How to clean your credit history up, I have been trying to get my credit score up. I have had a auto loan? related questions

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How to clean your credit history up, I have been trying to get my credit score up. I have had a auto loan?2dian2012-09-07 03:35:02
refinanced , has negotiated a car drive better have a credit card , and paid stuff on my credit report . I have a credit card and limit is 250.00 , but I am still unable to get credit . I 'm not understanding what I'm doing wrong .
Bad credit history but have 610 credit score whats the best place to get a auto loan?2Help proofread?2012-10-24 10:00:03
About 2 years ago I had put a repo on my credit card * my ins company charge me 2 times what it should have been , and before I could fix that problem was in debt and ended up lossing my car * Now I have my credit was worth and a credit score of 610 and looking at getting a car loan , but not sure what the best credit card company to go to get a good April, I'm looking probly 20% sure TAE . Need a car loan of 15k and put a down payment of cost 7k , total vehicle about 22 k . As for getting the car in late May . Is it better to go to the dealer and see about trying to go throu financing or capital of an auto loan ? I also wonder about the capital one, because I have a good credit standing with them .
What is the best way to clean up my bad credit history i have some defaults and i cant get credit anywere!?1bullfrog2012-10-12 04:14:03
I made some financial mistakes when I was fresh out of school Turnes 18 and BAM ! default ! I have a few defaults , as a result , and all I want is to have a clean credit history so I'm able to get loans and credit etc. so if anyone knows the best way to do this , please explain . I know that you pay them out!
What kind of auto loan terms can I get with 641 score and 3 years of good credit history?4No2012-09-10 07:43:03
I want to buy a vehicle from $ 9000 ( after taxes I'm estimating to be around $ 11,000) . It is a Mercedes ML500 2002 . What type of loan you might get if I have a credit score of 641, had a job for 2 years (but just changed a few weeks ago ). I make 23,000 a year and have about 35,000 of debt. Most were deferred because they are school loans . Part of it is a 18,000 car loan in my name, but it was for my mother ( yet to be 14,300) . What type of loan can be obtained with this type of credit and what would be the best lender ? I have only 3 years of history with all payments on time and without negative marks . Thank you !
Clean up credit..get higher score?3liv2012-09-24 10:02:02
I made the mistake of getting credit cards when I was 18 ( now 30) . My car is paid and rent i . i have about 8,500 in student loans and am making payments on it. the rest of my det is less than $ 8000. If anyone is in the collection and I'm starting to make the payments, will my credit score go up ? I want to be able to buy a house within a year or two . thanks in advance
I have good credit, but they say I have a lack of credit history. How can I get an auto loan? I need a car.?0ms kay2012-09-07 08:09:03
My credit score is above 700 , but when I try to get a car loan or any other loan , I am denied due to my lack of credit history . I need a bad car and I have a little money to put down. How I can get a loan ? ! ? !
With my current history, will an auto loan score me a decent used car?0Valentina2012-10-07 03:55:14
I have 26 years old , have a very poor score (increased by the way) , 430-507 , in a few months. I had a repo in November 2005 , but paid since and that appears on my credit report as a charge-off , but also "paid " , ( I ) . I do not see it as a repo on the report and is now currently in a box marked green in recent months as " OK " . Gano 35,000 gross per year and have been in my office since September 6 now . I would put $ 1,000 in a certified used vehicle somewhere under 9000 or 10 at most. However, the only way to do this is with an auto loan . If I apply for a car in the mall and receive it, it covers all this ? What would my interest rate ? ( Ball park figure ) . Thank you.
How Can I get an auto Loan with no Credit history?1Jessy-Ohio2012-10-09 19:39:02
I'm almost 20 years old do not have an option for a co-signer and finally found the car I want mess after his research on 14K w / or interest , I have only a few large cash saved . I have a car , but went through internal financing w / no credit bural informed ... Does anyone know what to do 2?
Not enough credit history to get a Auto Loan?0TINA52012-09-27 12:34:03
Hi I am trying to buy a car from an individual , I have 27 years and full-time work . I applied to Chase , Bank of America , and the TD bank for a car loan for $ 9,000 , each bank said I did not have enough credit history for them to process my loan. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do I have other options besides finding a guarantor? I have cash to buy a car , but I would rather fund .
I have a pretty good credit score, but not much history, will I get denied when applying for a credit card?2tawana2012-10-08 18:11:03
My score is calculated in 722 is normal and good , I suppose , is to pay all student loans on time and have never had a credit card before ... but I decided to break down and finally get one . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, accidentally requested that necessary " excellent " credit, but I refused the other day .... I would like to apply for another , but I do not want to get denied again and have a great deal of recent research on my credit report , crawling on my own. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So now I have to apply for a card that only requires a " fair " credit for what I know I will be accepted ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The reason for this is that I'm starting a business , however , is still at such an early stage that I doubt you get approved for a business credit card small ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking to get a limit of 2-3000 dollars ...
Which credit card (if any) should I apply for with an Experian Score of 720, but short credit history?0Shantel2012-10-07 00:23:57
I recently cleaned my credit and am trying to rebuild it. I have nothing negative on my report ( all being dropped) , but have a short length of positive credit history . MedlinePlus This is what I have: MedlinePlus Experian Score : 720 MedlinePlus CC guaranteed for 8 months at $ 300 ( My bank will not issue unsecured card until about one year MedlinePlus In charge of a car loan three years MedlinePlus No late payments on my record MedlinePlus Full time good work . MedlinePlus Want to build credit for the future . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I apply for a credit card now or wait until my bank offers me a non - guaranteed in 4 months ? If I were to apply, please recommend a card based on my story . Thanks in advance !
Will I be able to get a secure auto loan with no credit history?0rahul patel2012-10-03 03:45:14
I have 17 years , turns 18 in two weeks. My grandfather gave me $ 30,000 for a car to buy once you turn 18 . MedlinePlus The car I want is a 2011 Ford Mustang v6 . Unfortunately, this , with all the options I want to achieve , you will get to be around $ 31,000. You also need to spend $ 2,000 a year in insurance. I thought the best way to pay this safely would be to get a loan for 48 months at around 2.9% interest . Adding all these costs together for a period of four years , the total price would probably be around $ 40,000, ten thousand of whom would have to acquire on my own (which should be easy to do in four years ) . < Br > MedlinePlus I have not got a job yet. Has proven to be a catch-22 , because until now , could not get a job without a car , and could not get a car without a job . My plan is to get a job as soon as I can buy the car, and I'm seriously considering joining the Marines when I graduate in June. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, because of my age , I have not been able to establish any credit . I realize that it's likely that my biggest problem . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can anyone tell me whether or not it is likely that a car dealership to give me insurance (which , in my opinion , means they can reposes the car if you fail to make payments ) auto loan for the car if I 'm willing to make a large payment ( up to $ 15,000) down? If it is unlikely , what are some things I can do , preferably in the next couple of weeks to improve my chances ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Whatever PD of $ 30,000 that did not happen in the car , I have to maintain. So please do not suggest you get a cheaper car and do something else with the rest of the money . Believe me, I would if I could .

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