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I am barely making ends meet on my income and I need positive advice.?1mustang2012-09-04 01:14:03
I have been separated for three years with my ex and went through the difficult times . We have 4 children without education I can not go to school can not afford childcare, student loan indebtedness 'm past my wages are being garnished and I claim to be . I feel frustrated my income is $ 1500 per month and my ex now leaving 4 children we have together part-time so you do not have to pay child support , but I 'm just doing economically between rent , car insurance , the car notes , payment of child care and the list goes on I Dont Make me enough negative between 300 and 500 dollars a month you really do not know how I'm doing . My ex will not help and it is good we have joint custody . I can get a second job that would defeat the purpose to pay more in child care . I really dont know what to do I dont qualify for any work or welfare Cal . I'm at my end with this, I thought about asking my boyfriend for help , but I can not do that , what I can do any advice?
How do I pay off my credit cards when I'm barely making ends meet?2Xaviera2012-10-12 20:16:02
I owe about $ 3,500 in credit card department ( less than a lot of other people , but listen ) . MedlinePlus I work two jobs, but I had to use cc just to make ends meet . I recently had to buy a "new " car because someone bumped into me and my car was old. They do not have insurance , but did not cover the cost of a "new " car. MedlinePlus So I did not have a car payment , but now I do . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Between my mortgage bills , garbage bill , electricity , heating , water, sewage , and other basic literally have no money to spare. I have no children / pets / student loans and other expenses . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I make min payments but ..... MedlinePlus How I can pay my credit cards when I can barely afford groceries?
Frustrated! Barely making ends meet and no job prospects!?1Carllll needs help2012-10-09 21:09:02
I am a single man 37 years of age. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Assets: 2008 Toyota with 40k miles, paid MedlinePlus House-26 years left on 30 year mortgage LTV-130 +% based on current sales prices MedlinePlus home 9 months living expenses MedlinePlus less than $ 40k in a 401k MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Liabilities: Student loan MedlinePlus Mortgage MedlinePlus cell phone (no text messages in less available minute plan ever, go over in minutes) MedlinePlus Homeowners Association MedlinePlus Water MedlinePlus Gas-I keep the thermostat at 59 degrees in winter, 65 on weekends in the winter MedlinePlus Electric-I do not use the air conditioning in the summer, never MedlinePlus Internet (slowest speed available) MedlinePlus Home / minimum state car insurance, lowest possible premiums could find. MedlinePlus The food-my brown bag lunch every day MedlinePlus The gas for the car MedlinePlus $ 60 monthly donation to local charity and I am the largest donor rely on money to keep running, I have seen his books. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My net cash flow is $ 100 a month, after all the above. This is not a factor for Christmas and birthday gifts I have to buy. After taking into account such that the equilibrium point. I am not getting anything financial and retirement approaches. I do not live in a nice area of ​​town and do not want to be stuck here when I retire. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do not go on vacation and do not go on dates. Ever. I have four weeks of vacation per year and spend that time sitting at home waiting to go back to work because he can not afford to go anywhere or do anything. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had a second job a couple of times, and affect the performance of my main job and I can not risk losing my main job. People are quitting and getting fired left and right in my work, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No work for which nobody is going to consider that income is the same. If you change jobs, you have to take a 30-50% pay cut and was going to lose my house. Yes, I have been actively seeking a new job for a year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can not sell my house and get an apartment, and I owe more than it's worth and do not have the money to pay the mortgage at current market prices. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can not get a second job because I get tired and puts me at greater risk of losing my job. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And if I lose my job, no other jobs in the area for which I am qualified to pay the same (I work in a call center doing sales and customer service). I've been there as a call center representative for the whole five years I worked there. During that time, I've only seen 3 people out of 100 are promoted in five years. My work is a dead-end job. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And you can not move to a city that pays better and I can not sell my fucking house! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for: MedlinePlus a) have enough when I retire at age 65 MedlinePlus b) to own my own home MedlinePlus c) have no credit card debt or car MedlinePlus d) have 9 months living expenses MedlinePlus e) have money to do things that are fun, like going to a movie once in a while, or go on vacation every few years
Pell Grant aid denied . . . . now what? I have 2 kids and barely make ends meet now!?2isabella2012-10-07 09:07:02
I want to start back to school and go for my RN degree . I 'm an EMT and now works full time in a doctor 's office . I am married with two children and lives paycheck to paycheck basically . I just applied for the Federal Student Aid online and says that I am eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant . I do not know how . We made $ 69,000 last year and we are a family of 4 with 2 car payments , mortgage , etc. I mean I have to work to make the payments of all kinds. I want to start taking basic classes and work for my RN degree but do not want any student loan ! Any suggestions ? And this information could not be me sound good?
How can I make ends meet with a decrease in income?1jacoby2012-09-14 03:49:04
My job changed and now I'm 1/3 of what I was doing . I have a lot of 401k . I have no savings , I have been using the remaining amount on my credit to make ends meet . I have an excellent credit rating and I 'm not willing to take that risk , that's why I've been using equity , just to pay the bills. During the past 20 years , I have always made ​​six figures and now with the economy , my salary has been reduced drastically . I have the luck to have a job, but do not pay enough to cover even my mortgage payment each month , not to mention other bills (utilities , credit cards , car payment , insurance, etc. . ) should I withdraw from my 401k , if so , how I can do this ? I contacted my management plan , but they said I have to make a loan in the amount of amortization would be more than my weekly salary . So this is not an option , obviously. I can not remove all 401k with penalty and close it out . Finally I can restart a 401k in the future when things get a little better .
How can I pay my bills Im struggling to make ends meet!?0Carli2012-09-27 21:01:02
I have a large student loan and on top of rent and a car payment and other expenses normal life ie food , gas , utilities Im really struggling to make ends meet. I work tons of time and my husband lost his job six months ago ... I'm so stuck idk what to do . I've set my student loans as bad only have to pay half of the amount in the next 12 months, but everything is starting to fall behind and idk how to catch up !
My bf and his brother struggle to make ends meet....?3osi1234567892012-10-11 23:15:02
Ok so my BF parents left several months ago to return to his country and left there two boys here - both in twenty years. They have a new apartment and have had problems with the car , one after another . They both go to college and struggling to make ends meet. Me and my family has more money than you do ... and I almost never buy me anything (coffee or something ) unless your low as $ 5! and that's mostly to make you feel better. So I know I want to go to this hotel for x time more ... but I know he never mentions it and probably help with the cost . I do not know how the money is tight , but I'm pretty sure it's worse than I want to know , credit cards , loans , etc. Therefore, if gladly pay for things like this ? Furthermore , almost always buy alcohol for two and he never really gives money. Anyway , is this good because I'm better ?
Question for teachers- Do feel you have to work a second job to make ends meet?0Walker2012-10-01 19:10:03
I wonder . I have looked at rental properties in my area , and it seems that a typical home salary for a teacher would be a tight squeeze. I am also considering paying my car insurance modest / gas / maintenance , cell phone minimum package , gas / electricity, food and / or clothing , and the cable . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and student loans .... even I do not mean that! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Not trying to get rich here , I actually have a very modest lifestyle , I'm just worried about paying the bills once you finally get a teaching job .
What can I do to help ends meet better? I want to start saving for my kids collage tuition and retirement!?2Liberty2012-11-02 17:53:01
Between my husband and I took home around $ 3500.00 per month our bills are around $ 2,000.00 and not spend much more than diapers, food and formula . I hardly ever buy clothes and never leave , but at the end of the month we have no money to spare! ! What we can do or change to help us be able to put more money for collage and retirement ? ? ? ? We have two children one is 3 and the other is about 1 ... Getting a loan to consolidate our accounts is out of the question that does not have the credit to get a loan ...
Struggling college student that feels like giving up..how can I make ends meet?12Allison - Carson2012-11-03 17:24:01
I am a full time student in college will fight his second year.I am employed , but do not do enough sometimes to pay my bills . My father helps out when he can, and my mother is unemployed , so mostly I take care of myself . I am in desperate need of money right now , and I think they have no other options . My rent is due and I exploited in my account for $ 200. I tried searching for loans , but never approved. Also I have 4 payday loans that just simply can not pay off. Is there a way for me to get some quick cash so you can pay the rent and take care of my loans ? Anyone with suggestions , please let me know !
Positive in income qualifies for a loan modification?0Alihaa2012-08-30 12:57:03
I have been denied for a loan modification and 3 times by the investor , my mortgage servicer said the reason is " income gap ." The income deficit after including the amount of my mortgage (if you pay ) and other bills against our income . I lost about 9 payment, then paid $ 900/month for 4 months due to a payment plan patience when I went low disability after 4 months , I present a new mod . package , which was recently denied (3rd time ) . I asked the representative that I have to have a positive income benefit of wizard ? She said my investor does not participate in the loan modification , so it does not reduce the interest rate or extend the term of the loan . Then I told him that I did not help anything to lower my payment, the representative said that if I have something negative , you can not really help. It makes no sense to me. Please report on the positive amount to access them to consider helping . What if they said they had a positive income payments will not decline so much? I have no hope in this investor because every time I told my investors do not loan modification. Should we give up and ask for a short sale before the auction set a date (which is anytime now ) ? Thanks for your advice .
I need advice anyone? positive honest advice thanks?1ouraclnd2012-10-10 12:14:03
Okay, so now iam a college student , and I am at a crossroads if I sell my car and move to Boston and just restart my life.Or stay where iam least another two years and finish my degree and my pre reqs - well i can apply to dental / pa school.I wanted to move and go to Boston University and finish my degree but iam sure of the cost .. and if it is even worth it .... I am very unhappy where I am , but regardless if I walk away or stay still I have to work to make ends meet in my own.So wondering if I can get honest advice about the others who were in a similar boat ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and note, I'm going to school now cheap enough where I have to get any debt student.loans or so ... I'm not sure what to do .

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