I'm trading in my car for another one. After all is said and done, I will only need around $2,000 extra.? related questions

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I'm trading in my car for another one. After all is said and done, I will only need around $2,000 extra.?1mz tee2012-09-24 11:31:02
Do they have car loans for that low of a number ? Or do I have to take out a personal loan . Thanks for your help .
Should i send the extra money back or use it to pay extra bills?0ra2012-10-19 16:58:38
Ok , so I'm a college student and then I have to grant additional borrowing to pay the difference , which can be around 3000 that I have left . I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and I want to become fancially stable for me and my son . So with this extra money I use to pay small bills , hospital co pay credit card bills totaling think small no more than 6000 and that is a very conservative figure . I have a job , but after the baby and food and things like that really do not have much left over to put my debt so it would be smart MedlinePlus use additional loan money to pay bills and deal with my student loans postponed until I graduate ? MedlinePlus or send the money and pay the little money left . MedlinePlus oh the first option would help my credit score ? MedlinePlus thanks for your help this is my first child and am trying to get it right .
If i pay extra for my mortgage payment, will that extra go to my principle?0darion2012-10-15 17:27:11
30 years , fixed interest rate . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For example , suppose to win $ 1300 for my mortgage payment (interest + principle ) . If I make an additional payment (eg , $ 1,500 per month ) , that extra $ 200 to my client then I will help reduce the total cost of the interests that I will end up paying ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I heard two comments about this : 1) Payment of interest is fixed since subscribed to a fixed rate mortgage . Therefore, the extra payment made ​​only help pay off your mortgage faster (ie , instead of paying 30yrs , 28yrs you pay ) . But the total interest cost and the total cost of the loan does not change . MedlinePlus 2) The additional mortgage payment will go to your head , which will help reduce the total interest cost - > lower total cost of loan. But you have to ask your loan officer to sign the paper . Because if you do not, you might end up not have that option ( extra payment go to interest, but not principal . Some bank did not even allow you to pay extra) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do when talking to a loan officer ? What should I ask ? How do you normally work?
Trading in my car?0Myro2012-10-16 19:04:03
I hate my car. I
Trading a car in for another...???0shaquana2012-09-01 02:18:02
I own a 2007 car worth $ 20K . I owe $ 19K . What if you wanted to change it for a cheaper car ? What happens to the loan ?
Trading in my car.?0Ande2012-09-11 23:11:08
This is kind of a long story. I have 17 years and I'm paying for a car in the name of my father . He has credit shit. So im making $ 400 a month car payments for a maximum 97. And that is through self actuall place , not a loan through a bank , the lot is self funded by us . Is there any way I can trade this car in a cheaper monthly payment ? I mean ill still pay the balance , i just need to get this 400 a month at least 200 or something .. im pretty sure I can not do anything until im 18 , but I still want to know if something is possible , because I know I 'm doing is building credit not mine my father ..
Trading in a car that's not paid off yet?3Nyasha2012-10-20 01:58:02
I have a focus 08 that I've only had for 5 months, bought used . the issue is that I 'm making payments on the loan for the car , but I want to change it to something cheaper in the used car dealer himself . Is this possible ? Will I lose money ?
I have a question about trading in my car.?4Colton Constancio2012-11-04 19:20:02
I have negative equity in my 2005, which makes me very high trade-in . Would it be better to pay $ 2,000 up front in the existing car loan and reducing the principle or the use of $ 2,000 for a down payment on the new car?
I am thinking about trading down my car...?0txkid2012-10-09 20:48:45
Currently I have a 2007 Dodge Charger and the payment of $ 278.08 per month per month 4 1/2 more . So be about $ 15,000 and worth for trade only like $ 12000-13000 . So I'm in an upside down loan. The car runs fine, but I really do not want to be paying for it for almost 5 years . I found another car worth $ 9000 but sells for $ 7,000 that I like . There is nothing wrong with the car and it gets better gas mileage than the Charger. The dealer told me I could change my car there and be willing to pay the original loan and add the difference to the cheapest car . Then I could pay the cheapest car in two years and own it. Id say you have at least 4 years left in it . What do yall think ? I think it's a good idea? I know that the dealer always wins but not this kind of be a win for me in the long run ? And the sale of my car to an individual is out of the question , because nobody wants to buy an old charger is not a hemi . So you might as well get what you can get
Leasing and trading in my car, help please?1Eunice2012-10-06 10:15:04
I have a 2006 Land Rover Range Rover . it is fully paid and has a value of 34k. my question is whether or not it is possible for me to create a financing plan or downgrade perhaps for a Range Rover 2005 or 2004, and then make payments on it. So in essence , if I were to sell or trade in my car , get 31 - 34k for it ( its worth it ) , and then establish a lease where I can pay monthly for a vehicle . why would I do this is because I am about to graduate from medical school , but I'm currently doing money as I am so busy with school . I have about 5-7 thousand of credit card debt and would like to get this under control . If I could finance a vehicle , give me resources and then I would pay off the vehicle in a lease of five years ( although it is likely to pay in 2 or 3 after start making a salary ) . Also I have bad credit and I got student loans. I can not really get more loans so this is my last option . My girlfriend has a decent credit and could cosign the lease. Any idea if this is possible ?
Trading in my new car to purchase used car?1jed2012-10-01 19:38:02
I have a 2006 Scion Tc . I now owe $ 13,000 on the loan through Toyota Financial Services. I've been doing research and the vehicle has a value of $ 12,000. I want to change in the Scion to buy an SUV because it will have a baby soon and need the extra space and the reliability of a larger vehicle . I want to change my Scion SUV worth $ 11,995 ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is, do you pay the loan through the dealer if I put another $ 1,000 for the current loan to be uniform , or having to refinance the loan ? Also, if you still owe through Toyota , that make me refinance the vehicle new / used vehicle or simply change the loan? Im fine with paying the same amount of payments higher , lower vehicle value. Only I have to get rid of my car. I know that if I sold the private car would get more for my car , but I know I would not be able to get financing if he wanted to buy the used vehicle . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any idea ?
Trading in my vehicle on a new one?5Marlyne2012-11-05 10:39:05
so I'm in the market for a new truck .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus i currently owe $ 9,500 on my loan . With that said here we go .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I found a new truck for $ 32,988 , the seller and I went over and reached an agreement for the payment of the entire $ 400 midrange . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus after the seller believes that we were done I then said I had a trade in the vehicle , and agreed to see him . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus after evaluation , offered me $ 11,500, and pay current loan is $ 9500, so I'm making cash $ 2000 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus factor than the $ 2000 on the new loan as a " down payment " or as they do and my payments midrange shot to $ 500 ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why the payments go up? not if the price of the payments or truck and are down ?

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