Why are state-funded schools allowed to operate in a for-profit fashion?

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sarah A
Asked at 2012-08-23 08:33:04
I'm trying to get a better understanding of how things work between the state and federal government funds schools and public universities, collecting student loan debt, and ever increasing tuition costs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not deny that the U.S. has the most expensive education system in the world (I can be wrong, but I have serious doubts). There is a chart here ( http://i.imgur.com/vJm22.jpg) describing how student loans do nothing to encourage the government to do something about rising tuition costs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My biggest beef of all, however, is the fact that I have seen many of these state and federally-funded state schools close emininent, or the need to make deep cuts as an excuse to hike tuition year after year - without But these same schools spend millions on bullcrap topic (sorry, I know everyone loves the sport, but if you really are bleeding money, do you really need a new football stadium remodeled or do a new gym leisure?) and stuff tremendously overpaid speakers - some of which are paid for 30 minutes of talk about the cost of the annual student enrollment number, plus fringe. I am convinced that just education costs are really that high, seeing as schools all over the world has been achieved not only do it for a fraction of the cost, but the best in some cases (they just do not hear good things about of American scientists and engineers unless some type of writers and social activist). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Not my taxes go to these schools in one way or another? Why is it considered acceptable to take taxes from my paycheck, but the only way I can get an education and receive the benefit of these institutions is highly predatory take private student loans (and only if you have good credit to qualify)? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ((For people who are about to shout about and Pell grants, the Pell does not cover the costs of education in most schools, not by a long shot, and some CC is even higher than the benefits of Pell of the full-time assistance. And scholarships tend to be almost completely inclined for high school students, of which I am not - and often are a group **** sure)).
Answer1JeuryAnswered at 2012-08-25 04:59:02
Given your writing style and tone I'm assuming they're middle class not make 6 figures . Their minimum wage goes to these schools , which also depend on a variety of funding sources . Depending on state tuition is still pretty cheap . 6- 8k a year when I'm less than most private K -12.
Answer2Bob JonesAnswered at 2012-09-17 03:16:04
Why dose any government feel they have to earn a profit MedlinePlus MedlinePlus that's not what a government has to worry about
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