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Canine Medical Assistance?3 [51 name-51mingzi] I'mcc æ—³ Male Jiu 2012-09-03 00:39:07
My 6 month puppy was just diagnosed with Canine Entropion , an eye disease where the cover is folded inward, scratching the cornea . If left untreated , will go blind. The surgery requires a cost of $ 750. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Right now, my budget is limited . It will take me a while to get the money . Her eyes are visibly suffering, and I fear it will go blind before I have the money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any program that might be able to help? It does not necessarily need a brochure , a loan or reduction would be helpful . I have not been able to find anything online , however . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HELP ! My poor puppy does not deserve to go blind because I have no money !
Canine Bleeding From The Rectum?0Marcus D2012-10-27 01:46:23
My 4 year old min - pin mix is bleeding from the rectum , which has been vacinated for all viruses ( including parvo ) was perfectly fine , and suddenly began vomiting and then started bleeding from the rectum . He is drinking water , and is interested in food , but I have removed , fearing further damage . I have no money for the vet , as my husband was recently laid off and not get paid for another 3 weeks . No I have direct deposit , so I can not get a payday loan . I have nothing of value to pawn to pay the vet bill and I have already done . No poisons that have access and there has been no change in his diet . His nose is still wet and cold , I would not say that is lethargic , but is not as energetic as ever.
Should I get my medical coding certificate before my AAS in Medical Billing?0rubi2012-09-15 06:48:04
I am currently going to school in my local college for medical billing . I have really wanted to do medical coding , and there is an option where I can take online through my training center for local labor , universities ( and not offered to a degree ) . I would have to pay cash for it , but I am quite willing to pay my taxes to get the certificate. I am currently working in a call center , and my husband lost his job a year ago and going to school full time. I'm just doing enough to pay our bills and we will have to live on student loans. If I pay for the program code , and get it done within the next few months and get a job , I would do part-time classes at my university , and I would be able to pay my bills without student loans because our federal funds to pay for my husband and my tuition and books . Advice?
NEED SOME ASSISTANCE?2Heat2012-08-24 13:07:02
1. The lower the reserve ratio: MedlinePlus A. USDA Agricultural Research higher the multiplier of easy money, and the more money will be created in the economy. B. the larger the money multiplier simple, and less money in the economy are created. C. USDA Agricultural Research lower the multiplier of easy money, and the more money will be created in the economy. D. USDA Agricultural Research lower the multiplier of easy money, and the less money will be created in the economy. MedlinePlus 2. An increase in the discount rate signals that the Fed wants the money supply expanded. MedlinePlus TRUE OR FALSE MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3. Given a deposit of $ 10,000 in XYZ Bank reserve ratio and 20%, how much money can XYZ Bank loan was initially given this tank? MedlinePlus A. $ 2000. MedlinePlus B. $ 5000. MedlinePlus C. $ 8000. MedlinePlus D. $ 50,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. The quantity theory of money leads to the conclusion that: MedlinePlus A. the amount of product generated in an economy varies in response to changes in the price level. B. money velocity varies in response to the amount of product generated in an economy. C. the price level varies in response to changes in the amount of money. D. the price level varies in response to changes in the velocity of money. MedlinePlus 5. What is something that economists know the least need to fine tune the economy effectively? MedlinePlus A. potential entry / exit. MedlinePlus B. CPI. MedlinePlus C. USDA Agricultural Research multiplier. D. equilibrium aggregate income / output of five years ago. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 6. Displacement usually occurs when: MedlinePlus A. Congress enacts budget cuts to balance the budget. MedlinePlus B. revenues increase more slowly than anticipated, resulting in the need to cut public spending. MedlinePlus C. finance the government budget deficit causes interest rates to rise. MedlinePlus D. workers will lose their jobs as a result of anti-inflationary fiscal policy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 7. When interest rates fall: MedlinePlus A. is more expensive for companies to borrow, so investment falls. MedlinePlus B. is more expensive for companies to borrow, so investment increases MedlinePlus. C. is less expensive for businesses to borrow, so investment falls. MedlinePlus D. is less expensive for businesses to borrow, so investment increases MedlinePlus. 8. Expansionary fiscal policy that raises the budget deficit can _____________ business investment interest rates ___________. MedlinePlus A. decrease, reduce MedlinePlus B. reduce, increase MedlinePlus Increased C; increasing MedlinePlus D. increase, decrease MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 9. All of the following are examples of an automatic stabilizer during a recession, except: MedlinePlus A. increased tax revenues. MedlinePlus B. increased unemployment insurance. MedlinePlus C. cut tax revenues. MedlinePlus D. None of the above MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus 10. Phillips curve suggests that short-term increased unemployment cause: A. increased rate of inflation. B. production decreased. MedlinePlus C. a decrease in the rate of inflation. D. a decrease in the price level.
Please may i have some assistance?0Fran2012-09-03 01:58:07
On May 3, 2005 , Leven Corp negotiated a short term loan of $ 685,000. The loan is due on October 1, 2005 , and an interest rate of 6.86 % . Use ordinary interest to calculate the total amount paid for the loan Leven ? ? ? ? ? please explain in detail thank u so much!
Where can I get assistance in buying a car?4Destinee2012-11-04 10:11:02
Im 21 . I have a job, but only pay the minimum wage . In the TN 7.50. Do not go very far . I need a way out of the house in disrepair Im in need a car . Also I have food stamps. I have no credit . And I could not afford a loan , even if he wanted . I need help and if you do not know if it's really as bad read another question I got here about how Ineed help.
Financial assistance ???3Jummy2012-11-04 01:10:03
I want to go to school to learn to be a paralegal. I have 48, Female, Single , no dependents . I live paycheck to paycheck for the extra money for school and books are out of the question. How, and I have to go for financial aid? I live in Corona California. I can do school online , but how I can pay for it ? I have bad credit , can not get a loan, and have no savings .... any ideas?
Where's my mortgage assistance?0mmmheartbreak2012-11-02 03:12:51
Ok... so I just sold my house and I had to fork out $5k at closing. It wasn't a foreclosure or short sale or anything. I had a fixed-rate loan, and I bought a home within my financial means. Now the government talks about "bailing out" struggling home-owners. Where's my help? I was the responsible one here. I made financial-sound decisions when I bought my home. Because others couldn't pay their mortgages anymore because they make $40k/year and bought a $300k home... I had to sell my dumpy-condo for less than I paid for it... Where is the logic in all this? Where's my "bail-out"?
RESUME HELP! Can I aks for some outside assistance?0Arnold2012-08-14 07:02:03
I have been unemployed for almost 8 months now. My resume, when the labor market was good, was a decent resume . I had the help of a partner in the last institution where she worked , however , to see , I'm not that strong. ¿ I can get some help or just another set of eyes to look at it and let me know what you think? Besides, I put my unemployed status ? I'm working part-time while unemployed white for a supplemental income , I post this ? Should I leave things in the bed n there, even thought it was just a month? Thanks in advance, - . A sad and frustrated banker Adam Armstrong 225 Stark St. NE. , Salem , OR. 97303 503.856.6681 adam.armstrong @ Objective : - I am seeking a position that will advance my career and help grow the company and my fellow associates . Profile: - Nearly four years of experience in management. - Exceptional communication training . - Aimed at individual targets strong leadership capabilities . - Organized , highly motivated , and detail - led troubleshooter . - Proven ability to work in unison with staff, volunteers and client
Financial assistance?1help, solve this please.2012-09-26 02:35:04
Hello, I'm dreaming of a career as an airline pilot , but ... I am from a poor family . My parents are too ill to work , so they are on DLA, etc and are always short of money and debt . I can not get a full time job because I am a full time student at the university claiming EMA. I live in a council house and have no property to secure a mortgage / loan against .... to finance my flight training. I worked with an estimate of approximately
Assistance with car loans?1ilda2012-10-04 15:33:02
Well , 2 years ago I bought a car a friend naively not have one, could not afford it , so you have 2 cars in my name . One person has been paying on it , but I'm thinking of trying something , because my parents have offered their old car for me . If I had to sell both cars , I know I will have remaining balances on loans for cars, but at least it will be less than they are now . Is it possible that a) negotiate with the banks to get lower monthly payments or b ) enter into any type of debt consolidation plan " with the " minor "loans ? Had gotten car loans are secured loans notion , and therefore organizations like Consumer Credit Counseling would not be able to help them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In another related topic, is there some sort of financial aid available for people in this type of situation?
Help with downpayment assistance?0Ravenous 2012-08-09 18:13:03
I pre -approved for a mortgage and I was wondering if anyone knew of legitimate Web sites online where you can apply some sort of subsidy for downpayment assistance. That was approved for an FHA loan , but I can not find any information on these free scholarships that people keep talking about. Any information is helpful. If I can get help to pay down 3.5 would be of great help to me. I want to save money as much as I can.

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