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Used car loan in San Antonio- bad credit?1Taiwo2012-10-12 04:13:08
I live in San Antonio Tx and I am self-employed contractor . I have "at risk" credit , how I can get a used car loan for 5500.00 ? Its difficult for creditors to get in touch with all my clients , but one that can verify 2000 income before taxes mo , also I have a 2006 tax return showing a 12k . Any advice ? I tried the credit im a member at and rejected. Having repo on file one year ago.
We Buy Houses San Antonio0levac2022-04-30 20:07:26
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I need a car and advice-San Antonio, tx?0anwar2012-10-14 20:27:34
For the title , obviously I need a car . MedlinePlus I had to sell our last litter because the motor is locked. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We saved $ 800 , but that's it . That's all that seems to be able to hit 800. MedlinePlus There's always something that keeps coming to point that needs paid. MedlinePlus Usually, not having a car is not a problem, the public transport system in our area is pretty decent . MedlinePlus Now we have to have one . And we have a deadline is fast approaching . MedlinePlus Some reasons are : MedlinePlus 1. My husband will get a huge promotion wage gap if you purchase a vehicle MedlinePlus 2. My mother is dying . End of story . She had a stroke four weeks ago and a blood transfusion a week ago. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now , the solution to the second is myself greyhounds there. I do. I just want to be able to drive there and stay the last minute if I need it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have any suggestions where we could go to buy a used car in San Antonio . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Note : We tested our RBFCU loan and has not been successful . We both have student loan debts . * Sigh * MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated .
Best places to buy used guns in San Antonio, TX?1Chillin Dylan2012-11-03 12:05:01
I'm on a very tight budget right now and need a gun quickly so you can get a better paying job as armed security officer . I can not wait for my student loans or my tax return next year. I've been to several pawn shops and all weapons are expensive , are even selling weapons used Hi Point for $ 200 when you can buy online new for $ 150. I really do not want to pay the $ 50 fee to have the gun transferred to a gun shop and I'm not sure I want to buy a Hi Point , I can have my gun jam when I have to protect myself . I also went to a couple armories and weapons are also expensive . I have less than $ 200 to spend right now. If you know of a pawn shop or a gun shop that is inexpensive weapons used , please let me know , I would greatly appreciate it . I'm looking more at least 9mm or and no matter if it's a revolver or semi - automatic . Thank you.
Little credit (not bad credit), no co-signer availible with good credit, 20 % interest on a car loan.?4N-SING 2012-11-02 14:05:02
ok here goes. I needed a reliable car to get really bad to work or school every day . I bought a 2005 malibu classic for $ 11,500, but with an interest rate of 20 5. I had absolutely no one who could or would co-sign for me , so I stayed with it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and to make it even worse , I do not like the car . reliability and serves purpose , but if I pay $ 300 / month, want it to be something I want . What I can do at this point ? how feasible it would be for me to trade ? maybe sell it ? please help me I have not gotten a good answer anywhere MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS please no smart *** comments or judgments , I really need some good advice
I'm lookin at gettin a loan or a credit card with no credit check or for some one with bad credit?2Ayra2012-08-31 03:13:02
I'm looking into gettin a loan or credit card, no credit check or for someone with bad credit ?
I need a loan, and I have no co-signer or any credit.Would getting a credit card help me get credit fast?1Kelon2012-10-27 05:25:59
I need money for school, and have no guarantee provisions , or no credit history , would get a credit card help me get some credit fast enough to get a loan for this next semester ?
How come no credit or ghost credit is worse than bad credit in obtaining a loan?5Style2012-09-08 13:32:02
I've been trying to get a signature loan . Because I have no one to co-sign and I have no warranty. I do not own a house. All my debts are summarized in utility bills and rent. I paid cash for my 1998 Dodge Ram . I have been paying cash for everything over the last ten years. I know I have ran out of cash. I need $ 10,000 to renew myself to society. I have had as much as $ 160,000 in my credit union. since 1998, but I know it is gone. However, not even going to give me a loan. ( What about that) My debt is Utility bills and dollars 300 in rent. I can make a good monthly income. Once again (What? ) I need the money now , no time to get into debt, before it can get into debt . How can people get into debt , I'm trying and can not. Their must be some kind of professional classes for it. I know they have a lot of establishment to get out of debt . There is nothing to help people establish credit. Not when someone needs help quickly.
Have 1yr left car loan;adding $800 more credit union debt to that.Also have credit card w/credit union.?0RIZWAN HASSA2012-08-26 19:59:17
New loan / security agreement protects systems also.Sounds car credit card visa card loans as before is gone , they can always threaten 2 in my car / and I'll get the lien back in my car once the car loan is paid ? Also if I file bankruptcy sys 'm in default . From Chptr7 Bankruptcy is something I've considered ; ? If you file bankruptcy , I " forgiven " all credit cards , including Visa credit unions . In addition, my presentation bankruptcy gives them the right to take my car anyway , but I have the intention to settle evn two car loan ? Lost job many years , disabled and soc sec disability now .
Y!A Politics "deficit hawks", Do you have a car loan, mortgage, student loan, credit card or line of credit?8) ㄣ flowers. 2012-10-05 16:48:03
Did you pay cash for everything " own " ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please remember the guidelines when responding. Thank you.
Need to have 2 open revolving credit accounts to build a credit score. having 2 secured credit cards help?2kel2012-08-30 00:36:16
I have a capital of a secured card. I always pay on time and keep a few dollars over yet . I have a car so it will not get a loan and pay 25-29% on a car that does not need. from the bankruptcy that I got a really good job making the most 100k/year . i have managed to save fight 30k this year. I'm mostly trying to find ways to build and goin to get a credit score. and I wonder if you have 2 secured credit cards is a good idea?
Will a decrease in your line of credit affect your credit score? How about closing inactive credit cards?1 ﹏ 1s, 2012-09-19 12:23:03
I recently received a letter from American Express stating that lowered my credit line from $ 2000 to $ 1400. A possible reason they did it was because I had a lot more debt on other cards . However, I just paid the balance of almost $ 2,000 I had with them was , along with several ( about 5) other credit cards I had. Now , would it be a good idea to close some of the accounts that had already 'm not using ? Or I also heard that to keep them open , and not using them for a long period of time finally closed with the creditor . Just a little more information ... Currently I have two student loans that I'm starting to pay (a little less than $ 17,000) in order to reduce my debt . Also I have a balance of $ 9,900 on my car loan I'm still paying . I have never been late on payments , and I have a credit score of 670 . Any advice would help .. Thank you.

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