Stop sending me emails for cash loans,credit cards and selling me stop? related questions

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Stop sending me emails for cash loans,credit cards and selling me stop?2Ele2012-09-03 08:05:03
Stop sending me emails for cash loans , credit cards and stop selling ?
How do you get a company to stop sending you emails?I have spamed them yet I STILL get email from this co.!!?2Bassam2012-11-02 09:24:02
I applied for a loan online and now these companies constantly send me emails and especially one very annoying.I know it's not an important thing , but if a spam email should not block that direction ? If there is a better way to block them please let me know.Thank .
Getting slammed with HUNDREDS of Unwanted emails daily. How do i stop it without changing my email address?0Doreen2012-09-27 02:38:04
Recently requested credit card and car loan online . Now I'm getting email from everthing from loan companies payday bankruptcy laywers . I can not possibly go through each one to " unsubscribe " and I do not want to change my email address . How I can stop all this crap to come every day ?
Will spammers stop sending spam to my address if I continue to block them?0Madison2012-09-25 15:25:03
I never open their messages, as it had a Yahoo! account long ago that was plagued by many this garbage because he was misinformed about how to deal with it . I would not be getting all the time if I had not signed up for a loan online of what I thought was a legitamate site . Now I have created a special spam account for registering at online websites of any kind . My question is I know that Yahoo! does not return to the e- mails I get from that when the block spammers , but I have not opened a single spam message yet ( I do not receive many spam messages ) and if I continue to block with time give up and ignore my address ?
Stop paying Credit cards?0CrankSt4r2012-10-14 04:57:51
What if I stop paying my credit cards ? i owe 8,000 in credit cards I've been paying , but it is impossible for me to keep now . I have no houses, no cars, no income and just closed my checking account because I could not pay the monthly fee . I have a student loan that I am paying because I have a guarantee , but that's all I can afford right now fighting for . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus At this point I do not care about my credit scores , I just want to get out of credit card and never have to use them again .
What happens if you stop paying the credit cards? ?2TennisPlaya 2012-11-02 07:49:02
It is unsecured , so what kind of measures can be taken to make you pay ? I know you threaten " legal action " , but to what extent this ? Anyone had any experience with them ?
I can't get my husband to stop using credit cards. How do I get him to understand we can't keep doing this?0BeeDeePee 2012-10-07 13:02:06
I knew when I married him a year ago he had $ 40,000 in student loan debt and does not even have his degree. And I'm as responsible as he for the operation of my credit cards to more than $ 30,000 for the wedding and the honeymoon. (We had to use my credit card, no credit good) and both have the bad habit of living beyond our means. I'm not talking about nice clothes or nice cars. We live in a small one bedroom apartment and drive both cars 20 years old. But we like to get out and go on vacation assign you really can not afford. MedlinePlus But seeing the credit card bills were getting bigger not smaller, I said that we can not use them. In all. That would have to try to pay all cash. Well, once I see that you used. Now I can see that you are using only then the working gas and trips to the supermarket. But every time he offers to go to the store to buy something that's lead me to believe that he had money to cover these things. And his work is so far from where we live, it is almost cost us more money in gas, worth. And it was the credit card (my) for this MedlinePlus. I talked to him about this before and I thought he understood. And now I'm trying to understand that such behavior is to live a lie. That's lying to me for not "mention" to me that he used the credit card again. This last bill gave me, made a payment of $ 135 and then used it for $ 215 dollars and our finance charge is around $ 80 and the card is the maximum $ 6,500. I can not make him understand that we can not live like this. MedlinePlus It is very rare to find a man who does not understand the concept of money such denial. Generally, women who have problems with credit and living beyond their means. MedlinePlus Before I got married I had a great credit score and credit card debt zero. Now my cards are maxed out and my credit score is just the best. MedlinePlus I've only been married for 14 months and, obviously, married for love, not money. But I thought I would not be in debt the rest of my life. Combined earn barely $ 50,000 a year, and we are talking about having children. I have 38 years and is 39. So it's not something I want to put off much longer. MedlinePlus How I can understand that the first step for us to get out of debt is to stop using credit cards and be honest with me about when you used? Apart from these problems of money is a very good man. I do not think his father taught him how to be responsible with their money.
Whats the worse that can happen if I stop paying my credit cards?5bonzaieze2012-10-23 21:32:03
As of now , I am unemployed for the market . My husband and I are struggling to make the mortgage payment each month , but making it in time. ( Note : We are renting our father in laws house ) Apart from the cost of gas going up , I have 2 credit cards I stop paying because we can use that money to pay our car that will make it easier for us . I could care less about my credit report and how it will ruin everything up because honestly , we will buy a house in the short term and will surely need a loan for any reason . What is the worst that can happen ?
Cash stop loans help please review?0Count Iblis2012-09-09 21:05:02
I am making a personal loan and want to make sure that the cash cap is not a scam before I do . I have read the terms and conditions and I can not find the interest rates . but if anyone can help , thanks .
How do I stop a finance officer at a dealership to stop the harassment?0Suzy Kasza2012-11-02 15:02:02
On August 4 , I can apply for a car loan at a dealership . I pass one credit union unaffiliated . I have bad credit , but not bad enough . I also apply for the extended warranty Gap and later I decided to cancel. On August 21 I went to cancel. I had to talk to a finance officer . He was rude and obnoxious. So I told him he is acting like an idiot and told me I could do what I never get credit again. So I thought nothing of it . A week later I receive 4 credit financial undertaking other refuse . for a car that never applied . How I can prove that this man is harassing me ? . Its funny they were all applied in the day he got into it .
How can i stop e-mail from fast cash loans ?2lil_k2012-11-02 21:42:01
How I can stop e- mail fast cash loan ?
Should I pay at least one credit card or stop payments on all credit cards?2MAURICE2012-09-28 05:33:02
Ok, here's the story. I took a 50% pay cut at work and can not pay the minimums on all my credit cards. This is the list of the debt I owe and balances MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bank of America - $ 12,000 MedlinePlus Citibank - $ 5,300 MedlinePlus Another BOA - MedlinePlus $ 4,300 Discover - $ 4,200 MedlinePlus Kawasaki - $ 3500 MedlinePlus Chase - MedlinePlus $ 2,500 Another Chase - MedlinePlus $ 2,300 Other Discover - MedlinePlus $ 1,800. MedlinePlus Yes, my wife and I were dumb and started paying debt (actually had about 3 more credit cards below), but the blow of the economic crisis and now is what it is. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I continue to pay the $ 12,000 Bank of America, as it is likely to sue us if we pay immediately, not only have enough money to pay after our huge pay cut. Or should I stop paying them all and try to solve them all in the future. I'm not going to declare bankruptcy on unsecured loans. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We've talked with all our creditors and down payments as much as possible, but that did not help a bit. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can not get a second job, the wife works long hours as a retail manager and have 2 children. Their hours are crazy and if she stopped and got a second job then there would be no where near what it does, so it would be silly. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus From what I understand some people simply stop paying credit cards all together and with some money you just hide it in a money market account and let it grow until the credit cards are ready to be installed and then make a payment lump sum. Like I said, just enough to pay the minimum payment of the Bank of America for about $ 230, then we are completely broken.

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