Will they foreclose on me and how much time do I have?

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I saw some related posts here about a company called "Titanium Solutions", which just labeled a letter to my door while I was at work today. So I thought I'd ask about my situation.

I have a first and second mortgage with the Board of Auditors for a house I bought about 5 years ago. Like many, I'm having financial problems and was self employed. I'm trying to get a new business going, and really only been able to pay the mortgage payment for the first time in my house for about 3 months. I bought the house with a small amount down and a situation of 80/20 type in 2005. I was in progress at all until a few months ago. The house was new when I bought it and I'm in Florida.

It bore all the details, the Board of Auditors has been calling / harassing me by telephone from which started late in the second mortgage payments. So even a blow to the credit. I talked to them several times but was having difficulty obtaining personal financial information, along with a loan modification application. Now I have the information, but I am doubtful, obviously, I'll have enough or any time a loan modification.

So I'm stressing a lot and need to understand the best way to handle this now and in the future. Some questions I have:

- Will they foreclose on me by default in the second if I'm in my first year
- If you are going to foreclose, how long or how many months you may have to
- Is there anything that can be expected other than loan modification or large sums of money to catch up on my second? I probably will not get the "big money", but I can be in a position where I could go back to my regular payments at the beginning of next year if my new business plan I'm working on is removed.

- Should I keep paying my first w / o my second? I "m asking because, obviously, the first also is killing me. I obviously really try to pay it, even if it will make it more difficult for the bank to foreclose on me on the second.

- What happens to this trash Titanium Solutions? Sounds like a scam, and as another stressor in my life. I thought it was a note from a process server at first! : (

Thank you very much for any help, advice, etc. As you can see, I'm sure I need!

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