Should I file bankruptcy?

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Asked at 2012-08-07 11:49:03
I have 21 years and must graduate from high school next spring. The first two years at school, I went crazy with credit cards . Now I have about $ 6000 in credit cards. Shortly after graduating , loans accumulate and I have to start paying my student loans . I am working 2 jobs now, while going to school full time to try to reduce my credit card bills . With interest I'm paying ridiculous ( I took a cash advance for a family member , I guess I will never return ), the accounts are not getting lower. I've been making my payments religiously and pay more when I can. I called the bank and asked if any other options to help me because I'm having some trouble , I said I 've been doing a good job of making payments and I think only help people when they start to default . I really do not want to see my credit in the bathroom (although it probably is already) but not really, know what to do . Almost all the money I'm doing right now is to go directly to the credit card companies . I was hoping to consolidate bills, but I can not qualify for a consolidation loan. I am very stressed about this. What should I do ?
Answer1lightAnswered at 2012-08-08 18:28:02
You should do more research on companies that are consolidated debt nonprofit . Nonprofit agencies that are required to assist . Schools that are 10 years to repay student loans and the rates are very low compared to credit card companies . Just 21 years and his credit card debt is only $ 6,000. Many people do not declare bankruptcy until I of 6 digits. It is too early for you to file for bankruptcy. After graduating and finding a decent job, the credit card debt $ 6,000 due in a couple of months ( depending on their specialty). Even if you can not find a good job after you graduate. Go to a temp agency and they will help . Never think about filing for bankruptcy . Instead, think about what you can do to turn something negative into something positive.
Answer2NaokoAnswered at 2012-08-10 19:09:03
You can always rebuild your credit. Stop paying the card after a while the card companies will offer to pay full , but lower than you can get rid of debt, Bankrupsy is an option and not so bad when you're 28 is to be out of registration. This money only every ody have problems with them so just relax. You are young everything is before you .
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