he could not afford to put gas in my car to go to class . MedlinePlus I'm just holding on to my car and keep up with the insurance. I see no end to this hell . MedlinePlus Can not get a job without good credit . Can not repair my credit without work . I can not get through school without paying tuition. MedlinePlus I'm thinking of committing suicide. Sounds easy way to not worry about any of this anymore . What kind of life is this . I lived to help people in these situations . I was studying to be a therapist , but now I realize firsthand how people come to the option of taking life there . Just do not worry to despair , the unknown of what will happen to me when things continue to hit the fan .
If a person was gunna commit suicide, why not max out their credit cards and co-sign for loan applications?2Sarah Mae B. Oquindo2012-09-27 03:33:04
Think about it . If a person if you have more than 18 years , has no family ties to anyone and he intended to commit suicide , why not co -sign for a car loan his good friend , the limit of your credit cards , buy a car back of your own or take a hell of a last vacation ? No credit card companies and banks simply take a loss if the deceased owes more than what has and has no relatives to pay the bill ?
Is this actually fraud?0Janina2012-10-04 08:56:53
(Sorry for all the questions of fraud . This is the last , I promise ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So when I was 15 I took a few short-term loans with a false age ( this was easy because it was all online ) . Apparently , for some people this is a fraud , but always met the payments even though he knew that legally , because I was under 18 , could not be pursued for payment because any contract signed by any person under 18 is null and void. But I returned it , however . Fraud, in my opinion , in the midst of all kinds , is when you win something for their own benefit and basically screw the other hand through them , causing a loss . Therefore, fraud remains (although I used a fake age ) , but paid the loans , therefore , does not cause the loss of the other party ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What (if a crime ) is the name of the crime , and what are the consequences ? I looked at my credit report and false ages are written some potential mortgage lender or anyone else in the future going to notice what I have done what I would like to know what to expect . And, yes , I do regret . It was stupid. Lesson learned . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, I'm in the UK MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
I need help with internet fraud?2Wokie 2012-11-05 01:27:02
Ok , so I decided to do a payday loan online ( my first time ) and his people calling and saying that I received your received.Now money than ever to the point they called me saying I owe them all this money . They have all my information like social security number and now I have fear. Any advice on how to get rid of them and leave me alone ?
Will she be arrested for fraud?3Gordon2012-09-30 16:20:09
a little confusing , but try to be clear MedlinePlus my cousin and her husband took a payday loan for

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