I would like to start a small business, please help me find where to get a loan for my capital.? related questions

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I would like to start a small business, please help me find where to get a loan for my capital.?2Tifiani2012-08-10 09:11:03
loan was in vain. here in the Philippines only.
How would I find capital in which to start a business without resorting to small business loans?0Lin2012-09-16 18:22:03
I have no education beyond personal research and a high school diploma and I can not afford college . Due to these circumstances , the only real jobs that are available unskilled jobs that actually work will never get anywhere in life. I have several ideas for potential small business , but lack of money is still a recurring theme . Do any of you know a realistic approach to earn some money so I can start on my way ?
How much start-up capital of your own would a small business lender want to see on a 60k business loan?0Rora2012-09-27 16:59:05
Just curious , how much of my money I would have to get to ( in general) if I was asking a lender to borrow money for a small business loan . MedlinePlus
I am trying to get capital for a small business and do not have collateral. Where can I find investors?0Katya2012-09-29 12:58:06
I have developed a mixed martial arts expert elaborate apparatus. The prototype has been built and I was granted a U.S. patent . I have a manufacturer ready to begin production, but need additional funds for the cost of materials and labor . I've already spent $ 20,000 of my own money , but need extra help from this point forward . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a business plan well formulated , but because my company is less than a year and I have no way of collateral banks will not help me , even with the use of the SBA . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for a short term loan for $ 50,000 and it takes 3 to 5 years to pay . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any direction would be greatly appreciated .
How do I find investment capital for small business expansion?1Iryna2012-10-08 01:57:04
Existing loan small business wants to expand . Services industry .
Where can I find a small business start up loan if I have bad credit?1lianne2012-10-09 11:58:02
I have the idea, the graphic artist , the distribution , but I have to pay the cost of advertising .
Wanting to find small business start up loan for $50000?1TETE2012-09-25 19:02:02
wanting to start small businesses and seek loan to do so, but with personal credit is horrible, and the need to do so within ninety days / all options available out there (not loansharks )
Hi my name is Roy Schmidt, I live in sask I am trying to find a loan or a grant to start up a small business?1Merl2012-10-10 12:40:04
The busniness I want to buy a cleaning pen. We clean the pens and manuer spread out in the field to be used as fertilizer .
Where can I find about government Grants to start a small business?1House2012-09-21 18:49:02
I'm trying to get my home business to the next step , but do not have the capital to make it happen , for reasons beyond me from getting a loan . I have to be able to advertise and pay the fee of suppliers in various shows but most importantly we need to establish a real store for people to come and where I can work on my product in a more effective environment for my work .
Where can I find info for a women to start a small business in the New Orleans ares?0Alyonka2012-09-21 16:38:03
I am a Latina , I want to open a restaurant in New Orleans where I can find information for small business loan or grant to the minority ?
Do you think it's best to start a company with Venture Capital or Business Loan?0Johnthyn2012-09-11 14:06:04
It is the best way to start a venture capital business which may include mentoring of executives with experience or get a bank loan . What about those who can not get a bank loan ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.GoodShephard.Free1up.com
I need capital to start up a business.?0Chelcie2012-09-30 00:17:02
I have to get a small business loan of $ 5,000 - $ 12,000 . but my credit is poor right now. My company has a lot of potential to make a lot of money , and I have to get open , but I need a loan

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