Info. Necessities on living/moving to Canada with College student Visa--need lots of info--HELP? related questions

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Info. Necessities on living/moving to Canada with College student Visa--need lots of info--HELP?1lele2012-09-14 06:11:02
Women 18 years who now lives in Florida , USA. Personal motivations to move north to Canada , Ontario or Quebec specifically, what the person that I am moving there lives , can not remember . You have other things to consider before you know exactly where , such as ... thus the following . If soeone could help one of them that would be great I plan to do more research , links to websites would be useful also because today I have not much time on my hands trying to juggle with sleep and jobs 2 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Canadian housing finance costs / requirements x + electric water costs MedlinePlus ____________________ x are covered expenses on electric bills apartments in America? MedlinePlus _______ • What are the least expensive places like ? areas / neighborhoods ? MedlinePlus ____________ x The living conditions ? _________________________ MedlinePlus X requirements to live in these places ? MedlinePlus ________________________ ______________________________________
Tax info- forgot to fill state tax last year and forgot to include student loan info?0mathematical problem2012-10-27 03:38:08
I forgot to fill my state tax in 2007 . How I can present this year? Also , I forgot to claim my student loan interest in 2007 . ? I can claim this tax year ? Thanks in advance :)
Canada- bankruptcy info please!?0hunter0072012-08-12 09:27:03
I have about 10 thousand dollars of debt (not including my student loan 18 000 dollar! ) And became a single mother ( not entirely by choice !) Of 2 children. I make about $ 1200 per month , plus $ 400 in government money. My rent is $ 900. The phone is $ 50. Food products ( including formula ) is around $ 200. Kindergarten is about $ 500. Transportation is about $ 100. I'm always in my overdraft, and have (I know this is awful) 2 out high interest loans (one to buy a computer that needed for college ), and one to consolidate bills piled up . Now , my question is , my ex is a co -signer of my loan ($ 5900 of interest @ 29%). If I had to declare bankruptcy , would be responsible for paying the loan? He put his car as collateral , and your big screen TV. Do you lose the vehicle (needed for the job so you can start to pay child support !) . Also, can you give me information about debt dbe shoulder before considering bankruptcy? I'm totally in a hole, and the need to pay the debt!
ANy advice/info or anything on opening a daycare in Florida (Pasco County) Grant info or helpful sites?0DeAr_2012-10-19 07:33:12
I want to open a daycare in the Pasco County area . I was trying to search online for unrestricted grants or any small business loan for nurseries in the area. Any advice , help, information, or anything really would be helpful.
Need info on getting info on tracking down a financial. Out of $419 by Kenneth White!?0justjen932012-09-03 23:36:03
CA Financial Services claimed to help ensure guar . GOV loan to start a small business loan . My check went to New York , but was taken in Canada . Any information is appriciated . Now hear , you do not have to pay to apply for a federal grant to start their own business . Yes , I was stupid , feeling like a big loser . Please make sure to check / verify the license of the # before doing business . In addition , if a company sends you an email, look at the top of a email link , follow to see if it is ligit ! See now, his was not , duhhh .
The car dealer put all wrong info to obtained a loan without me knowing, Canada?0jeana williams2012-10-12 05:08:52
My husband wanted to change his car , so he found was a car dealer , trade in your old and have a bad credit because they wanted to co sign for him , I had no problems , so I went to the dealership and signed the papers , but did not sign my husband at that time , the CFO told me my husbandwill sign the next day and I believed him next thing you know I'm going through the papers now because he lost his job and realized that all the information is incorrect , my income , my business mmortgagepayments even financial . Is there anything I can do ? Now, you can not afford to pay , it's just my household income . Please help and thanks
College experts i need info on student loans -bad credit i had not horrible but a bad record throughhighschool2Reed2012-09-16 00:58:03
somone plz help
Any info on these college loan consolidation places- Wells Fargo, Next Student, Student Loan Network?0rabiyah2012-09-08 12:26:02
I'd like to hear from anyone who has consolidated loans through one of these places or if you know of a better place I would love to know . Thank you.
Need help with college loan info please?1confusedstudent2012-11-04 22:14:02
I started college online in January 2006 at FMU now Everest . I enrolled and completed 78 hours of credit. Due to the economic changes was forced to publish school puts a while , so I dropped a few classes . I tried to re-enroll , but now I say my high school diploma is prohibited. From now need 5 more classes to complete my associates and I have a loan of $ 32,000 that has already begun to pay . I never lied to them and want to know what I can do besides going and getting a GED . ? I can try to fight and not a GED or try to fight so that I do not have to be a loan if I do not want to accept the diploma? Please help .
Canada student visa......questions about family?0Doralis2012-11-03 06:43:56
Hi all, OK, here goes.....sorry if this gets long so please bear with! I'm an American interested in attending a Canadian university. Acceptance and financial aid/student loans will be no problem what so ever as I'm pretty much covered on that.....So onto the main issue. I'm married, and I also have a child. I'm curious as to how to go about this. They both have to come with me when I do, no compromise. My husband is a US perm. would his visa work, and what type would it be?? How and what type would the baby's be? What are the rules with working while on a student visa, as in do you have to apply for a work perm. separate or is it similar to the US, where the visa allows so many hours of work per week? And what about working with whatever my husband would be issued as he isn't attending school, just coming with. I know its alot but thanks so much to all who answer with legit info!!! :-) P.S, the baby and I are both natural born US citizens if it helps.
UK Perspective Student Visa - being applied for in Canada?0Jacytiopa (i know its weird but my mom picked it)2012-10-12 05:23:59
I've been looking at the information I need to apply to be a student in the UK for a while now, and I'm still not completely sure what documents are needed. Or what steps to take to make this transition as smooth as possible. MedlinePlus A little information about myself that may be useful to help me, I'm a mature student. I am finishing a degree in Accounting and Business in Canada. I want to receive a business degree in the UK. Born and raised in Canada. I want to study in Wales. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I prefer to go to the UK as a student perspective and spend a couple of months looking at schools, filling out forms and have all the paperwork for the student visa and my Canadian student loan ended there. I have read enough to know that there have been more than a few cases of fake school documents that are sent out. I would avoid the possibility of that happening by being able to visit the school with my acceptance documents to verify that in fact incorrect. I'm not sure if I will be accepted into a university or have to do some studying at a university in my first year or two in the UK. Are there different ways to apply to either? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What follows is what I've solved so far. But I'm still not sure that everything is correct, by order or missing something vital. Any information and / or help I can get would be wonderful. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do I need to ask this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) A letter from my government saying that I am eligible for student loan funding thereof, in the head office? What would this be called? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) Letters of the schools I have contacted in the UK and I am interested in looking more closely at the head office? MedlinePlus a) What are these called and how old he might be? MedlinePlus b) How many schools are we expected to see, while in the UK for the full 6 months? MedlinePlus c) Is there a minimum amount of schools? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) original copies of the diploma and the certificate that I have, including documents of translations UKNARIC to UK school rules? MedlinePlus a) Letters of reference from my last school and anyone else that may be applicable at the head office? Who all would be considered applicable? MedlinePlus b) Is it necessary to show my support amounts I have in the application, or those shown I can when I get in the UK? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4) I believe that if anyone in the UK that is allowing me to stay with them for as long as I'm looking at schools that are considered private sponsors. MedlinePlus a) Is this true, and if so do they have to prove something? MedlinePlus b) Or do I have to have papers, letters from them saying they are supporting me while I'm in the UK, looking at schools? MedlinePlus c) Will it matter later when I'm on a student visa and attend school, if I'm renting a room for them at the time? As I no longer be supported by them, but my MedlinePlus student loans to pay my government after completing my studies. d) Would it be better if I just pay them rent while I am on my student visa perspective not add confusion? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 5) Biometrics appointment MedlinePlus a) Booked after applying online with the UK Boarders Visa and obtain confirmation of payment MedlinePlus b) Take a picture of me passport. DO NOT BE LATE! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 6) I think all the documents can not have more than a month when they send for review. Is this correct? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 7) Has anyone here done this from Canada? MedlinePlus a) How long does it take to hear back the decision? MedlinePlus b) To receive your documents back? MedlinePlus c) I'm a little concerned about sending my passport away and reception problems again? I worry about lost, damaged, etc. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are there any other documents, letters or information that may be useful for the UK government in making the decision on my student visa perspective? If there are any other suggestions anyone cares to do, I'd appreciate it. I am finding this whole process a bit complicated.
Please help with info on financial aid- college or military?0AMAR JYOTI2012-09-02 01:53:04
Here is my experience, I have 25 years and want to go back to school. Psychology is something that has held my interest for a while. Taking courses online is my only option because I live in a rural, relatively remote. I wonder what percentage of financial aid covers and if I can get loans ... I just received cash assistance for some time, I have a child 18 months old and I'm living with my boyfriend of seven years. I am the only one working right now and practically live paycheck to paycheck - they both come from poor, shabby background:. (We never even owned vehicles or have a driver's license because we have the resources that have worked in food service for 10 years, but not enough to succeed. I mean I guess they are quite happy considering all things.'m pretty smart and I think I can. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also wanted to go into the army for a while and tried to enlist before my son was born, but MEPS lost my papers again and again and had trouble processing and finally got pregnant and could not. But now that I have my child people are telling me irresponsible selfishness, and be bad for my son and family relationships in general. I know it would be deployed and gone for periods of time and may be emotionally healthy for my son. Almost everyone is guilting me not to. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess I'm overthinking everything like I always do, and I'm looking for some advice or validation because they really have no one to talk to about it. Can someone who has experience in college or the military give me an idea of ​​a good way to go? I would like to attend college only if I can acquire the means to do so, but do not know if there are loans or anything to cover all the expenses? People say "oh, just go to college," as is the easiest thing to do, is it really that easy?

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