If a former bank makes a mistake in my favour who is liable? related questions

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If a former bank makes a mistake in my favour who is liable?4Juleana2012-10-22 23:56:02
Basically, I had an account that had been dealing with a case of fraud by one year (yes, 1 year) after it was finally resolved in my favor. Making me and is not responsible for any charges. Before the fraud occurred in the account that was discovered. Then my closed account overdraft and fraud + were passed to a debt collection company. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was then mailed a check for money and it came with a letter stating the bank said it was a "refund fraud." So I finally managed to open a new bank account with a different company, and cashed the check, which cleared successfully. Then a month later I received a letter from my old bank saying that the check was a "human error" and now have to borrow money to pay the check I received. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But physically I had wrote that it was a refund (although I suppose they did it wrong transpires) and my account has been closed for almost one year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is, am I legally responsible to repay the money? I tried to do a bit of poking around online, I never signed any contract or written letter requesting the check or for a loan. I do not bank with them and just send the check to me with a letter saying it was a refund for me. I am aware of many things, but just wanted to clear some things up in British law on counterfeiting and neglect. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I understand that I am responsible for my overdraft yet but now my account has been closed by the same bank ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus a letter of December 19 states that: "A check was sent by mail, which has been presented for payment. No way to eliminate human error, the error was avoidable feel and, as such, you can be sure the reaction has been the member of staff concerned. appear also after a previous conversation with Mr. A that were under the impression that the abovementioned funds belonged to you. My colleague spoke with Mr. A and not communication seems to be a misunderstanding. Mr. A was not aware that his account was closed " MedlinePlus Any idea?
Can I be still liable for a car loan even when the bank has repoed it?0Lauren2012-08-09 20:41:42
¿ I can be still be responsible for a car loan , even when the bank repoed ?
What recourse do I have with a bank that made a mistake on a "cosigned" loan?2kathie2012-10-06 03:58:03
Thee and half years ago, my father cosigned a loan for a car with me . We used a local credit union . The loan term is 4 years . Recently, my parents were doing some refinancing and found out that my dad was the only one on the loan ! I've been paying the loan for the entire time and never missed a payment . At the dealership to him and signed the papers . Even I have a letter from the dealership thanking both of us for our purchase . In fact from the beginning I managed with the bank to auto debit my checking account for monthly payment . Now they say that back when we asked the loan cosigned loans did . I hate to be cynical , but it's hard to believe that a lender did not co-sign in 2002 . It could also be a mistake by the dealer . Do I have any recourse with the credit union to update my credit history ? I want to stay out of court . At the same time , I could really slash need the benefit of an improvement in my credit score .
Bank made mistake on car loan transaction now wants me to pay - really upset situation?2modal verb2012-08-22 21:46:02
We have a car owned by a distant relative living in the same house. The car was financed under the name Wells Fargo. Now you refinance with a bank savings and loan and put both his and my name on it. The bank approved the loan , we have signed a stack of papers , things went through. Yesterday they called saying they forgot to put the tax on the car. They said that despite the name of my relative still in the car, but since I added my name to it, is considered a sale, and according to the California DMV regulation, our relationship does not belong to a category for a transfer tax-free vehicle . They say we must pay taxes of $ 1052, either upfront or add it to the car in equity financing. Suddenly they want $ 1052, we are so unprepared , they have no money to pay. It's out of our plan and everything sucks . Now that the bank made ​​a mistake , which approved the loan, the documents signed , and because of their approval, we go another large amount of another loan at another bank. In addition, because of this problem , we also lose about $ 500 car insurance discount group per year ( only car insurance discount status ). What can we do to fight this credit union. They made a mistake not to disclose the tax for us and not add the tax to the transaction signed. We are very upset and want to fight . Thank you.
What is the point in taking a loan when the bank makes you secure it?0hinanit2012-08-30 18:31:03
Please enlighten me if I misunderstand the concept of getting a loan ( in particular, if the only asset that is effective is secure with ? ) . From what I know about secured loans that you can borrow an amount of money , but must be secured by collateral worth the same amount as the loan you take. So if the only thing a person has is money , and the only amount the bank will give the person is the amount that can provide an equal amount of security , then what's the point in getting a loan if you have the cash in the first place? ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please enlighten me !
Does anyone know of a bank or lending institution that makes bad credit loans?0grade 52012-09-14 07:36:03
I am in need of a loan . I know the rate will be high. Banks like American General , Wells Fargo and Citi does not pay me anything . not because of recent bad credit , bad credit , but because of age. Only I have 2 accounts with history over 12 months and the rest are all new 5 months or less . I need to borrow only around 5000 . Any help with this would be great. my score is low , but as I said it is because of recent bad credit other than a sentence of 98 to be presented in January. I paid most of my collections were so and still can not seem to help.
I want a repo house, does it makes a difference to the bank/price if i have cash available or have to get loan?3harmony2012-10-04 16:53:03
I want a house repo , do not notice the difference with the price of bank / if I have cash available or have to get loan?
Palonek would like to know what bank makes it easy to get a small business loan now a days.?0Nyanda2012-09-13 10:49:03
Now that credit is tighter , where is everyone going to get this kind of small business loans
Does microcredit unfairly favour women?4parker2012-11-03 15:41:02
And unfairly discriminate against men ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " The credit to women has become an important principle in microcredit , with banks and NGOs such as BancoSol , WWB , and restoration of Pro Mujer women exclusively . Though the Grameen Bank initially tried to give men and women in equal proportions , women now constitute one hundred ninety-five the shore
Hes treating me badly in favour of a girl i think will scam him what should i do ?08k2012-10-08 08:07:58
I need advice on how this sounds . im close friends with a guy and 8 weeks ago he met a girl online, I think they've met but hes lied to me and told me that she is from England , stays with him , etc. . the other day I was asked to send an e - mail to him and saw an email he wrote . send a lot of emails and text each other always saying I love you ( who denied that he loves her ? ) now ive discovered shes not even here ! shes complaining of not eating and they need money for drugs and hes sent
Am I making a mistake?0laday2012-08-07 18:25:45
Just about to make a second master's degree and I have the urge to do so? I've always been a very motivated person (not GCSE , was diagnosed with dyslexia server [at the time of taking GCSE I had the reading age of a child of 7 years], but only 6 years later to spend my teachers at the location world top university , the study of black holes !) , but lately I can only be ordered ! I chose to move away from astrophysics and greater discipline in mathematics ( mathematics or theoretical physics applied). I am currently in the field of theoretical physics , but I feel I should have done applied mathematics. I can not change as the loan of graduate career development is set on that course and if I drop my payments I must begin immediately. I go to investment banking, but theoretical physics seems quite useless in this regard? What should I do ? I have told several people that could easily change the loan - but others say the help line I can not? I'm about to leave tommrow and thinking of throwing in the towel, maybe I'm just burned? !
Citibank Mistake?0Lilllly2012-08-17 03:09:32
I filled a student loan application and pre-approved me . i asked to be sent forms to be an officer of the firm. I seemed to get the repayment of loans " to pay, while in school " instead of " deferred until graduation," if I cross this and put the deferred option , does this interfere with my approval ?

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