I am a full time student with no income except my student loans. i need to get a car but i have no saving? related questions

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I am a full time student with no income except my student loans. i need to get a car but i have no saving?4Shikher Kapoor2012-11-02 02:21:02
My current options are getting a car on a 0 APR credit card with 0 % APR for the first 2000 then 7 % for the reminder . I am also considering a lease short term car because I do not want to add to my debt . But I can make lease payments until you start working . Let me know what you think and if there are other options MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus thanks
I'm an independent, full time student, with no income, do I need to file a tax return? ?0fatou faye2012-10-26 01:50:21
I have received student loans in the last year to cover my educational expenses , you may obtain a refund if you paid no federal income tax in the last year ?
I am a full time college student,does anybody know a bank who does student loans to people with bad credit?1Lalo2012-08-27 21:06:03
I can not get a loan through FAFSA because my notes from 20 years ago . I've never taken a loan for school and I have never taken a government loan . What are my options with a lower credit score perfect?
If I was not a full time student all of 2007 do I have to file my student loans with my taxes?0Isa2012-09-30 06:16:02
I started the online university in December 2006 and retired for medical reasons in December 2007 , do not know if I was still considered a full time student throughout the year . I also need to know if it is assumed that I have to present anything about my student loans or Pell grants my with my taxes . I have not paid any interest on my student loan if that makes a difference . Any help is greatly appreciated canget more so if the answer is in simple terms that I can understand ... Thank you !
I am a full time student and full time employee with 4 dependants--Is my tax refund going to be less or more?2yUo2012-10-24 19:12:04
I have received student loans and have received a few hundred dollars in donations. I have 3 children and a wife who stays home full time. They usually get back a good return , and to pay a lot. I get a bigger refund this year is a full time ( online ) college student and still working 65 hours a week ? Or is taking longer than usual ? I know nothing about him.
Full Time College Student and Working full time need some advice for $$$?0confidence2012-11-05 03:32:24
I am 22 I am doing good in school but since I work full-time my Financial Aid has been denied. We grew up poor/broke in my family. My pops is deceased and my mother has had a reoccuring illness. The only person in my family who can help lighten my burden is my Uncle but he will not co-sign on a car or a school loan for me. I have tried getting loans and have been denied, I have to pay a lot for my car and I have been getting really frustrated b/c no 1 will try 2 help me although my older cousin and older bro both got new cars that someone co-signed for that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I am from the hood and I know how to survive in that lifestyle but I choose to go to school and work. it is getting so hard i have considered goin back to my old ways or just dropping out and working 2 jobs this semester. Any Advice???
Anyone worked full-time as a full-time college student?0Donell2012-11-02 16:14:36
If you're completely on your own (at 18-20)...how did you do it??? AND have time for studying? I'm willing to completely sacrifice a social life while I'm school, but even so, how do you do it? How did you have the time to excel in everything? Sadly, where I live, it's $650 at CHEAPEST to rent out one single ROOM in an apartment with other roommates. Do people get student loans b/c of this?
My student loans are in default. If I enrolled full time at a juco, can I finally consolidate my loans?0mnarjann2012-09-30 10:05:02
In other words , when I enroll, can be DEFAULT resusitated my loans as in good condition , so I can consolidate my loans ?
How do get a non-certified private student loan without a co-signor? I am a full time student and unemploye?0Curry cat 2012-10-26 06:05:08
How to get a private student loan certificate not without a co- signer ? I am a full time student and unemploye ?
Will someone help me make it on my own as a full time college student with a part time job?4Clothilda2012-10-19 11:52:03
I live in Los Angeles , my family moved to Texas and I'm staying here because I want to marry girlfriend and live with it , but I do not want to leave either so the only option for me is to stay. Now I do not want to get a loan because I have a job and I know there financial aid. A friend once told me about how if you live on your own, you can get a certain amount of money per month and was wondering if I could get food stamps. I like to be alone and I actually would use food stamps to eat at fast food places . My parents make about 65 thousand a year , so do not qualify for some things , except the fee waiver but as I would be on my own to care anymore ? Any help much appreciated , I have only a year to get everything good and I feel that this might work if I put everything I can on it .
Need a car, Full time Student?0deneka2012-10-03 11:13:11
Hello , I am a full time student at Rutgers University . I am a senior and will graduate in May 2009 . I recently got a job at Domino Pizza as a driver. I've been working for about 1 month. I have had a credit card for about 3 years and have always been able to pay for them . My credit score is not bad , even you have never had a job. Now my jetta has stopped working and im thinking about buying a used car for about $ 10,000 in 3000 and I have saved , so I need some 7000 loans . How I can get the loan with a guarantee ? Will I get one ?
Can i get a Car being a full time student?4Mandie2012-10-16 22:50:03
I am a full time student without a job right now . Well, I have a student loan , but the controls are divided into two payments . I was thinking about doing a 1000 and left in a car that is about 3000 to 4000. Then save the rest for payment until the next check comes in. A dealer I accept a job? Or what do I do ? Because I really need a back way back in school . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To those who say public transport look none in my city .

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