What will happen to me if I don't get treatment Rheumatoid Arthritis? related questions

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What will happen to me if I don't get treatment Rheumatoid Arthritis?1yuna2012-08-31 11:27:05
I'm currently in college and plan my parents health insurance . I have 21 years now , and turns 22 in late February , and I will not get health insurance . I've had a lot of joint problems , and my doctor suggested it could be early signs of rheumatoid arthritis and wanted to send me to a rheumatologist . But I feel no sense, because they have no health insurance in two months , and private insurance do not cover AR . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What will happen to me ? Is there anything I can do without insurance? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can use the loans to pay for college , so I can not go out and find a full time job , or my loans will be paid and that have not graduated yet . And I can not go to school part time ( or I can not get federal aid . )
Shall I pay them? What will happen if I dont?1Core2012-10-10 08:08:03
I rented a Nissan Z by Nissan and I could not stand to pay more , so I did a repo voulntary . They sold the car for x amount and now I owe 17,000. Now , I can not afford that so it is in collections . They agreed to let me pay half that is 8500. I can not get a loan to pay it. MedlinePlus What will happen? MedlinePlus Also, I know it will look bad on my credit , but is shown as positive on my credit and asked what will happen to my credit card told me that this is the end of the lease payments . If I pay them what I can see as a repo ! but that's not what I read ! MedlinePlus RECAP ? MedlinePlus Will I pay ? MedlinePlus What will the credit appear ?
I need help, i know what would fix the problem but i dont think it will happen...?0hog2012-09-19 05:36:02
my mom has a business and I help her. the problem is not his to make money and no money to pay wholesalers , other business expenses . is a sole practitioner . and if it goes bankrupt would take home 'm not sure i believe. she has a mortgage and home warranty . the company has no loans , only debt . She wants out, but do not know if you can without losing your home. What should you do
What could happen to you if you dont pay your online payday loan?0Krysta Q2012-11-02 04:59:02
could go to work and arrest you
Can u go to jail if u cant pay credit cards and wat can happen if u dont?4dabf2012-10-02 06:54:05
I have the $ 6,500 credit card debt that I was paying without any problems and it was also paying my car perfectly well, but as soon as the wine school loan I can not aford to pay everyone . I can pay for my car and my school , but I can not pay credit cards . i try to consolidate my cards , but I ask for a minimum of 300 each month and that's my rent money .. What do I do. I want to pay , but I just can not afford .. I work 40 hours and go to school full time .. ? I can return my car and be free of debt or car loan that I have to keep paying the bank for the purchase of the car .. help! !
If i dont pay back an online loan would could happen to me?0Heather P.2012-09-18 22:04:04
If I do not pay a loan online that can happen to me?
What will happen if I dont pay back my personal loan?0goe!2012-09-06 15:35:05
I was tricked ! I took a
I just made a voicemail threat to somebody in the uk. Said i. Dont want anything to happen to you over money?2Blues2012-11-05 15:08:02
I told the guy I dont Wany anything you go for the money and I suggest you pay by credit card or cash, etc begged him to pay just before something happens . But no actual death threat or anything specific. How much trouble I can get under UK law ?
I dont have the funds to pay back a payday loan.. what will happen next???0Fellon2012-11-04 16:12:02
Got a payday loan from Cash Money if i dont pay them back will anything happen and will they take me to court?2Kasia Neil2012-09-04 03:03:03
obtained a payday loan cash , if I happen not to pay anything and they take me to court? have my number of employers who may actually complain saying they took a payday loan out ? I plan to tell them I'm in bankruptcy or something I do not know ?
Family loan, tax treatment -reg?3Peggy2012-11-02 09:06:03
Can anyone provide the specific rules applicable tax law , when a MedlinePlus female employed loan is the family pensioners / parents to buy a stake (with a parent ) property to purchase prices for self - occupation. How can you leverage and what to do to meet the benefits available to ensure a family loan arrangement by internal IT Rules / ACT .
Treatment of bad business debt?0Anissa2012-09-07 23:29:02
What would be the tax treatment in the following situations ? MedlinePlus A business loan is made for $ 16,000 , interest accrues $ 20,000 . MedlinePlus The borrower can not make payments and attempts to secure payment have not MedlinePlus Can the $ 16,000 or $ 20,000 deduction and how? MedlinePlus How that $ 4,000 has been spent on legal fees trying . MedlinePlus What are the references , standards, publications , newsletters ?

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