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Up to my ears in debt. what is bankruptcy?2juhi2012-09-12 07:45:08
What is bankruptcy ? MedlinePlus I have 20 years old with some debt in my opinion . MedlinePlus I have a credit card $ 5,000.00 has not been paid in about 6 months. MedlinePlus I have a contract for Bell Mobility Turbo Memory , thought it was good at first until my second bill was over $ 600.00 that was a year ago and now is in collections . MedlinePlus I had a contract with two cell phones in my name , the other person screwed me and my bill was 1100.00 for both accounts the phones were disconnected and I put $ 50.00 in the account every two weeks, but it was not good enough , you're now in collections ... I know it was not the minimum payment , but I did what I could ... I have a student loan $ 5000.00 for a course that I can not get a job for ... payments were made on December 31 and I did make the payment and there are arrangements for the total amount of 80.00 out each month . I'm working full time making minimum wage .. I'd go back to school , but I can not just now , I even had to move back in with my parents and they are charging me 300.00 rent every month. I rented a car and could not afford and my parents took over the lease and pay for the two months I was late .. I rented a car , because when I graduated I did find a decent temporary work , but after 3 months they let me go ... Just do not know what to do .. the step I 'll never be able to own anything ...
How often should I have my ears cleaned?12021-07-12 03:34:14
How to secretly gauge ears?1Jasmin Romo2012-10-15 16:01:02
My mother is a meddler total. I have my ears pierced 6 weeks ago and I'll get a second hole in brief ( he would not mind that) . What matters is the ear stretching . I would not have asked if she could because 99% will not. I think this because before Christmas I was buying candles online friend , so I needed his card and told me not to , because I " have to ask her father first." Then , before my friend lent me some money at the mall to buy meters , and later she became angry " I do not think I should have bought it without parental consent " but reeally want , and if I go too big I can always shrink a little later . Honestly , I just want a 6G . That's it. MedlinePlus but I fear it will do what I wear earrings, or you will buy some from me and I did not e able to use them , and I will be discovered . MedlinePlus if she buys me asparagus could always use the second hole , but if it comes to buying rings me or something, I'll be screwed. MedlinePlus advice?
I am in debt, should I ignore those creditor and collection calls; file bankruptcy; or try to repay the debt?1tera2012-10-06 07:49:02
I am a 24 year old in California who is currently unemployed . I am a full time student and have less than $ 1,000 coming in every month. I have about $ 15 - $ 20k in unsecured credit card that I paid for 6-12 months. Also I have a secured car loan of $ 25k , but luckily , I am able to pay every month on time. I get phone calls every day , but have ignored them all. Since my credit has gone down the drain , I still miss those phone calls and have canceled my debt ? Or should I try to talk to the creditor agency / collection and try to pay ? You should consult with a debt consolidation agency ? Finally , in case of bankruptcy even be an option for me ? I would be grateful for any advice given ... thank you!
I'm in deep credit card debt and can no longer hold the fort, should I do debt conslidation or bankruptcy?2nettie <32012-10-10 02:09:02
I currently owe about $ 25,000 in 10 letters , that they were paying off with minimum paymetns until I missed some payments (arrears , % interest 29% ) and now it's getting worse and worse . I feel I can no longer keep up with this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A friend of mine recommended me to do Incharge.org for debt consolidation , but not sure because it is almost the same as the bankruptcy because it will ruin my credit for the next seven years and I have yet to pay more than new ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Another says I should file for bankruptcy. What do you recommend ? I really do not know what I'm going to do. How does bankruptcy ? I know it 'll ruin my credit over the next 10 years , I will not be able to buy a house a car or get a loan , but that is not what I'm worried about. If I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy , does that mean all my debt will be cleared and I just have to deal with not being able to get credit for 10 years ? is that all it is ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you very much for your answers .
Should I file for bankruptcy or do debt consolidation. I have $42K in cc debt + my car, house, i cant keep up?0katniss2012-10-26 04:00:43
I have $ 42K in cc debt with an average of about 14 % interest. Other $ 10 0% financing on things , mortgage of $ 1,400, and $ 330 car payment , $ 650 payment of student loans, and another $ 2K in bills each month . Due to the new guy and since almost half of what I did because of the sudden change at work , I can barely pay the minimum I need more just $ 1K toward my debt each month . I stopped spending money on anything but the interest and the amount of debt is killing me , and I'm sure the credit card companies are waiting for me to miss a payment default me to 33.3% of interest . Please do not guilt trip on the amount of debt , I got stuck with a lot of it after a divorce two years ago and I do not even spending !
I currently have over $10,000 in debt. What would be the best option, debt consolidation, or bankruptcy?0odalis2012-11-05 13:31:45
Debt/Bankruptcy?4kar2012-10-26 05:53:02
I am a college student in my first year . I live in an area where most companies are students to use and flexible with the schedule, but I can not get a job that pays an amount high enough to cover the cost of tuition living.My parents and books, but I pay everything else , phone , car insurance , untilities , rent , food, gas , etc. My problem is that I owe $ 2000 - but I can not keep up with the payments . Currently , I make enough to pay rent and utilities and you basically do not eat . I do not qualify for foodstamps , but my credit has become so bad that do not qualify for credit cards as appropriate. My parents did not cosign a student loan , so they can qualify for and make enough money so that I do not qualify for FAFSA . MedlinePlus I am considering bankruptcy , but do not really understand what that means . I've looked around a bit and found sites online debt consolidation and even someone who says you can convince credit card companies / agencies to take $ 700 for a $ 1,000 debt . Opionions / help plz
Bankruptcy? A lot of debt, no money.?0nemo2012-09-24 14:28:04
Me and my wife got home from my father , because I have 1 child labor (years ) expecting another . They bought a few things , but mostly I work construction and get fired and do not qualify for unemployment ( fought hard , but somehow I could not get unemployment ) put bills credit cards . have a car loan 10k 8k credit cards, and in 2 years 20k school loan (by then should be able to afford everything. were not so bad off yet, but I can not min wage is sufficient . If we the car gets roped how this works ( we pay the remaining balance after they sell or what? ) nothing I can afford and what we can do we must look to bankruptcy or just let everything go and try to pay for what we can when we can ? < br > sorry for the mess soon , thanks for any advice .
Debt help PLEASE!!! should we file bankruptcy?1EnglishLove2012-10-16 17:28:02
My boyfriend has a disease that causes blood clots and we have to take him to the doctor twice a month, sometimes more , and insurance just started covering preexisting MedlinePlus MedlinePlus has good credit , but is 60k in medical bills .. what makes her so good credit would look bad .. we go to the credit union we got our car from next year to buy some land , but are afraid of their medical bills can stop us from getting a loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus call all collection companies to try to consolidate the accounts and told us will have to pay $ 600 per month (total between them ) and that is the least we can take. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not want to file bankruptcy , but we do not know what to do ? someone please help!
Should if file bankruptcy or pay off my debt?3jerry carter2012-09-12 08:43:04
I am a school teacher aged 28 in North Carolina . I make $ 36k/year . I have 5 charged credit cards totaling about $ 5k. I have $ 45k in student loans in deferment while I finish my masters. I have $ 13.5K car repo on my credit. I just do it on my salary and borrow a car from my parents. I have to get them this time with the car again and buy my own car ? But I live on my own and can not be really afford the payments or, and I doubt you can get a loan anyway . This is stressing me so badly and I want to go so you can start living again. It seems to take forever to fix my finances. I have a few thousand in the bank, but I want my next step to be my best move. What to do?
What is better for me go under bankruptcy or go with debt consolidation?0Corrie Hagen2012-11-05 16:06:53

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