Should I move overseas 10 points for best answer?

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Moving country for school / partner (This is a long question - but a decent read if for it) MedlinePlus? First, know that ultimately this is my decision, but I've been trying to get a range of objective opinions from people about what they would do if in my situation. MedlinePlus (I apologize for the length, but if you are looking for a legitimate question, and one that is important enough probably) MedlinePlus (Background) MedlinePlus My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 18 months, however, is not what one would call a normal relationship. we met while backpacking through Europe - that is from Australia and I'm from Canada. He had left Australia six months before hand and had been traveling the South East Asia, is now making its way through Western / Eastern Europe and down into Africa. We were both alone and as we fell backpacker - decided to travel together. Unlike him, I was just in Europe for three weeks short shopping / Caravan watching trip and was halfway through it. To cut a long story short, he convinced me to miss my flight home and see him traveling through Europe. After a month of traveling we consider a pair (bearing in mind that while traveling together are with each other 24/7 - so you're not months on average). We traveled Europe together for about 3 months, but then I started to run out of money, and had not planned a long trip. He was not ready to end the relationship and so decided instead to go to Africa was coming to Canada. However, he did not come up to 2.5 months after me. This was not ideal however, showed that we could spend time away from each other without our suffering relationship. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My partner and I live together in Canada for six months during which he has received a working holiday visa and worked on the ski hills. We have grown much closer in time and became very aware that he would soon have to return to Australia for school. I had been to Australia on a previous trip and I love the country (he had previously spoken of wanting to live there one day). So I decided to ask several schools of Australia. Again, not to make a long story short I was accepted and my partner and I traveled to Australia together. There was still another 2 months before school started and although it had been accepted, I had not yet received a government loan of my tuition fees. We continue to grow closer, however, my loan application was lost several times and severely retarded. Ironically I was awarded a student loan the day after the deadline for submission of Universities finances. So I had to come back to Canada - without my partner. Following law school in Australia from now. We've been apart for four months, before letting my placement next term deferred University and my partner booked a trip to Canada for X-mas parties. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (Question) MedlinePlus If I decide to return to Australia and start school there is not going to be easy. I will live away from everyone I know and my family. My parents / friends will probably be able to fly once or twice over the five years of study and that probably will not have the funding to fly home. While they provide a loan for the cost of schooling for my course in Australia - as a foreign student is $ 80, 000 (for the entire course). I'm also going to have to work while going to school to earn a living. Having said that my partner owns a square and while I can not stay its free (as it has corporate rates / etc and is also student) has definitely done a very affordable accommodations for me. My parents also help me in this regard - if only to a limited degree MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus I have two main concerns:
1. If I go to school in Australia I will leave with $ 80, 000 debt to be paid within a specified period. MedlinePlus 2. While my partner and I love each other, none of us are naive, relationships end every day. If I had to move to Australia and we parted, he did not throw me out into the street but in the end would have to move and this would make it more difficult financial problems. While it would still be able to cope and if necessary move back to Canada -
I can not say I do not regret the experience (especially considering the financial burden). Also note my partner role in all this, and he feels compelled to stay with me in our situation, it would not be fair that began to feel I wanted to move on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So ultimately, I'm not looking for people telling me that I should talk with my partner, or that we should consider the possibilities of what can happen - we've done it countless times MedlinePlus. I wonder - because now you have an overview of our history and of the burdens and benefits faced moving - what would you do?

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