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How do i advertise my products?1Shirlena2012-09-29 21:13:02
private microfinance loan to help give loans to those who are ready for school company , and small businesses .
Which Leather Products are Being Offered by Wholesalers?12021-06-25 06:36:34
I'd like to buy a foreclosed house in my neighborhood, what loan products are available?2sha'kira2012-08-15 14:48:03
I bought my first house in August this year and I have 2 roommates help me with the cost. What to do about $ 7000 gross per month in my full time job and about $ 1050 per month for my 2 roommates. My credit score is 789 and I have no other debt on my mortgage . I would buy another house in my neighborhood and rent it out , but do not have much cash for another payment.
When does selling craft products turn into a business?0Nathaniel2012-10-08 16:30:04
I want to start small to see how things go . But I'm confused on weather or not be considered a business . Or just sell occasionally from home. I am not seeking any loan as I am buying my supplies with my weekly paycheck job. For example , my friend sells night crawlers and vegs on a table in front of her house from her garden for years , and is considered a business or is self-employed and if your self-employment - What are the legals of it? I do not know what my next step would be .
What Legal documents do I need in order to start a Online Business? Selling Office Products, Any Advice ?1Redbone2012-08-07 21:36:44
I would start my own online business selling products of Office. I have now worked for a few different websites that sell office products and a large market to make money in. In order to start my online business, I need to know what legal documents that I have for my business line to be legal? In addition to legal documents , what else do I have to have started in order to start my own online business? Another question , how can someone like me, a young entrepreneur like my self apply for a small business loan ? and Why do I get a bank loan, which would be my requirements to be accepted for a loan? If anyone knows of a business or website and can contact who will help me to prepare all my legal documents , paper work , etc. for my online business started ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks
How should I advertise a car for sale that still has a loan on it?0youssef2012-10-14 18:17:23
I am currently making payments on a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta . I owe about $ 9,000 worth around the same amount . I want to sell the car, as I have an alternative vehicle that can drive and then I can pay my existing loan in the Jetta . Given that I have to have the potential buyer go to your bank with me and organize your bank to pay my existing loan , I have to include this in the ad for the car ? Mileading I do not want my ad !
What ways can I advertise to sell my farm?0marako2012-09-13 11:46:08
I want to retire and now I'm 62. All I have left is 64 acres and wants to keep 4 to fix my house and sell it later. The 60 is the bare earth. I came across an ad in the newpaper $ 110 in Indianapolis Indiana for a week I have no call. Craigslist is gettign me 3 calls a day, but there is no money buyers only spectators. I need money is not a contract and I'm under the market price of land, for example, 1/2 is 60 acres woodland and saw worse than mine sell for $ 1700 per acre at auction land 4 miles away 3 weeks ago, I would study out of 30 acres of woods for $ 1500 per acre. If the sites that publish ads are not working and my price is right and because people called me then there is an interest in my land I feel all I have to do is find the right place to advertise land for what sells . But the paper I used was not working and has not worked in a long line called a buyer with money. I considered the unit around and hangs Indiana land for sales brochures? Or do mailings? I tried both, but very limited and has 4 calls. 2 of flyers at auction Amish around here are held every Friday and 2 flyers to stores wanted men hunting hunting grounds. My price is right and my land is below market location and pleasant, with good neighbors and I have a fish business is going to make the payments. I just want to move far away and have no interest in credit sales that need cash. Banks are not making loans now and the people who wanted my land can not get the money my question is where I can announce to find a real buyer with the money? Realtors have not worked di 600 realtors an open list and no buyers.
What is the best way to advertise and Market an online tea shop?1Wyatt2012-10-08 13:33:02
I'd like to open an online tea shop focuses on fresh leaf teas . I've started a website, as well as my business plan for an SBA loan . What is the most cost effective and economical marketing and online advertising ? This would be strictly an online business .
Is it safe to go through a salesman who advertise on the internet?0dude 2012-10-14 03:56:01
Recently, I was online and saw an ad for a car salesman who says he is able to quickly process according car and get a good price for my current car , I contacted him , met with him and gave him my documents . He says that the car loan is in process and should receive the news in a day or two , he also gave me his card and called office for reference . They say he 's a good man . But I'm worried . I told him booking fee will be deductible only selling my old car . He gave it the nod . Pls advice.
What do you do about people posting questions to advertise? Please see details?1Gianna2012-10-14 08:51:02
For example ... in paragraph Food and Drink, such as messages from MedlinePlus " Does anyone know where I can get a payday loan ? " Or MedlinePlus "Where I can get a cheap car insurance ? " MedlinePlus Here is a response from another account enters and answers the question MedlinePlus This question is in the form of a question , unlike the NFL LIVE MedlinePlus Spammers MedlinePlus This is getting very annoying ... you know you are really putting an ad for any reason .
Do you think American Culture is primative and not civilized as they advertise?1Cyndie2012-08-24 12:34:02
if you like to live a life of sin as identified in the Christian Bible, then go live in U.S., you will like it when sin is famous and frequent. if moral and live with integrity, to live in countries like China confucius believers. Americans believe that the word "communist" is a bad word. Americans believe that democracy is a good word. Under communism, people live with a lot of freedoms that matter like being able to have a house, a car, education, transportation, all for a low cost. yes, that is available in China. The Americans for their part also have car, house, education, but they have it as a result of loans and debt life. The Chinese live in saving, not borrowing money, do not live in debt. So I say, the Chinese have real money, living on credit, spend what you have, and can still maintain their middle-class status, so amercans are middle class and live in debt for life. You choose, you want to be a demon? U.S. would like. Want to be an angel, then China is for you. Hahahahah whtie people are lame. that suc. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Not that Americans are bad people, but you are blaming the U.S. but we are not realizing the Americans are very oppressed by the government, but in a much more profound to realize most people. American culture is oversexualized, fattened with unhealthy food, and promoted with pseudo-patriotism brainwashed into thinking that we are working democracy. The two party system is a veil and nobody up yet, Americans are trapped in their own positive qualities. Naturally, love your country is good, but in the U.S., when you love your country, are doomed, because you're making the cycle of destruction that has been created here. And not only whites living in the U.S., other people living in the United States as well. I know that the Chinese here in America who believed in the American dream and faced a harsh reality here, where only the rich and elite ahead. Believe me, I know China is becoming a great place, but China is emerging from a lot of trouble, and there is still poverty in China. The United States is suffering and has been for a long time, but people still do not wake up, because we are oppressed by media and other distractions and false patriotism and poor education, the same things that once had that were intended to make us great. People do not realize what is happening here. You should not laugh at them, however, because they do not understand that they are wrong. I do not want to be bad, they have good intentions that fcuked by how things are here.
Whats the best way to advertise a mortgage and loan company online and 10:33:03
any ideas would help ...... and thanks .....

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