I want a online payday loan $1000 ? tell me good lender?

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Asked at 2012-08-08 05:34:01
need asp .. thanks
Answer1 집합 불가산명사 Answered at 2012-08-08 16:24:02
A payday loan ? Are you kidding ? Did not you hear these loans are called sharks? Have you seen the interest rate on these loans? ? They are usually between 200 % and 300 % if you miss your due date.

Anyway, if you're as desperate as that sound and have no choice , go in person to a branch Amscot (if you live in the U.S.).

A better option , if you have a checking account , is to open a credit line with the same bank and link your checking account. It is of interest and you can schedule payments automatically, but interest is not as high as a loan interest rate payday .

Think about what you 're going to do very hard and read the fine print carefully! !

Good luck to you!
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