Help becoming a nurse as a single mom?

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Asked at 2012-08-21 18:58:04
I have 28 years I have two children in school , who share custody 50/50 . I own a home with a mortgage in reverse and run a daycare business that is slowly going under , because people keep losing jobs there and not need daycare ! MedlinePlus I want to be a nurse and I have no idea where to start . I can not afford to stop working and go to school but they never apply the amount of student loans that are needed to pay my monthly mortgage 1500, 300 car payment , etc. .. MedlinePlus Over the past two years I have been working my ass with my business and other work at night my ex has the kids to keep up with the mortgage and I can not pay bills so I can keep my house long enough to sell at least what I owe . I also go to school online , but do not have time to get good grades ! MedlinePlus I'm pretty much working myself to death and make me crazy . MedlinePlus I desperately want to be a nurse has always been my dream , but so far I have done miserably in creating my life to make this dream a possibility. What should I set to go to nursing school ? the councilman said it was a horrible idea to work while in the program . I have looked for months for grants and untrustworthy nothing I can find ! What should I do ? I really have no idea where to start .
Answer1shivAnswered at 2012-08-23 05:41:03
Wow ... this is a tough one .... MedlinePlus Does your state have any grants or programs available , or any kind of a "re - training " program ... ? MedlinePlus I feel for you .... have a legitimate idea of a job / career you want to pursue .... MedlinePlus and if you can only open the doors for financial help to get there . Is there some kind of like " on the job training " .... Like .... where any health organization can hire to go to school .... if you can make them for a period of time ?
Just passing on my thoughts .... boy ... I sure hope you find the opportunity you are looking for.
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