Is anyone too old to borrow money from your parents?

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I have 35 years old, married with a 11 month old and my whole life was like pulling teeth to get my father to get money to him.I am the only child. Everythiing was given growing even borrow money from their parents to the house he was building at the age of 28 years. My parents paying job, so he has a nice house boat, nice cars and 3. He also had to have the best of everything while my mom and I got the hand me downs. I also had dreams that we were disappointed because their excuse was "we are broke". When he turned 15, my parents divorced and I moved to Florida with my mother and before we left my father told my mother not going to pay her $ 125/wk child support, instead $ There was a time when the 75/wk...and either not pay or pay late, another battle. In my adult life, I have had financial problems and went to ask my dad for help as a last resort, based on its history. I waitressed and worked minimum wage jobs because they lack education. My father paid $ 10,000 for my wedding and I asked my mother for the remaining $ 5,000 (who is a barber for a living), and even today is said to have paid $ 15,000! Uh, no ... I have no records! So, last year I went on disability for the past two months pregnant and paid peanuts, my husband and I struggling to get the bills paid, I asked my father for a small loan to pay for utilities and food He told me I had to wait until he is 59! / 2 to take money out of your retirement, it was like three weeks. That time came and went and no phone call from my father. After a few weeks later baby is born and gave us $ 100! Hello, still stuggling! Which brings me to today's life ... I decided to start my own consignment shop that is so cheap to begin with, and I asked my father for help in co-signing a loan of less than $ 5K, said that what I'm doing sounds like a great idea, but has to find a good location, all for it! A couple of months go by and he suggested I give money instead of signing together, because "he has bad credit" became $ 5K $ 3K, became $ 2K, then $ 1,500, then $ 500 "for now" . I found a great place occupied by $ 375 a month and he did, you get it because I was sharing space with a photographer, which is what he does, then he could not, 't announce ... i did not take his money because he said he does not want to meet me leave my store mechandise clothing or money, I had to go to it! And I said I'm too old to borrow money from him or the family, he told me when I was 20 too! Please help with regeneration because I have my store and I love my job! But my family is not so great, my husband, my mother and other supporting documents loving family standing by me, and I will not see my heart broke again for my father. Am I wrong?

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