I would like to be stationary supplier for schools in my town.could you give me some advice or an idea?

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Asked at 2012-08-06 05:40:48
can be the first time, I do not need an office or building to rent a shop because I want to start with a small business.where I can obtain or apply for a license . Should I get a loan?
Answer1JeannaAnswered at 2012-08-06 10:35:02
Hello Everyone,
I live in the U.S. and I really have never seen goodness shown to me all this in my life as I am a mother struggling with three children and I have been going through very difficult times in my life and my name is Helen Peters and in all times difficult, there was an incident worse in my life as I lost my job, that was my only means of survival and things got really bad, because he had bills to pay and my last son suffered a knee injury incurred when fell from a tree house and the doctors told me I needed surgery on his knee so he could walk again and at this point, life was useless to me, as they have no family and no one to come out and every night I will sit and mourn until the end of dun until one day, I read an ad on yahoo answers of man who said he could help people in my shoes with loans and in my desperate situation, had no choice I had to try and so shocking and surprising, it was like an impossibility becoming a reality, I have a loan of $ 60,000 USD in spite of my bad credit within 48 hours and my sons surgery was done and thank God it was a success and now I am well and living comfortably with my children and I said to myself, I have never seen such a great time in my life and decided to tell the wild world and I need each and every one thank God for the Mr Patrick Harvey, the man who God used to rescue up to me and my family, even when all hope was lost and gone and I tell everyone, no matter how dark and sinful the world is today still there is GOD fearing people on earth and reliable and if you're in my previous situation or require a legitimate loan, i will advise you contact the lender for loans and you can reach him through patrickharvey12@yahoo.com and love you all to pray for this man to me.
Answer2kerryAnswered at 2012-08-06 14:40:02
First, be able to offer unique and creative designs ! Make yourself stand out , among others. I am a supplier of our local schools fo stationery, t-shirts, novelty items , fundraising , etc.

Check out my website www.myspace.com / visualelements

You really do not need a loan, only registered in your state, get a federal ID and start selling !
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