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Question about car loan and trading it in?2Ariel2012-10-09 09:07:02
I have a loan through my local bank three years ago . I still have a little over $ 600, but I need a new car soon. I found a line at a dealership and they do know that trade is ... but the bank has a lien ( sp ) in the title , I think that is what the loan officer said . Can the car lot work around it or how does that work ? Do they take $ 600 off the trade in value ? I am new to this and do not want to rush into anything without knowing some facts . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, what conditions are most dealers take cars as trade ins ? Mine has an alignment and do not want to shell out the money if you just go ahead and trade in. Any help is appreciated!
I have a question about trading in my car.?4Colton Constancio2012-11-04 19:20:02
I have negative equity in my 2005, which makes me very high trade-in . Would it be better to pay $ 2,000 up front in the existing car loan and reducing the principle or the use of $ 2,000 for a down payment on the new car?
Vehicle Negative Equity / Trading/ Saling Question.?0felicia taylor2012-09-10 12:38:02
Ok . I have 08 EXPLORER XLT 35k miles Fully Loaded . I 19,500.00 now . However, I 'm going to have to buy a warranty for another 36k extented to 1300. Making my salary now offered me 20,800.00 $ 17,500.00 for the car. I'm thinking of taking me to 17,500.00 leaving a balance of $ 2,000.00 - Taking a personal loan for 2k and paying out so I can be free of the loan . Then I will start again ( after the loan is paid off .. I would like to continue doing my note in which about 550 would take 3 months to pay ) Once completed go find a cheaper car use . The general agreement is that I really want something bigger and less pay . Do you think this made sense ? Or buy the additional security and keep the car until paid (3 years ) and direct selling ? I tried to refinance but nobody wants to touch it with neg . equity .. but not much .
Can I use algo trading for options trading22022-06-29 04:47:38
Trading in a Car to get another Used car on a new loan?1DeNawQisha2012-10-06 22:56:04
I have a Volvo that has some body damage , and major maintenance works . Blue book is 8K , but mine is probably 5 - 6K , I want the trade to get a new car, but I still owe 4K . What will the dealer tell me? Can anyone give me some information on what I find? I'm also going to have to put 2K on a new loan for a car worth 14K .
Trading in my car I have a loan on. How does it work?1chaya2012-09-23 05:39:03
Let's say I have a car loan for $ 10,000. I want to exchange it for a car that only costs $ 5,000 . Does the car dealer to pay the loan which was $ 10,000 , and then only have to pay $ 5,000 ?
I need a loan of $100,000 for my online oil trading.?2Gaines2012-09-05 07:19:03
reimbursement of the third month . would like to know the interest rate so we can continue from there .
When trading in a car, will the dealer pay off the loan if your not upside down?4Miki2012-10-10 17:40:04
This is the situation : Our current car is worth $ 3,000 We $ 2700 The dealer will give us $ 3,000 to the price of new cars . The new car is $ 8,526.00 and $ 5,526.00 will be reduced when setting the price of the transaction in that direction. Does the dealer to pay the $ 2700 still owed ​​to the bank? or will we be responsible for it. We will be funding through the same bank .....
Any secrets to paying off a $20,000 car loan or trading it in on something cheaper?1bob!2012-11-04 20:38:01
I bought a new car a year ago .... Im having problems now with my payments and make sure of it. ? I can go to a dealership and exchange it for a cheaper car . I realize I have to take a loss , but I'm willing to sacrafice up to $ 5000 on it just to get out of the Insurace and payments. If I can lose $ 5000 on it and then buy a $ 3000 - $ 5000 car , and only pay on a loan of $ 10,000 instead of $ 20,000 and have cheaper insurance , is without doubt worth it to me !
What's the probabity that I can get approved for a student loan after trading in my car?0Sim2012-10-08 01:00:45
What is the probabity that can be approved for a student loan after trading in my car ?
How does trading a car affect the outcome of a home loan?1Xzavier2012-08-24 10:44:20
I want to know if it's a bad idea to change my car for $ 11k for a truck of equal value . I will be buying a house in about four months , and I do not want to spoil trade anything with the loan. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If your bad before the mortgage loan , what happens after the loan is completed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know it would be better to keep only the car , but I need a truck .
Trading in a car upside down on a loan + a paid off car for a brand new car?2Soraya2012-08-26 00:42:03
I have been in the car market for a while and have finally decided on a Kia Forte Koup 2010 - now my question is , my mother suggested to me today to take your car and use it for my business - where you can get away with his taking out a loan much smaller. I was going to change my 2002 Mitsubishi Galant and hope to get about $ 2k on it for a down payment - if you can even get that far, as is being done up there in mileage and has about $ 1200 of the work immediate mechanical needs to be done to him ( but shh , I'm telling distributors that ... now if they find themselves, that's another story !) . Now , my mother has offered to take his Toyota Camry 2008 with a KBB value of $ 18k and get rid of her as she has fallen into financial difficulties and did not want a car or a car payment to worry about. Here is where it gets tricky - my mom owes $ 22,600 in his car, which is more than the exchange value . Does this make sense to "kill two birds with one stone ' and removed from his car and put me in a new car, or the fact that it is upside down in a loan to hurt me ? May just take the negative equity and subtract it from what they give to trade at the Avalon and apply to the purchase price of my new Koup 2010? My mother believes that it is a lose-lose situation for her and she does not care at all - just wants desperately to get out of your car and your car payments , and saw this as an opportunity to do both , in addition to helping in my time of desperate need for a new car. Will you help me, even though , or I hurt?

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