Any companies that deal specifically with bad credit auto loans? related questions

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Any companies that deal specifically with bad credit auto loans?4Rosilyn2012-10-22 03:19:54
I went to a couple car dealers , but no one will approve me because only I have a credit score of 505. They said the only way is if I can get a guarantee .. I have no one. Does anyone know if there are companies or car dealers that deal with bad credit auto loans right ?
What are the names of loan companies who deal with bad credit? ( Personal loans)?3Zac 2012-11-04 18:26:03
What are the names of the companies that deal with bad credit loans ? ( Personal Loans ) ?
Are there any legit loan companies here in the US ... that deal with bad credit loans? no money upfront?1Oluwaseyi2012-10-16 20:46:04
I posted this question b4 and I have nothing but a lot of offers from people overseas who wanted me western union money upfront them .....
Whats the deal with "Special Financing" for auto loans? If you have bad credit, how much will they give you?0Ronnette2012-09-23 06:03:02
How does it work ? Will I still be able to get a decent car with bad credit (say 550 score) , even if it means higher rates ?
Are there auto loans available for bad credit? If so, what are some companies where I can apply?1grisel2012-11-02 08:50:02
Are car loans for bad credit ? If so , what are some companies where I can apply ?
Companies that give auto loans to people with bad/no credit?0Ruthie2012-10-15 14:45:08
I'm looking to buy a motorcycle , but the problem is I'm nineteen years old and have no credit . So I'm looking for a company that provides loans to people with bad credit no, but most online ads seem scams. any suggestions ?
What companies will approve auto loans for people with really bad credit?1Addy2012-11-04 01:24:02
What companies will approve auto loans for people with really bad credit ?
I wan to buy a car (used/certified) at the dealer;specifically with an auto loan. What do I do?1jjj2012-10-26 07:53:46
Not sure what to do . How I can apply for a car loan . Would it be better to do it at the dealer or get a car loan elsewhere. I recently had facilitated an auto loan with a limited amount is not exceeded . Are there any loans that give less or more interest rates or loan limits is all based on your credit score . Any advice would be helpful. I would get an SUV around 2002 and later. But I need help on what I should do. I have 24 years , I have a job , and I have a credit score average / good . Advice please! ! I really appreciate it. What are the lending institutions reliable car ? What about road loans ? etc ? Help !
Does consolidating your loans, specifically student loans, affect your credit?1broklyn2012-10-23 04:01:03
Does consolidating your loans , especially student loans affect your credit ?
Is there a lender that gives out loans specifically for people with bad credit that is not a payday loan?0sadie2012-10-05 17:35:26
I need to know of a lender that helps people over your head in debt and need a loan to put completely under a large lump sum of about $ 4,000.00 .
DEAL or NO DEAL??? (refinance auto loan)?0Smith Rai2012-10-05 04:50:08
I am looking to refinance my car loan , not to save money every month , but to have my car paid off quickly. I'm no math whiz , so I'll let you folks figure this out for me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Current loan is $ 277.92/month with 36 months remaining on the loan . The current interest rate is 7.95% MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Refinancing deal is $ 211.79/month for a period of 48 months. The interest rate is 6.04 % . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I keep the current loan will only pay the regular monthly until paid in full. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I accept the offer refinancing 'll pay the regular monthly payment PLUS $ 80.00 toward the principal each month until the loan is paid in full. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In which direction will be paid faster? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
What's the deal with these suspicious looking loan companies?3Melissa Roberge2012-09-22 00:44:03
I've been looking for a loan through classified ads and online due to credit problems , but the only offers me are people who are too willing to lend money , but have a or e- mail . So what 's the deal with them ? I'm pretty sure they are a scam , but I can not understand how you scam when you are lending the money . I was tempted to apply to one of them , because I'm so desperate , but I'm scared . Does anyone know what they do once you apply or how you end up screwing in the end?

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