Attempting to trade in a car I owe on more than its worth!?

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Asked at 2012-08-26 19:53:16
Currently I have a Honda Civic 08. The car dealer is willing to give 13,500 for the car on a trade in. The car I'm trying to buy a Honda Pilot 05 by 14,900. The difference between the two is 1800.00 with taxes and such.The problem is that I 15345.12 ( adding 3.25 per day) in my Honda Civic. The bank I have my car loan is saying it will not refinance because I owe about 2500 more than the value of the vehicle . How I can get out of this? Is there a bank that is willing to buy my loan with my Civic and let's start with owing more than the pilot of the sentence ?
Answer1logan MAnswered at 2012-11-06 01:01:24
Would you loan $ to someone you do not know to buy something that is not worth what they are paying for it? Their security is the value of the vehicle. Best if you drve the Civic for a couple of years and decide what you really want. The Pilot is 3 years older and burns more gas, maybe you will never miss it
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