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Iam trying to start a small business..need financial answers?3Amaris2012-08-08 06:05:03
hi, iam trying to start a very small business that is going to break the routine iam in all I need is $ 1,000 to get it going .. my credit is dead and buried. I can not get a payday loan . the potential of what I do is endless. I just need someone to tell me if there is someone to take a chance on a good person who has worked the same dead end job for years and just want more .. I've applied for dozens of loans over the past few weeks .. . and even buy cd grant nouthing tell me . I do not want somthing of nouthing , I work for it .. i only have one way to do it .. and my job allows me to make payments ... Thank you.
I need financial aid(or grant) to start a small business without having to take out a loan in rural WII?06 math2012-08-24 15:21:01
I need financial assistance ( or subsidy ) to start a small business without having to borrow in rural WII ?
Government loans to small business UK only answers please?0[email protected] citY 2012-09-04 06:01:03
Since the submission of the budget I've been trying to figure out how the government is really going to launch small businesses with cash flow challenges the VAT / tax and loan guarentees . Is spinning or someone has worked out how to grab this lifeline ?
I recently started a small business. Are there any grants available for small business for start-up costs?1Willow2012-10-09 15:18:02
I'm interested in learning about legitimate grants for small businesses ( or women owned businesses ) to help with the initial costs of equipment (computers , fax machines , printers , etc. ) and advertising. I have a business plan , tax identification number and complete all the basics , but I need help with additional funds without having to borrow up to win customers . Any information is appreciated.
How do I go about getting a small bus loan for a start up bakery business, with no start up money on my own?1lila2012-10-24 13:59:03
I'm a single mom , looking to start a bakery business . My personal credit is not the best, and not implementing cash availability. But great community needs a bakery . The benefit would be great in this business . Are there grants or loans that can help?
I am a 33 year old male who would very much like to start a small business. i have no funds, to start with. so0chaya2012-10-15 15:40:57
I recently lost my job and looking , but I use my skills that I learned from my previous job for some projects , it is not what I call a paid job , i bearly get by, but it's all I have to rely right now. I've been told I'm a great painter . my old boss furnished all materials for projects and configuration of all commercial contracts with prospective customers . He had a crew of 6men including me . We had a disagreement and let me go.Some their clients have come to me and told me I was a great painter ( the best team ) , and asked if he could do projects for them . materials are generally supplied by the client , whenever they decide to undertake a project , I think I could handle alone. i would love to own my own small business box . credit and student loan problems I have. How I can start a business without money , I found out the subsidies , but do not know where to start first, straighten credit , student loans or persue trying to get grant for busine
How to get a small business loan or grant to start a small business?3Elenny2012-09-18 17:52:03
Getting a small business loan or a grant to start a small business?
Who does one go about applying for a small business grant to start a small business?2Fabia2012-10-05 00:13:03
I live in Alaska and want to start a dog - and dogwash care . I found the website states on grants and loans but do not know which ones apply to the types of companies do not know how to write a letter of grant application.
Revised Small Business Question: How do I start a small business?6njggfg2012-08-19 16:21:28
Okay! Here goes (again ). I live in North Carolina, which has about absolutely no money at all. I want to start a business selling things over the Internet ( custom electric guitars and CDs). I do not know how everything small business loan that works and I have fear of the loans, because I like being smart about money and not get caught in a kind of scheme. I mean ... basically anything anyone can tell me about small businesses would be great, because I am completely unlearned in this area --- but I'm very passionate about this.
How do I get the start up funds to start a small business?0leanel2012-09-09 17:00:03
I know that a business plan is the start of a business , I've been in the banks , I'm pre -approved for grants, loans , leasing , and land. but I have to go up 10-25 % in payments. serving as collateral , I understand that, but do not know how you can raise the launch .
I need financial help to start a business.?0Brakenette2012-09-08 04:37:03
I want to build a multipurpose stadium with capacity for approximately 10,000. The area in which we want to build is a city of about 70,000 people , three universities , and 3 small rapidly growing cities all within about 10 miles . I just started working after being battered by the economy. My credit is shot results and bank loans are out of the question . I have a business degree , and am no stranger to working long hours . What I am looking for investors that would allow me to repay in annual interest + principal payments . Silent Partners would be welcome . This project will have a great price , but provide short and long term employment opportunities in the area. Any idea / reasonable offers will be appreciated.
How to get loan, even grants to start out small business to manufacture small things?3Kristopherson2012-11-04 09:40:02
Do I have to have good credit to do that . I heard goverment help small businesses . I have no warranty I can rent and make payments on my car right now . MedlinePlus Thank u

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