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Need help from HUD experts please?0com 2052012-08-22 09:42:23
I have a 1 year . lease of a fairly new house , with 2 other people on the lease with me . We are in the 8th month and now we all have plans to end it after this period of time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last week, and just today , we received in the mail a notice entitled " Notice of HUD Rights " from a company called National Mortgage Relief based in Nevada ( addressed to the owner / landlord ) . At first I thought it was some kind of solicitation and threw away the first . He states that the notice is not an attempt to collect a debt , but that the time to enter into a payment plan is running . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus On the back reads as follows : MedlinePlus " Since the January 19, 2001 , the U.S. . Department of Urban Development mandated that all borrowers who had loans governed by their loss mitigation standards be informed of their rights to payment programs . " ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Owners have other properties that manage / lease other than work in independent professions . I'm pretty sure that if a foreclosure is a concern , then I would know.
Shopify Experts0joneswpandas2021-10-06 04:29:31
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Any economic experts??0chalsey2012-10-14 04:05:43
In an economy where only fish production and networks , the price of fish goes from $ 10 to $ 12 and the price of networks ranging from $ 30 to $ 33. The inflation rate is : MedlinePlus A) 10% B) 15% MedlinePlus C) 20 % D) somewhere between 10% and 20% MedlinePlus MedlinePlus With a subprime mortgage : MedlinePlus A) The house is in a bad area MedlinePlus B ) The borrower does not meet the requirements , but you get the loan through government guarantees MedlinePlus C ) The borrower qualifies , but with little room to spare MedlinePlus D ) The borrower pays an interest rate than the prime rate MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Which is not a valid similarity of outsourcing and immigration ? MedlinePlus A) both reduce available jobs for Americans who are " losers visible " MedlinePlus B ) both save money for the company in question MedlinePlus C ) both to create jobs for Americans who are " winners visible " MedlinePlus D ) dollars paid to any worker return to our economy in some way MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is saving ? MedlinePlus A) a person who buys a stock or bond MedlinePlus B ) a person who puts cash into a safe MedlinePlus C ) a person burns a little money ( literally ) MedlinePlus D ) all are saving
For experts and people who know...?0*Mean~ppl~need~prozak* 2012-09-20 00:36:03
I need links to Top 10 online auto loans and tell me a little more about your experience with one of the lenders ? and also , what is involved in getting an auto loan online ?
ARE THERE ANY CREDIT EXPERTS OUT THERE??????????0Duk2012-09-14 12:24:05
Then this is the Sitch .... MedlinePlus My girlfriend and I are trying to buy a house in about a year . WE HAVE A GOOD CREDIT . Here's a rundown of what we're trying . MedlinePlus EVICTION -1 (6 years ago ) MedlinePlus - Medical bills , about $ 2,000 (about 4-5 years) MedlinePlus Reposession -1 ( 3 years ) MedlinePlus - CREDIT CARD CHARGE NO 2 YEARS AGO MedlinePlus -BANK $ 500 ( 5-6 years ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus AS YOU CAN SEE A LOT OF THIS CREDIT IS NEGATIVE FOR SEVERAL YEARS WORK DUE TO LAY- OFF . WE only recently that things BACK ON TRACK but due to the negative score , we are unable to get approved for anything that can boost our SCORE . HAVE NO BC Vehicle Loans we used our taxes to buy cars directly . ALL OUR ACCOUNTS UTLILITY are in good position but we have no loans or credit cards . MedlinePlus So I have a few debts QUESTIONS steep fall off your credit report after 7 years ? B / C If so , almost all of our debt is about to expire . MedlinePlus Also, how can we improve our FICO SCORE signifigantly without being able to get credit approval ? I heard that a great way to do this is to get a credit card secured and use it to pay bills and then pay off MONTHLY ... Is this good advice ? Any other suggestions . DISPUTE ANY FORM OF THINGS MY CREDIT ? MedlinePlus And finally , what kind of programs we can leverage as 1st time home buyers with bad credit ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I appriciate any suggestions / TIPS MedlinePlus THANKS !
Credit experts, please help me out on this one?7Heather C2012-10-02 21:44:02
Hi all, What I can have an honest opinion ? This is what happens , I want to buy a guitar with a credit card , the only problem is my current card does not cover. If I get a new card and load the guitar in there, and then cancel it later will affect my score . This is my dream guitar , that's all for me , I want this guitar so bad . The guitar cost $ 850.00 , but believe me it is worth it . I do not know what to do , please help me everyone . The card I am considering is a Visa Platinum and its limit of $ 1,000. The only reason I want to load it on a guitar is that I have no choice , I have to make agood and for some reason I was denied loans . Above all , it is not so easy to save money so fast . Any advice . Please no rude answers . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Alex
Do You Agree with these Experts?7Teah2012-11-03 15:45:02
Excel experts? how do you...?4january2018-07-28 02:40:03
hello ! I am using Excel to create a spreadsheet detailing a different loan options. I have four fields , First is the choice: the second is the loan's interest rate : Third is the term, quarter are payments per year : a fifith be a cell of payments, where the answer will be. I want to be able to put the name of a particular option in my first field and have to calculate repayments refferring to return to a different worksheet ... Does this make sense ? Can anyone help ? step by step would be appreciated. thanks ! =)
Any experts in the game of Life out there?1Need Help With English2012-08-07 23:50:44
He risked his life as a child and just brought the game to my own children. Or I've become much slower and the game has become much more difficult. Things that are difficult to understand : 1 . By choosing either "race " or "university" , the implication that going to college costs more in the short term ( loan of U.S. $ 100,000), but will pay off in the long run. However, the "salary " cards are confusing .... careers require only two titles and salary cards could pay $ 20,000 to $ 80,000 a doctor and a policeman (as happened in last night's game ). It seems almost ** easier to make a career more as a person off the college. 2 . The cards of life are confused too. My understanding is that you see in these letters until retirement, but if you do not get the money now , how large loans to pay , pay for a house, etc? The initial money gives the banker ($ 10,000) does not feel enough. Am I missing some strategy here? ( Paydays are hard to hit) . any advice appreciated!
Refianancing a car? (only loan experts pls!)?0sihle mathenjwa2012-09-29 14:21:02
I had bought a '06 Nissan Altima special addition . The loan was for 26,006 years by 20 % . I had good credit and had co - signed by someone with bad credit (not lecture me know it was stupid) . The payment is 625/mo . I take the car now and refianace with just me on the loan. Now my credit has im proved much , but of course we uspise below. the car is worth 19,000 butthe loan is 25 . Now , even with my crdit good and if I was able to get a co- signer with perfect credit . Would it be possible to get the car unlocked refiananced balance ?
Credit question for the experts?0I only care about you2012-09-30 19:32:04
Well my credit is good , but not great. And all my payments on my car , credit cards , student loans are always on time . I'm looking now to buy my first home. However, I also bought a timeshare just under a year ago . Now , since I bought it I have made ​​all payments on time with that too . However, when I get home , I'll have to cut costs somewhere with the way the economy is right now. So , at worst if I get my house and pay the mortgage on time , along with my other bills , but stop payment on my timeshare and let it go into foreclosure . How long will my credit be hurt ? What I'm reading a forclosure in a timeshare is as much as a house . I expect a 200-250 point hit on my credit card based on what I'm reading . But if I'm paying everything else in my time creditbility up slowly or quickly ?
Need Help!! Any 'credit' and 'repoman' experts out there?0njggfg2012-10-04 17:44:39
Man, I'm sick and tired of being way back behind on bills, .. nothing but accounts here. MedlinePlus I have always maintained my all decent credit and always paid "on time." MedlinePlus Well, to go directly to my problem, I have a Ford Expedition that uses about $ 380 a month on gas. My loan is $ 330/month on it and I owe about $ 16,000. If I sell it or trade it, the negative equity will be around $ 7,000. OUCH! besides that, the A / C does not work, the spark plugs should be changed, you must change breaks, the transmission fluid needs to be changed .. O God, my head hurts now. And on top of that I have some credit card bills just floating above my head to be last month. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was thinking, maybe just let the repoman take my car out of my hands? .... I bet it will hurt my credit like crazy. But damn, I have to go back on my feet financially and be able to have a piece of mind of each month ... I rather buy me a $ 1000 Civic or something until things improve. Damn economy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My questions are .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it a smart move? MedlinePlus Anyone with repo and lending experience, .. How long until your credit back up? MedlinePlus Is there a faster way to repair your credit? MedlinePlus How is your credit score down? MedlinePlus Does the bill car loan just disappear? MedlinePlus What will happen after the repoman is needed? MedlinePlus It may still be the difference after you sell? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just hope that it does not "have to go to court" cards and pay more taxes and lawyers and such lol. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please pleaseeee any information will be greatly appreciated ... especially people with experience :-) MedlinePlus Thank you. MedlinePlus

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