Form 982 and filing taxes- I am lost and confused.?

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Asked at 2012-08-26 08:55:17
I filed Chapter 7 BK in August and should be discharged soon. I have always used Form 1040 - EZ , but realize now I have to file my tax return using 1040. Here's the problem ... I have no idea how the Form 982 is supposed to help me , and how to fill it . I have read the instructions , but it confuses me even more . MedlinePlus My lawyer says that in mind when I e -file this year ( luckily , the website I use to e -file have access to this form ) . Can someone please explain this form for me ? MedlinePlus Part I
I think I have to dial 1a ( discharge of indebtedness in the title 11 cases ) . I do not know what I put for 2 ... Is the total amount that was discharged ? Is the total amount presented in my BK including student loans , or is it something else? MedlinePlus The number 3 does not make sense to me either ( I swear , they use a language other than English just to fuck with people to be audited ! ) MedlinePlus Part II MedlinePlus What parts do I have to fill ? My BK was very cut and dry ( car loans , credit card debt , ect . ) . MedlinePlus Part III MedlinePlus This makes no sense to me either . Does it even apply ?
Answer1LenoraAnswered at 2012-08-27 17:21:02
if you've always used 1040EZ never apparently had a mortgage on his home and this is how one applies 982
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