With out a lawer how can I collect a loan.unsecured and to much for small claims court.Considerable amount.? related questions

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With out a lawer how can I collect a loan.unsecured and to much for small claims court.Considerable amount.?1bonita2012-10-20 11:50:01
Without a lawer how I can pick a number and much court.Considerable loan.unsecured small claims . ?
How can I collect my money from a default judgment in small claims court?0Oma2012-11-03 06:47:02
I sued a car wash business , and that damaged my car . They never showed it received a default judgment . This was about 2 years ago . They said they had to hire a private investigator to find out what bank is used to bring you and your bank account number , or know their license plate numbers , etc. are still in business , but I never pursued getting my money because I figured was going to cost more than it was worth . The sentence was for about $ 600. Is there anything I can do now ? This happened to my dad a while ago and never pursued either. Years later , when the person I was dealing with tried to apply for a loan and buy a home , my father was sent a check by mail. Is it too late ?
Can i sue in small claims court to get refunded for the amount i paid for the car and repairs?0mariama2012-08-06 10:46:03
I bought a veh in cash from a sale of cars and veh 6-30-2010 n broke my 3200.by down.armundo 01/07/10 (sales representative) repaired the ignition switch, but still had a veh leak.2days major oil after repair that blew a head gasket.the car lot told to go and collect veh repaair it.I had to get the veh towed to the car lot .. I remained there until January veh .. never fix my veh .. i had to pay 650.00 for parts and I took a personal loan of armundo sales representative and paid the remainder paid 800 for repair.on 28/01/11 armundo 200 of the debt owed ... at week 2 April 11 was charged with a guy named Mario to come and pick n veh .. i is called a & n car for several weeks regarding my veh ... armundo never answers .. then your receptionsist told me I had 21 days to come and pay the balance for repair would sell my veh ... plus a fee of 300 repo ... when I went to the car lot .. who had reomoved the sign of my deep veh and damaged a window. i still owed 300 titles and 200 for taxes .. but I made a verbal agreement to pay that at the end of April .. but they took it back before veh .. I paid cash for a veh in June .. it was the veh in their power within the first 30 days they bought the veh .. but never fix .. i asked straight.they months I shall say that the veh.then after my period came 30 days they said I would fix myself.they even offered to buy me back to 500.00.i veh tired of Race around and buy the parts myself.armundo told me to help with the work .. he never told me that my car was repo. I called several times and he wont return any of my calls. and began taking parts of my car and put dents in it .. and began to put my pieces on another Honda Civic car they had at their car lot .. I feel as if they have shady business practice.when my car was repaired ... Later I learned that someone had to clear my check engine light and my check engine light was still on
What happens in court if summoned to claims court for unsecured loans and i have no way to pay it?2yovamelia2012-09-19 09:35:03
3 unsecured loans and I can not pay more and who will denounce me , I can ? Jail
What can a creditor do to collect money from unsecured debt once a judgement has been issued by the court?1kookay2012-10-05 01:19:02
My girlfriend can not and will not pay a credit card debt of $ 7,000 and has received a subpoena from a sheriff to appear in court . If there is a judgment against it . Can fix or any of your goods or money from bank accounts to repay the loan ?
Loan repayment and small claims court?2Mom needs help2012-10-15 12:50:03
My brother refuses to pay me the $ 4,000 he owes me , " until it receives a written apology " that will never happen . I live in Kansas and lives in Colorado . He has a teaching job , but does not own any property. I also co - signed a loan for him . I've learned my lesson here . What is the best way to get my money back ? Amount = $ 4,000 personal loan , educational loan cosigned = $ 1,500.00 If I file Small Claims Court will have to travel to CO ? Also our agreement was verbal . Am I just --- or I have any recourse?
Can she go to small claims court?3Julia2012-11-03 02:10:03
To make the story a bit short : My mother offered to be an endorsement on a car loan from my cousin. He promised both my mom and the dealer could make the payments. The car dealer get my mom to the buyer instead of the guarantee without his knowledge, and the car loan company , said it happens and can not do anything about it. So my cousin keeps missing payments on the car and my mother still coughing up about $ 400 just to avoid the inauguration because I knew I was going to fall back on your credit. She could not pay more, and voluntarily surrendered the car. She received a letter in the mail from the lender stating that he owes nearly $ 4000 in the car because they sold what remained of the loan (which means to pay the difference). Can my cousin sue in court for the money because it was his car? The car was registered, and insured to my cousin , who stayed at home, and he was the only driver . He was not the primary loan holder . Can you sue?
Can a personal cash loan be taken to small claims court?0Shian2012-08-12 22:33:03
I paid cash of $ 200 from a friend who now leads me to the small claims court after she told me not to have given any money. I spent over $ 200 in gas, and buying items for your wedding. None of us has some type of written proof that any money was exchanged. My bank account is negative over $ 500 and I have no money or anything of value to give . I told him that as soon as I got a job that I would start to pay her back and she was fine with it so far. Any advice ?
Small claims court but no address?0HELLLLLPPPPPP2012-09-08 01:05:02
Hello , I'm from Minnesota and I borrowed an old friend of mine $ 100 and this was about a year ago . I had a witness come with me and I heard him say that he would pay me back and I saw him the money . I have Facebook messages from his girlfriend saying that they will pay as soon as possible . Now , he changed his name and address , so there is no way to get a hold of him and the bride will not let me in touch with him either. I called the court and they say I can not make any claims court case without your direction. I tried searching online with no luck since moving recently. Someone please help, any suggestions ? MedlinePlus Please be kind . MedlinePlus thanks
Can I sue Direct T V in small claims court?1Cyri2012-10-14 10:30:02
It is a loyal customer of DTV for 9 years . I decided to switch to another provider . DTV says I broke my contract with them . They say I owe them over 500.00 because we moved after receiving the new HD receivers . I never signed a new agreement after receiving the new HD boxes . His claim is that it was automatic. I disagree . Now they dinged my credit report and I can not get a loan for my daughter's second year in college . HELP !
Small claims court Canada?1Tebogo2012-09-14 07:05:05
My girlfriend and I bought a car together for 4 years . I traded in my car with money owed $ 0 in it , he changed his mini van he had bought a few months ago with a loan because (not sure of the balalce ) . The car was $ 15,000, but the loan was $ 20,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This September we decided to buy a house together , the refinancing of our department . $ 10,000 still left in our car sharing and $ 10,000 in his own credit card was put on this new loan. The car was used as collateral for the loan. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fast forward four years later, she is leaving me and said that the jeep is hers . I'm thinking of taking her to small claims half the money or return the jeep . Your debts are $ 2000 on your own credit card ( for home improvement is being maintained ) the loan to what is left over to the car and his own credit card . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are my chances in small claims court if I decide your claim? She is basally leaving me with nothing .
Question about small claims court?1Alisa2012-10-12 08:14:02
so my girlfriend recently sold its 22 "chrome wheels with a man who" was "my friend had a verbal agreement to pay $ 1600 for the wheels with tires included .... We dance around the bush where I wanted to bring him all the money at once, and he said he would when I brought the four wheels / tires up .... So when I brought up his barbershop tires (Ten Spot Barbershop, Lafayette, IN) just gave me $ 400 in 20 dollar bills, and he said he wants to try on the tires to see if they fit with no problem and if they do, then I would bring $ 400 more tonight after work tonight (Friday night) and then bring u $ 800 on Monday. So I let him take home the tires to prove and I will text later that day to see if they fit and told me I have not had time to test yet, but when I do il text you .. . finally SMS me like 2 or 3 days later and said they fit great and I will pay .... so I went to his shop and says he's waiting on the money, then do not call me, I will SMS several times and he does not respond. So I thought if I said that I lent my friend money to help her out with her new baby and diapers and such that would put the motivation for the remaining $ 1,200 to me since we were friends decent, and did not really know my gf. wait So I am still waiting 3-4 almost 5 months and still have not received a dollar of this type. Whenever I ask for money, says coming to the store i got ui then go to the store and gives me an excuse of why nt have the money, then after about 4 attempts starts saying times are slow and I will pay you I have t forgoten about money is tight right now (This man owns a barber in Tennessee, in addition to Lafayette where the barber just there so I do not pay wages, apart from income, and makes each cut $ 10 that about 20-30 per hour, and has always PPL cut) and his wife is a professor at Purdue University and makes hella salary ..... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well His wife told me from the beginning to go Antonio Lewis (AKA Ten) is a businessman and either given new tires or get paid, so your message after we keep blowing off payments , and he sends me a text basically threatened me if I say another word about the tires to his wife that "you have to figure out the rest" and I told him I was going to take to small claims court if not going to pay .... He goes on to say that later I have my proof that you have yours, my girlfriend has bank statements, receipts california customs, and photos of the tires that show proof of ownership with these tires .... just texting each other and I lend me money to get by as she waited for him to pay for the rest of 1200, because she has a baby to care for and do not receive child support from the father and these tires are sold get money to support his child, received a car seat, crib, and collecting bottles and diapers and clothes wipeys. Then I said that since that 1200 paid paid and not have to pay the remainder of 1200 is due, even though only 400 in 1600 paid its agreement .... 1200 i agree its loaneed was totally different between me and her, in which she reimberse Antonio paid when or if your 1200 ..... So now you have the tires and refuses to give back and think that since you saved the text message to me saying that he borrowed money from his tires are law and that I will lose in small claims court, he is trying to move to Colorado as fast as you can you can take the car with the wheels on them so I can not reach them, but I thought if he has a repromand come to court in Indiana, you have to fly back to the court date or automatically lose no show. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My girlfriend has a new baby to care for his father and babies rescued them from day 1 so it was selling tires in order to get money to buy the things your baby needs MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The reason he is trying to scam the tires is because his best friend was my roommate and stopped paying me and my roommate third (my previous roommates own brother) and their share of income the bills so he was fired. .. so now they're trying to screw us all what we have because we refuse to let the free merry. And now she's texting Antonio now you know what you want to bring to the court saying "Oh you did not receive the money on that slide under the door and put in your mailbox," which is absolutely false because never We paid nothing and they certainly did not leave paper trail as a check or money order. but if I had paid cash wouldnt lie about it and there would be no reason to take it to court because they have fullfilled their verbal agreement, but hes being totally immature of the situation so I'm tired of waiting. Also, I have a text message that comes the endowment thing that says "Uncle never b

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