My credit is not that good am looking for a company that deals with loans for bad credit?

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Asked at 2012-08-06 06:25:47
We need to find a company to give me a loan. My credit is not as good.
Answer1BasitAnswered at 2012-08-06 07:00:48
get a personal loan / unsecured bad credit will be difficult , but if your loan is for a car may be able to help.
Answer2RiversAnswered at 2012-08-06 08:36:03
Looking for a loan for a house? If so, there are other factors to consider in addition to credit. Medical bills are overlooked by subscription (from the doctor is an unforeseen event), while credit cards, they look (and that items purchased on a credit card.) In addition, the working time of 2 years , rental history for 2 years looking at. What are collections and judgments on your credit report. Some collections do not have to be paid. The assessment must be paid - depends on the lender and insurer. They are taken as a factor in getting a mortgage. The credit can be worked by the addition of alternative credit. If you are paying regularly on a cell phone, car insurance, rent, etc. - are called alternative credit .. Not everything is impossible - ok - take a deep breath. If your credit score is 500 or higher, anything is feasible, with a second vendor - so the higher the credit score, the better. Lenders look at the average score ... 3 ratings. If only one score or 2 scores (I've seen) is still viable .... but unless a lender sees the whole picture - credit - income - working time, etc - you will not have a "real" image of what you can afford - to get 100 percent financing is need a credit score of 580 MIDDLE, but as I mentioned there are vendors second, and FHA does not necessarily go on your credit score, but who are in credit card collections, and judgments that appear in your credit report. There is also the program of USDA Rural, where payments are based on income. (It is to see the collections and judgments on your credit report), if a doctor, you need a letter explaining what happened. It is more difficult to qualify, and there are a lot of paperwork involved. But if it is worth the lower payments based on income, the paperwork is worth it. Hope this helps - .. Good luck.
Answer3melyndaAnswered at 2012-08-06 10:21:47
If your credit is really bad you probably will not get a loan anywhere. If you find someone that will give you a loan I'm sure you'll pay a high real annual rate . , Like the 25 % or higher.
Answer4JohnathanAnswered at 2012-08-08 20:44:03
This site is ideal as a starting point . You can get quotes here too. < / a>
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