I Graduated from high-school in 2007 I worked fast food a few years after I graduated and started college.? related questions

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I Graduated from high-school in 2007 I worked fast food a few years after I graduated and started college.?1MATHA DION2012-08-28 10:22:03
I ended up getting three credit cards and their use in a bid to stay in school ... failure of the mission. lol so for a . while I have been out of school and work hard to try to keep up with bills my boyfriend was out of work , so I started to lose some of my credit card payments . Six months ago my boyfriend and I are very big job and since then I 've managed to pay two of my three credit cards and have not missed a payment since. I also had my student loans deferred. My boyfriend and I are thinking of buying a house in about a year , would have a good enough credit to do ? how long it takes for a delay in paying down your credit card? Also I have car insurance that I have to pay monthly and have never missed a payment on that.
EMERGENCY-Advice for a girl who just graduated high school?1Juan2012-09-22 12:57:03
I fucked with financial aid and do not know what to do by the end of summer. What should I do? (See list abc) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is what happened. MedlinePlus 1) I have rejected him dream schools waiting list then another dream school (Smith) so we decided to go for my "school safety" (Morgan State uni). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) I spoke to the head of the MSU athletic department and assured me / lead me to believe that he qualified for / and likely to get an athletic scholarship. My teachers were also above their level and called the admissions department for assistance and was again acad misinformed (said he was still eligible for them). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) I was completely surprised to receive my "prize package" (which really sucks and mostly loans and almost no institutional support), which is about $ 25,000 neither I nor my mother alone can pay for this. I'm terribly afraid of being in debt because I have a job and that the school is not even my first choice (only applies to financial security Ironically). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4) I live in New York. MedlinePlus I have no idea what to do. I am very, very depressed because in high school / middle school was always studious / diligent and never expect this to happen I thought my job would be profitable in all honors four years and even nominated for multiple awards midschool, etc What should I do considering all this? MedlinePlus So now I'm thinking (which is best), please note that I want to apply / transfer my dream schools MedlinePlus A. university community (any sugguestions) MedlinePlus B. Are there any good universities stopped applying her since the summer (any sugguestions) MedlinePlus C. Gap Year Programs (year given the city the other) MedlinePlus D. Other (you can imagine) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here are some of my interests I want to study in college MedlinePlus 1-the environment / law (to become a lobbyist for a group enviro) MedlinePlus 2-marine biology (become a marine biologist and marine life that will probably die quickly b / c of global warming / climate change and / or large companies) MedlinePlus 3 anthropology (in high school I found it very interesting and taught me to think) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I go to a cc, my mother probably would make me live with her and she's really emotionally abusive and our apartment is too small 1 bedroom roach infested with bedbugs / (another cause of depression), so I can not really wait to leave. The environment is very unfavorable / stressful. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for any help and all you can give me.
I just graduated college but I feel like I just rushed into things so fast!?0Jerome2012-09-03 18:46:02
I graduated two weeks ago and I have a full time job ... However, I just bought a new car because my old drive fail on me all the time . Once I almost stopped on the highway on the way to work. But now I regret , I have to pay for it for 6 long years and I owe 29,000 in college loans . Also I have to pay rent and feel like I'm trapped in this job because of my decisions . I wanted to travel or maybe go back to school to become a kindergarten teacher or maybe if things ever worked with someone I like to move on in two years . What should I do ? I'm going through a very severe depression . Please help !
I just graduated college. I am considering grad school, but not right away. Should I consolidate my loans now?1ADAM CORN2012-11-03 03:26:02
I'm doing a year of service in AmeriCorps . I can go to graduate school in the future (not sure exactly when ) , but my loans coming due later this year (November 2009 ) . I think adjourn . I'm not sure if I should consolidate and do this now , or wait , postpone each individually , and consolidate later. I have about $ 37,000 in loans . About $ 12,000 of that coming from private lenders . The other $ 25,000 is federal (only $ 2,000 unsubsidized) .
I just graduated college, now what?0wruth2012-10-09 13:11:21
I just graduated college with a degree in English ( emphasis in the compose screen ) , and have an associate degree in "General Studies " . Since I am still young and without family or household bills ( other than loans ) I want to travel the U.S. and live in different states , even though I need a steady income . MedlinePlus Ideally I'm looking for a job completely online , but have been coming through scam after scam . I want a real job that could be a career , takes no surveys or anything like that , but maybe some job descriptions , ads writing, editing , real employment opportunities online are endless . MedlinePlus Anyone have any idea how to go about this without finding multiple scams , or know of a search engine ? MedlinePlus Thanks for the help , I'm open to all ideas .
I just graduated from college...?2tyler ross2012-08-27 07:48:03
Since January '06 I had a credit card with a limit of $ 9,000, while in school. I had to live off my credit card for a while during that time, and I took a position that put me over my limit, and then received a fee for being over my limit, so on and so forth. The card is now $ 11,960. I have not made a payment since December 2008 because I could not make the monthly payments (and after talking with others in 2009, said not to pay anything because the clock is restarted?). I called to try to work with them and they said that's what they do there money and there was nothing they could do for me. I just graduated in May, and I'm still looking for a full time job. I'm working 3 jobs part time, but I'm almost doing enough to cover my $ 996 a month in school loans, let alone trying to pay off this card. In June, tried to settle for a smaller amount then you should, but since I had just graduated and had just started my job that week, no savings to speak truly, I could not (or comfortable) is committed to making paying $ 900/mo for 4 months because I was afraid of what would happen if I could not make the payment. On my credit report has been written off as bad debt. Sold it to a collection agency, who was a lawyer's office sent me a letter trying to collect. As far as Im concerned its already affected my credit for 7 years, and the bank had a credit card through it canceled. If I contact the law office, it will restart a watch? what happens if I contact them? I am working hard to get up, struggling to find a way of paying my school loans (trying to consolidate w. A bad credit score because of this credit card mess and I have a cosignor), I need a car (also w / bad credit and cosignor not), and I would leave the house my parents ...... Any tips on the smartest way to do this? Thank you!
I just graduated College and have $82,000 in loans. What do i do now?1 ωǒ Bu good ⿺ -2012-09-17 16:33:03
I have about $ 4500 in checking and savings , work from June with a salary of 44,000 a year . MedlinePlus Loans are a mixture of private Wells Fargo , and U.S. public Department of Energy and Firstmark . MedlinePlus To repay the loans in 10 years , I have to make monthly payments of $ 1,009 . MedlinePlus My credit score is 751. Will I be able to consolidate all this from a bank or other source of consolidation ? Should I increase the monthly payments ? What is my best course of action ? MedlinePlus Thank you.
I just graduated college and finished chemo?1steve Alexander2012-10-20 17:32:57
My cancer is gone . I'm having trouble finding a job right now with the economy being down and am moving . My loans are now , for some reason I just could consolidate . What are my options as a college graduate person who has cancer ? Trust, some funds ? What are some things you should do to prepare for the future and to prevent future mishaps ? ? ? I'm very stressed .
Just because you graduated college are you guaranteed work?2lisaa2012-09-13 07:59:03
so let's say you take courses for a computer engineer and get his degree. is practically guaranteed when you leave work ? Well, I was wondering because I really , really want to dive into this college course online sweet and , of course. this would require a loan that scares me, I hate that I have no money especially to anyone that I bail out and the way I began to think so, if you get the option to pay constant race in the way of the you have to worry about right? below tarted beginning to worry about if I could find a job or not is why the question
Graduated college student at home! HELP!! PLEASE!!?1no one2012-10-14 05:11:02
My son 25 years old , graduated college two years ago with heavy student loans . Despite having a full time job , moved back home with out expectations in five years , when their loans are paid . His general condition just to live in the country is mow once a week. That's it, no income , no nothing , no other payables . He has his own car you pay for. My wife says he has to go and win their independence from us , even with large loans above his head. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She knows that other children and adults in the same predictament but live on their own and two jobs so you do not have to live with their parents . Our son does not want to work two jobs. He does not come out at all. My wife feels that he is with us and has gotten through MedlinePlus too comfortable . MedlinePlus Am I wrong for letting him stay ? Your thoughts ?
I graduated from college in December 2011. But where is the job?15sheliayoung2012-10-08 15:22:01
I have fulfilled my responsibilities and duties of graduating with a degree in business administration . But I 'm not doing work. Why society rewards me for my efforts ? I spent $ 85,000 student loan to the extent possible and I think it will default on repayment. Repayment begins June 2012 and I am by default.
Will the Marine Corps pay for my college if i have already graduated?0Amos2012-11-02 15:23:48
I am interested in joining the Marine Corps after i graduate from college. Does anyone know if they will pay for my student loans? If yes, would they pay for the student loans and pay for a masters degree as well? Any help would be great! Thanks!

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