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Selling item at a pawnshop?0sammy boy!2012-08-24 03:30:04
Some time ago , I took my old ipod to the pawn shop and claimed back / cash loan paid before the month ended, but now I 've realized that I do not need it anymore. Do not know anyone who wants to buy and it is older, there have been no serious offers to buy online . I was wondering if I could sell to a pawn shop ( the same place or difference ) if I had committed once?
When a person brings an item to the pawnshop to obtain cash the transaction is considered?0bejoy2012-10-10 07:26:31
a collateralized loan b MedlinePlus custody loan c MedlinePlus an unsecured loan sale agreement d
Explain the process of starting an online pawnshop?0ramin_1637 2012-09-27 11:42:03
hello , my name is John and I'm 18 . After graduating from high school, I just discovered a passion for the operation of a business. I generally have had difficulty following simple instructions in school , but also has intelligent ideas on how to solve solutions , and has the ability to think creatively out of the box . I had the idea of ​​an online pawnshop where I would take my current capital of $ 6,000 and pay a portion of it so you never need in exchange for an article of yours that would be used as collateral and is equal the value of my loan , and either pick interest in the future , or if not I still would enforce contract and resell the article . All this would take place online that imply a convenient way to make easy money . my earnings come from interest received, the resale of items that I have received through interest payments failed , and the sale of advertising space on the website . My inventory could be in my college dorm room , or my storage room in my house . While I have the ideas and vision , I admit that lack of logic and common sense step by step process to get this started . any expert out there who can give me either the answer or even suggestions on how to get this started ? Thank you.
What are my rights if a pawnshop is closed on loan maturity date?0Susanne2012-09-09 03:39:03
I live in Oregon and I have some time on a pawnshop loan a couple of things . ( I have renewed the loan , so there is a grace period of 30) . The maturity date of the loan is on a Sunday , and the pawn shop is closed on Sat . and Sun. Does the pawnshop to wait to claim my items overnight loans are open , or do I have to redeem the loan early on Friday ? MedlinePlus After searching online , I know Texas requires that the pawn shop to give you one more day if they are closed on the due date . However, I can find nothing in the statutes of Oregon ...
Can you buy an item to pawn for cash?0taize2012-10-04 07:09:06
My boyfriend has lost the job and is now living on the street and need 500 dollars to go home . He suggested that I do this to help you get back on your feet . MedlinePlus He sugessted I can buy an item on credit to pawn for cash. Unfortunately , I lost my job and am living with my parents . I have borrowed money before , but now I do not know another way to help .
Collections item on one of my credit reports, how bad is it?0HARDEST MATH QUESTION IN THE UNIVERSE2012-11-04 03:13:02
I have a rental property , and somehow the gas bill was in my name . The tenants did not pay the bill for two months , and was sent to collections , finally paid off . I realized what happened after I went to get a credit card , and have refused ( TransUnion ) . For Equifax , had a clean record and a FICO of 730 . I have 26 years of age. How bad is that article collections will hurt me in the future? I wanted to buy a house and a car in the next two years , but if I can not even get a Discover card , I'm in big trouble ? No mortgage lenders and car lenders look at all three reports ? I wonder how big of an impact this will have . I mean the gas bill could not have been much money . Please help . I called to dispute the account , but I think I'm hopeless on that front . I will not be able to obtain credit / loans until 2012 (estimated disappear TransUnion ) ? ?
How long does it take for an item to be removed from my credit report?4girl2012-08-12 09:19:03
I have a negative on my credit report, a car loan is still open for a car that was Reposessed several years. I only owe $ 500 now , and I was wondering if when I was worth , you could get someone to co - sign a new small loan to me that my credit card starts to rise again ? and how long would it take for it to start rising?
Credit Report Question... Please help me dispute this item.?2poof2012-10-22 07:16:02
I moved recently after I left the Navy and could not afford this car anymore, or gas that is . I could not get paid for what I ended up calling them and asking them to please come pick up the car . I look at my credit report and I would like to know how I can resolve this dispute , or anything ... Is there a way to challenge this? I like to pay , but I know that is impossible ... Please be aware thanks : 0) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Account No. Loan Type : Automobile MedlinePlus Note : Profit and loss writeoff MedlinePlus Balance : $ 15,494 MedlinePlus Date Updated : 05/2007 MedlinePlus High Balance : $ 32,010 MedlinePlus Expired : $ 0 MedlinePlus Terms : $ 351 for 96 months Pay Status : > Charged as Bad Debt Account Type : Installment Account MedlinePlus Responsibility: Individual Account MedlinePlus Opening date : 03/2004 MedlinePlus Closing Date : 05/2007
Are there any real online pawn shops that will loan against an item?2Ms. Teri2012-08-13 14:51:36
I am looking for an online pawn shop really going to send me money against an item. I've seen some that purchase, but none that actually loan. Any ideas ?
What is the significance of "estimated date that this item will be removed" on a credit report?0shantell2012-10-11 21:55:22
I have a line of credit secured loan , and is being treated by a credit agency (not available ) , and shows a pay status of "charged to bad debt " and " estimated date that this item will be removed " until 11/2015 . Does this mean that if they continue making payments until now , the debt will be canceled , or will I have to pay it follow ?
What is the APR for a loan where the cash price of the item is $1300, they require a down payment of $150.....?0economyst2012-10-05 19:42:09
What is the APR on a loan in which the spot price of the item is $ 1300, which require a down payment of $ 150, and you make 24 payments of $ 62?
Can you sell an item at the pawn shop and just get cash the same day for it, and i dont mean a loan?1arindom2012-09-20 15:21:04
Can you sell a product in the pawn shop and just get cash the same day for him , and I mean a loan ?

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