Abusive Marriage..His Family now involved..?

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My husband was in the Navy in California. We are still married .. only two years living together. All went well at first (Normal) and then suddenly stopped sending money, threatened to divorce me for no reason (he said he talked to some guys on his boat on things, and you'd better straighten up) I was doing the laundry when they were in port, cooking, cleaning .. I did everything! I asked him to give me only about 300 of the paid every two weeks. After his threat and returning from his six months at sea, it was a different person .. took off all the time .. borrow and do not tell me, I never had money and nothing to show for it, I knew he was cheating (he was but no idea how many times or people .. or if men or women or both) their anger was explosive even my 3 children (which he had not before) he hit my daughter .. I was pregnant (I did not have money for food (which was on bed rest during pregnancy high risk at that point), but I had to go to the churches of food ... when he hit my daughter fills me and went to a shelter. Their parents did not know they were married and I was pregnant! I found out when I called them. said they wanted no part in our problems. Ok well .. He is a compulsive liar and manipulator Total . was seeing another woman as soon as I entered the DV shelter and for 3 months after leaving the army me and my children move back into the house with him not being there. said he loved me and wanted a divorce (if right) anyway, he was expelled from the military (which is due to finances) The boys and I went back to Arizona. returned two months later. now I'm in a homeless shelter for work .. ( going to school for my RN also) not working and living with mom and dad. Their parents were kind to me and gave me his old car and I thank you .. but I hate being told now they are paying for their Divorce and Custody Attorneys (our daughter is 18 months and now it has been about 5 times!) Her parents ran a background check on me and his dad basically told me that they know everything about me .. that I have horrible credit have gotten traffic tickets (I never denied that my husband has bad credit .. and the tickets were for speeding, I used to have a heavy foot) I have only fear. want to know if anyone has been through this before .. lata his parents just take care of this? Does my background (never stopped) used against me for a divorce or custody? There are rich .. I got the 2 bedroom sets that I asked for them and everything else was mine before marriage. I have fear of losing our daughter. He and his parents are crazy (I mean really strange people.) really need to know what to expect. What is allowed in the court ... no become a haven if abuse and he abused my children? Maybe his parents will be there and run your mouth even though I do not know (met about 4 times in person.) I feel as if they thought he is still a child, and I do not think I should be involved in our divorce and custody hearing.'ve spoken to him and he says he wants to be civil and work all we can get along .. but after all the lies that believe it (there is no trust left) and I do not want to go to court and lose my daughter.'m really scared and really annoyed by their parents. Sorry I wrote a book .. any help is appreciated.
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Hunny sorry to hear this . I really wish you all the best. I've never been there , but I really do not hink he will get the kids especially b / c he beat his daughter and you. Poor credit and a heavy foot does not qualify as a bad parent . You will not lose his daughter . Stay focused , save some money and be happy with their children .
Answer2kesihaAnswered at 2012-09-28 22:54:03
Part of what you're up against here , sorry to say , is the culture of the Navy . I can say this because a close friend is a retired Navy pilot . Yes , there are centuries of machismo integrated into the community of sailors . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And as a response already noted, not get kicked out for the reasons mentioned . The Navy holds a lot . If he was loud and off-line , had been arrested in the kitchen peeling potatoes . He was expelled for doing something really out of place . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Yes , it sounds like his parents are taking control and I would bet that he has never really grown because their parents have been leading their lives . You would do well to steer clear of this bum , he MedlinePlus husband is not material . MedlinePlus The problem , broke and living in a hostel is that you have to do the best you can with what people can afford Legal Aid . It seems that parents are financing the divorce of her. If you insist on keeping custody of your daughter , you will need to provide documentation of misconduct that can be used to argue that a parent is unfit.
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