How could the Govt. restore freedom to an honest person under mafia control ? related questions

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How could the Govt. restore freedom to an honest person under mafia control ?1vanessa68802012-11-04 12:24:07
Placing the leader of the mafia in jail , the next in line leader takes over. The honest person is still not free from the Mafia . The sad reality is that dictators do not relinquish power without the threat of force. MedlinePlus The loss of liberty in the United States to the mafia is a real threat . Nobody will tell you this, only found out the hard way . MedlinePlus Understanding normal criminals to steal money or property and then try to disappear , the mafia control your life and use them at will for the rest of his life . MedlinePlus My solution is a new specific organism U.S. to combat the Mafia control of honest Americans . MedlinePlus You could call an 800 number insurance , the agency will review your case to see if you do not get involved with criminals , for example, asked for a loan mafia . MedlinePlus Then the agency will contact with the criminal , and inform you of the loss of freedom of honest Americans simply will not be tolerated in the U.S. It is reported to cease and desist criminal or force will be used against him. MedlinePlus If anyone has a better or more effective solution to the problem at hand , I'd love to hear it. MedlinePlus If you think that this solution is hard, you have not lost your freedom and can not really understand the problem . MedlinePlus The U.S. Congress should call and say you want something done about the Mafia control of U.S. citizens .
Where can a person go for an honest loan online?1david dare2012-10-13 01:38:02
We are looking to get a loan online . We do not have enough credit to get a loan from our bank that we had with direct deposit since 2006 . We wonder if there HONEST loan companies that loan over $ 100 which is seeking $ 1000. Any information ? ? ?
Financially, can a person in this situation afford a kid if she doesn't accept any govt aide?1Joliann2012-10-24 21:58:02
This is a question for a class I'm taking. Suppose a girl is 25 years old , college graduate working full time , bachelor, becomes pregnant (unplanned ) . Let's assume that it is also generally opposes abortion . She is also a proud capitalist who oppose the use of Social Welfare , Medicaid , etc. Gob assistant . Would you be able to pay the child has , or would it be better reconsider abortion or adoption? More information : MedlinePlus - 3 years ago graduated college MedlinePlus - Who has lived on her own for more than three years , it is completely self-sufficient and pay all your bills itself MedlinePlus - It has a full time job making $ 28K/yr MF 9-5 ; 2nights/week also works on a part-time job for extra cash , which earns him an extra $ 17K/yr MedlinePlus - Have good credit score and no credit card MedlinePlus debt - The only debt you have is $ 100/mo fed student loan + car loan of $ 7,000 , she is ahead in the car loan payments and intend to pay in < 6mos (ie , payment more than three years early) - She has health insurance ( HMO ) MedlinePlus - No known health problems
How can GM have paid back it's loans to the Govt using Govt loaned money?0sabola2012-10-03 09:36:08
And that, in fact, not paid , not close ... TURN ON THIS IS MAKING ME DIZZY ! (leave the lies , I want to get off ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus extract ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In short , GM is using public money to pay the government money to get more government money . And at an interest rate of 2% on that. This is a nifty scheme to refinance GM's government debt - not pay again MedlinePlus MedlinePlus GM boasts that, because he is doing well , is paying the $ 6.7 billion five years ahead of schedule , and that was not due until 2015 . Thus, there will be a rapid return on investment rest $ 49.6 billion? No. That goal has been pushed back , as it is . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The General Accounting Office , meanwhile , remains deeply pessimistic . Concluded in a December report (which an April newer has said nothing to contradict , despite media manipulation otherwise ) that: " The Treasury is unlikely to recover its entire investment in Chrysler or GM , given that securities firms would have to grow much more than they have in the past. " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Stratagem recovery rescue Whitacre is a desperate attempt to retrieve the car buying public deeply disgusted by the spectacle of GM rattling its tin cup before Uncle Sam . But the fact of the matter is that the company is still deep in the hole . It could make its way back
How should i control my expenditure and save my hardearned money,i cant control myself guys ?1shutera2012-10-01 14:40:03
hi, so I have my own real estate business in India, I am a property dealer and commission based pay me, my childhood was normal, our financial situation was ok ok nt fighters very high, it was normal, so After my studies I have thought about starting my own business, but no one in my family supports me, they want to get some work in a company, but I had a different idea, and I did nt listen to anyone, my whole family went scolding me, but I did nt case, my parents had reduced my pocket money, no one felt that I can do some business on my own, after two years of struggle, I finally took the job and started my earn a good income, which was more than the salary that would in any work, so then the flow of money began, and the guy who always beat me, I used to fly all the money, I never thought of the next day, My parents kept telling me to save some money, but I had built a proud attitude is different and nt listen to anyone, I used to buy useless, parties every day, play in the casino, I just used to enjoy and work, most of my expenses that I was useless, I used to carry wads of cash and show everywhere I went, I'm saying seriously really blew all profits that I have obtained in the past four years, and each month will earn much , and just last year I lost my father, and I felt bad, for six months I was in bed, had lost hold of my business fixed for six months of being out of the market is like from the edge, and I was no savings, I started my sister for expenduture daily, several times gave me a small amount of the bag from my sister, and had been captured and insulted by my sister, I felt bad, then I remembered the time when I was making very good, I remembered my father's teaching, never used to shout at me, he used to say that ur profits or do whatever they want, but as ur father, take my advice,'' cling to their gain '' ur teeth dont go blind, some days or regret son, he always told me this pharse, and how right he was if he had saved my earnings when I was doing well, the savings would be helpful to me today, but then it was too late, I had really suffered, in the middle, but then slowly, slowly I've come back again and again to continue doing business'm just fine, but my problem is when I get paid I still spend as befor just, I just I can not control, I work so hard all day and then at night, I think having a couple of drinks to relax but absurd and I get drunk and again without thinking of taking i blow the money, and then in the morning I feel bad, and I tell myself that I will keep, but I can not really control that, when I used to have any payment nt i still used for drinking and blowing the money used to discuss and take my mom or borrow small people I knew, but I have to blow the money you just can not control, up to one to two days i control, but suddenly came back to do the same, now the kids? what should I do to control my spending habits, I have a habit of living like a king one day, and the next day I went back to be broken, is there any way to control me, I'm scared what will happen, bec My mom tells me that I have a marriage without conspicuous spending, then after marriage, how I manage my own family, she yells at me almost every day, I just nod and agree with it, but the do the same, I think I'm addicted to gambling and alchole and eat out every day, and ingenuity of my girlfriend I double pass his shop, atleast thats ok i am nt blowing in the wrong place, of anyway plz send some good helpful tip thanks :)
Can anyone loan me $10,000. I am a very honest person and will repay the loan!!!?1ox2012-10-20 14:01:02
I am a single mother of five children , lost his job three months ago , have a part time job and trying to work "online " . It's slow and this is a small town, so good paying jobs are hard to find . I'm behind $ 3,000 in bills ... nearly lost two vehicles and appliances . I just want to catch up with my bills and get ahead for the money I 'm making now will keep ahead . I have nothing to offer as collateral ... just my honesty and my signature . Can someone please help me and my children ? ? ?
Free Mafia Games?0atiqullah2012-09-28 16:49:03
This is a free web based Massively Multiplayer Online Game , based on real life Mafia called MedlinePlus " La Cosa Nostra " . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Want to be a real Mafia Don like Al Capone , John Gotti and have all MedlinePlus the little mobsters "Kiss Your Ring ... or Die" , then you are at the USDA Agricultural Research right place! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Note * We are strict on cheating - Do not share a composition or have MedlinePlus more than one account . Also , please use common sense when choosing your MedlinePlus name because if any racist remarks or profanity then you will have to MedlinePlus MedlinePlus make a new account . This is a game and should be fun , good luck ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This game is completely browser-based , no download needed MedlinePlus anything or install anything ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Enter the world free game Mafia , which will become the head of a MedlinePlus crime gangs. You have the choice to collect money from the casinos , MedlinePlus brothels , loan sharks and gambling . It can also produce MedlinePlus drugs , counterfeit money and liquor .
Did you ever get accidentally involved with Mafia people?1Debra2012-08-08 04:11:02
Really out here. Actually I met a guy named David. He was with the mafia in Little Italy here in Cleveland. I liked it and said something about me that I have always loved the Irish. The man, who always dressed well and I took a ride in their nice cars , just like in the movies! Once I asked a loan of fifty dollars. They returned to be fast . They said they pay now or we will take something of equal value or higher. Only businessmen?
How quick will it take to restore my credit?0Emmaline2012-10-07 15:17:43
There was a time when I had beautiful credit. From the time I was 17 until I got married at 24 I never missed a single payment. I'd like to borrow for the sake of getting them. I funded my own car and a car to my dad. Before I was deployed in 2003 took out a loan of $ 600 just to have a big party before leaving. Unfortunately, when I married my wife took care of the finances. I'd say it's her fault for im situation, but eventually let me. We bought a house in 2004 and as far as I can tell she only made two payments. We bought it for $ 89k, and after putting $ 30k dollars in renovations in the house that time was limited. We fought hard for the money and each time took control of the money that wold make my life hell until he relented and relinquished control of it. The crazy thing is that all this time of not paying the mortgage t show nothing. The money I spent, but no paper trail. MedlinePlus Fast forward to 2009, I was wounded in Afghanistan and there was no longer able to deploy -. After an epic storyline i took full control of the money. I changed banks, burned the letter power of attorney and started giving him an allowance of $ 150 every two weeks. Before u blast me for this reason I did the assignment was to teach you how to budget. She has her own mind that the money is direct deposit. Anyway since I took over we went finances being broke 2 days after payday, to have a pretty big savings account. Last week I got my credit report and allowed me to actually see the damage done by it. I'm only about $ 2,500 in debt. Debt that could have been paid months ago if I had known. MedlinePlus So here is my question. After i pay all debt on my credit report how long will it take to see an improvement in my score?
Should I pay these bills or is there a better way to restore credit?0Wyeth2012-10-02 07:56:03
I am an unemployed graduate double ivy league ! I am no idea what to do with my credit card has already gone down the toilet . Most of my student loan debt , and I have two credit cards small ( about 1600 in total) that have gone to collections (stupid I know) . I wish I could get a card to consolidate and start over , but it seems too late . I try to reach agreements with collection agencies , the cards sold despite the acount , or some other way ? What is the best way to get my credit back on track ? Thanks , Kate
What's the best way to get out of debt and restore credit?0scooby913200022012-09-19 11:57:03
I am a 28 year old Canadian boy with about $ 20,000 in debt , especially from a student loan of about 7 years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm starting a small business , and have almost nothing to make payments , but you need to restore my credit in order to use it for my business as soon as possible . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been doing research on credit counseling , but I mistrust all major credit bureaus couselling are mostly funded by creditors , and I'm sure it would not be very likely to give unbiased advice because of that . I have curiosity about loan forgiveness , grants , and if I can apply the reductions at this point . I hear bankruptcy should be avoided at all costs. MedlinePlus What is the best way to get the loan and restore my credit care as soon as possible ?
What is the best way to restore my credit fast? In Canada.?0prishany2012-10-14 17:42:47
My boyfriend and I are looking to buy a house . However, we have a high debt level , and some late payments in the past. We tried to get a loan to consolidate our debt , but because of our low credit scores , were denied the loan . We have a high interest car loan (18 % ) , student loans , credit cards , so we really want to consolidate our debt before buying a home.

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