Why do people think that online for profit 'colleges' are actually substitutes for a real college education? related questions

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Why do people think that online for profit 'colleges' are actually substitutes for a real college education?2Tweety2012-11-05 07:42:03
I can not help but feel sorry for people who go into debt for a false education . The job market is horrible, and can not declare bankruptcy on student loans ... not to mention half of the titles are for jobs that do not even exist .
What is so much better about online for profit colleges than a state run non profit?0Mark Russel2012-10-14 12:49:56
The cost is much much much higher to attend an online university for-profit as advertised on TV ... compared to my local run community college / state also offers most of it is online courses as an option . MedlinePlus What justifies the additional expense of 10x for college student gain online ? Why go there instead of the local public school or community college debt for much, much less student loans ? thank you
Online non-profit college?0Amedus2012-10-19 16:29:43
because of my schedule to care for a sick family member , need to find a college that will allow me to take classes strictly online . you told me that P UOF not really a smart choice . My local community college is pretty full to the brim and I am on the waiting list . I live in Wa state and need financial aid and student loans. And the information you can provide would be greatly appreciated .
Are for profit colleges preying on students?0Vanna2012-10-26 11:22:45
and making student loan crisis worse? I have always been critical of profit universities because I have witnessed friends of mine waste time and money just to be in the same situation as before , but this time with a lot of debt . I am not criticizing private industry , but realize that many students know by default , and these loans can not be eliminated . They are based on financial aid - ie taxpayer dollars to fund their programs mediocre , and taxpayers end up moving the bill . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.star-telegram .com/2011/06/10 /
What colleges offer ONLINE Degree in journalism... Please let me know or give me a link to a college. thanks?0Stanley2012-10-13 07:10:13
My fiance is looking to get Online Degree in Journalism n ... What universities offer degree and COMPLETE LINE Do you accept FAFSA or student loans ?
ARE there any real online lenders out there that give loans to people with poor credit?0Niomi2012-10-13 23:28:05
Jeff Norerts ? Does anyone have anything on it ? I cheated again and again but I wont need an immediate loan my life depends on it . If anyone can help me please. If any of you , scammers write about it I will do my vandetta hunt and kill all personnel , leeches peices of shit !
For Real Estate Investors who fix up foreclosure properties to sell and make profit,?0Chick-Fool-a 2012-10-14 07:40:35
what is the average rate of return you look for in a deal? For example , if you buy a house whose value after repair is say 160k, and you buy it for 85k and 40k put in , for example closing costs are around 6k . Benefit be 29k . It is considered a decent return on investment for this type of situation? I'm seriously considering buying a property like this for the first time . I know I can get totally renovated in 45 days. Moreover, it is best to get a loan to buy a property like this or just pay cash ? Trying to reconstruct the ideas of investors with experience doing this . Thanks for your help in advance !
Why are liberal colleges ripping people off?0Kassie2012-11-05 11:50:22
The government spends more and more on federal grants/loans, and college tuition keeps rising. http://www.thefiveyearparty.com/ Why do so many teenagers get themselves $100,000 into debt to attend college and leave with a worthless degree like "Women's studies" or "Liberal arts"? Simple: colleges dumb down the standards so everyone can get by with little effort, and spend all the money from colleges on things like climbing walls, hot tubs, luxury dorms, gourmet restaurants, etc. which have nothing to do with education. These things entice kids to enter "the four year(or more) party" because of all these amenities. In the end of the day, the student is left with tons of debt, and the college makes money. And college administrators are almost all liberal. Isn't it ironic that liberals rail against capitalism yet are deeply ingrained in the few corrupt portions of it? We can STOP the madness by getting the federal government OUT of education.
Why Top Companies Prefer to Hire People from MBA Colleges in Delhi?0drae2012-09-11 16:13:03
Every year the leading
Online colleges?0Tabetha2012-10-13 02:34:58
Why would anyone enlist in an online university ? Grades arn't worth much less degree equivalent to a community college " ( not saying that there is a problem with the community college ) ? Credit for online colleges are transferable ... ? Online universities are so expensive ( in some cases more expensive ) community , then? mean, universities are very flexible , but there must be a better option than online universities shade. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And before I let you go , you've seen those ads Astrive right? Need money for college ? MedlinePlus a. ) Search MedlinePlus sofa cash b. ) Sell ad space MedlinePlus c. ) Play the Lottery MedlinePlus d. ) Call astive MedlinePlus student loans What happened to MedlinePlus e . ) Get a fucking job MedlinePlus Right? I wonder what are the interest rates for these loans are oh so great .
Which are the best online colleges?0marty2012-09-29 18:50:02
I want to continue my career but school sites sent to me. I prefer to study in my free time at my own pace . Im just affraid to get into an online university that is not accredited . Since I have school loans to pay. I do not want to add another for nothing . plz help
Online Colleges?3kyley2012-09-27 18:22:03
I would like to attend online classes toward a degree in psychology , I found one that I thought was good , but when I mentioned the name of the school , I have a lot of horror stories about PPL stuck w / payment student loans saying they never attended classes online . I was wondering if anyone has had good experiences with online classes , and if so , what ?

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