What is the best way to clean up your credit report. I have a mortgage, my car is almost paid for, ...? related questions

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What is the best way to clean up your credit report. I have a mortgage, my car is almost paid for, ...?2Dylan2012-09-23 10:43:03
a credit card , a student loan , and some minor debts Dew . I'm divorced and my crdit took a major hit . What is the highest score you can get ?
How do i clean out my inquiries on my credit report fast..?1⿴ 亼 said _X Ba 2012-09-03 02:00:04
i recently apply for a car loan , bad car needed a dealer and I apply to about 17 lenders in me lies month.bascially borrow soon .. I will not be accepted . my credit is not so bad .. Can someone please help me on how I can remove all the questions that are holding me back from getting a car loan fast ...
What to do if a car loan paid off is not on your credit report?1cheza2012-09-23 05:42:02
I financed a car for two years and I can not find any information provided by the bank on my credit report .
My car was repo'd when it was paid in full!now its on my credit report! WHY?1Celia2012-09-20 14:24:02
hello ! Heres my story ... every year I can pay my car for an entire year when I lost my job or ect ect at tax time with my taxes .. is about 5,000. my car payments are 457.00 per month . So ... I have 6 left and jan.2010 payments , called Honda and told them that I would be paying off .. long story short there was a problem with my student loans and I pay delayed . for the month of January and February .. and then another 1 March car payment was due so that they are not paid totaled 3.i cause I figured my taxes are coming .. I finally did at the end of February ... Honda sent me the minimum payments due plus interest and late fees , as totaled 1,399. or something ... I did so on Tuesday morning at 9 am .. Wednesday morning I wake up and my car gone.i call that almost made ​​me run for 3 days test fax to the things that I have a job , references , my checking account status ect . the towing and storage fees , and everything ended up being 900.00.i have my car now - but I have this thing where credit alert notify me when my credit report changes .. so I went to their website and it says I have a recovery involentary ! I mean how ! we paid was late, but i paid ! I never said they were coming to repo eveing ​​. I received a letter one day before Monday , but I got off work in time to get it ! so I did not even know , my question is .... if I paid for the car to get back to me and I end up being sent to auction for what is legal and is reported as repo'd rather than later ? thanks god bless
Paid my 3 delinquent bills that were charged off on my credit report...what now??3herbert2012-10-20 23:26:07
I disputed the negative items on my report by the three agencies online , hoping when they realized it would change the balance to $ 0 and remove delinquent status . Is this enough ? Who I can possibly go to remove the account from my credit file now , the collection agency or financial institution ? any help is appreciated I'm currently serving overseas in Iraq , and I want my fixed term so you can buy a house once you return . My score is 540 at this time , two accounts , a mastercard and a bank loan that was delinquent and dropped out , and after a power bill for a year . The three I pay before I sent in disputes ...
How long does it take to remove derogatory(s) off your credit report after you paid them off?0Martavia2012-09-16 08:18:06
19 years I was trying to get a car loan for a nicer car im kept denying loans , even with a catch of 770 and 820 credit score and was also denied for credit cards , student cards , and large amounts of deposits when i I have my cell phone and internet . my bank told me I should get a credit report which I thought was stupid because I have not paid anything to get into the bad credit , but when he hurt my senior year was 18 and Medicaid do not cover , because I have not signed my mom . and only has 12 months to file a claim that had saved about $ 4,000 , which is the amount of 5 counts were so I called them all said if I pay within 24 hours to remove from my credit and if I will not 7 years in there , even if I did pay and , finally paid off and I did , I have made ​​an account worth $ 800 that I 'm going to fight . The big question is how long I have to wait until the derogatory ( s ) go off my credit report so you can get credit cards and a car loan , also who I can contact about how all my queries that were denied I have it about 20 or 30 cards refused and heard it looks bad if you're all on your own? PLEASE HELP , THANKS !
Collections on my credit report that have to be paid for home loan!?0Melissa922012-11-04 18:35:25
I have collections on my credit report that have to be paid before I can apply for a loan that works out for me and my husband. I don't know how to go about contacting the companies with the collections. Both companies have sold the accounts. In the pass I would get mail asking for me to pay a settlement, I would like to actually do that now that I need to, but I can't find the companies and I'm unsure if they'll offer the settlements anymore. Any suggestions?
About how soon should it take for a car loan paid in full to show up on my credit report?1goat2012-09-30 09:05:03
I'm trying to sell my car , which still owes $ 12,000. Once you sell the car and everything is resolved with the transfer of title , how long it will take for this to appear on my credit report , and how will it affect my score ? Will increase slightly considering all payments have been made during the past three years ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
How long does a paid student loan stay on your credit report?0eyvonne2012-09-29 14:27:04
I paid a small student loan back in 1999 or 2000 and that is still on my credit report . I tried to make an online dispute with Experian and nto eliminate debt . No such things never happen ?
How much will my credit score increase when my paid auto repo drops off my credit report in February?1jessenia2012-09-29 16:55:03
Also I have an unpaid bill of $ 80.00 collections hospital is scheduled for release in June. I have to buy a new car as soon as possible because I travel about 75 miles round trip every day , and my piece of junk used car finance May 5 ( and I'm still paying a terrible pace through a bad loan company ) is ready to break at any time. I have the hope of being able to obtain financing from a regular lender now , and I wonder if I would have to wait until both items fall my report , or simply paid repo . Right now my credit score is about 632. I have my current car loan , several credit cards , and several student loans on my report that are all in good condition . I have no late payments and other derogatory items . I have the hope of obtaining a loan of about $ 17-18000 with about $ 2500 down.
I paid a student loan bill 13 days late. Will that go on my credit report?3Jaimy2012-11-05 01:57:02
I thought I had already paid the bill until I got a phone call saying that AES was 11 days late . I immediately went online to pay electronically , but only accept payment from Monday to Friday , so we ended up being 13 days late ( I tried to pay a Saturday ) . I have never paid a bill late and my credit score is excellent, so I would not have a spot like this in my report. Will this end up on my report ? If so, I can have it removed somehow?
Will closing a line of credit before it is paid look bad on my credit report?0Kassie2012-10-09 20:21:44
I have a line of credit through Bank of America . They said it was a personal loan and the balance would go down each month . ( I consolidated three credit cards) . I just found out what is technically called a line of credit and the interest is 23% ! I'll be applying for a mortgage soon and I know that looks like " potential debt " and that seems negative . But is it worse to have the account closed and still would pay , or to pay close ?

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