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Late payment on perkin loan?2need more help please2012-09-28 23:53:03
I realized that my loan payment was due on 12/01/07 perkin but I heard on 5 and paid for it .... Now I know I made a late payment, for the first time in my life . I've been paying bills since I was 20 and am now 25. I fully paid car loan , car loan working on second ultility accounts etc , so does the first time late payment affect my credit history bad ? is 4 days late , you may ask the person to cancel the loan late payment or do anything that I will not get bad credit ?
Perkin's Loan Repayment?0Paxton2012-09-28 17:17:02
I am looking into the possibility of taking a small ($ 2500 - $ 4000) or Perkin or Sub Stafford student loan this winter semester , and I was wondering about repayment . It begins after graduation or when you drop below half -time status , or when you're out of school for 6 months. MedlinePlus Does the rest of the winter semester ends (end of April ) to early fall ( September) have effect what so ever on loans or refund ?
Im late on a car title loan payment0Sum1Special2012-09-26 11:08:05
Im late on a car title loan payment MedlinePlus I was due on Friday, the interest rate is 300 percent 160 I owe how much summed to me to be two days late since I plan on paying them tomorrow .
What steps can banks take if you are late on a loan payment?0Lilit2012-09-20 22:15:03
My sister has a personal loan through a bank of big name and had a rough ride financially in 2008 ( like most of us did ) . She is almost 3 months late in paying your loan - you owe for November , December, January and now is due to deferrment 16th.She already have a few months ago for 2 payments , but since she is behind again.I was wondering if it was something repo as seen happen to people with car loans that do not pay . I was wondering what steps take.Do send it to collections ? It's a shame because if it had been on time your loan just about being paid for the last month I'd love to help , but I'm struggling myself.Thanks for the help .
What happens if I make a (2 day) late payment on my Direct Loan?1dyanna2012-08-15 05:14:02
I can make payments online, and you have to schedule the payment for the next day . I forgot completely and therefore the payment will be 2 days late ... come after me for the full amount or there is any grace period? It is a student loan through the government , same place you get PLUS loans for parents.
Can your car be repossessed for being late on your house payment at the same bank, when your car loan is not l?1Allard2012-09-28 22:17:02
A friend of mine is behind on their house payment and a credit card . The bank said that if not enough come retrieve his truck even though the loan is not delinquent truck . The three loans are with the same bank that is a credit union .
How do I remove a late student loan payment from my credit report?6rohit2012-09-06 20:46:03
Hello experts. Unfortunately, I just found out I have a very small student loan dark , which entered into repayment last month and I lost count. I switched addresses and somehow forgot to have them forward the loan to my new address : (So I checked my credit report and is there reported as an adverse account and says TransUnion says he will not retire until 06 / 2014 < br . > However, it seems I've heard of other people getting these things away from his report after paying the overdue amount . Is this something I'm imagining it, or it may actually pay the amount due and then have the error removed from my credit report ? Thank you very much for your help
I put down my signature on a vehicle loan along with my sisters...problem is, the car payment is late.?0deja2012-10-05 22:47:06
Last year , I helped my sister get a loan for a car , putting my name on an application with it . I ended up having to be the primary , as she was the co -signer . At that time she was living with me and my wife and was making payments. Now fast forward to a week ago when he kicked her and her lazy boyfriend out of the house . Not long after that I received a note in the mail from the bank that financed the car saying it was already a month late and the last months and months this was at the same time now . My question is : what are my options ? I do not know where they live now because they were upset because they were throwing and leave , so I can not go myself repo car. Are there websites you can go to to help minimize the damage , or am I pretty much just win?
How badly can a late loan payment affect your credit report?4parakeet2012-11-05 03:53:02
I graduated from college last May and since I got a good paying job last fall , I have been actively trying to build good credit . I got my first credit card a few months ago and have been paying all my bills and student loans on time and in full , no problems ... Until now . My mother takes me a letter to Sallie Mae that arrived last month , she apparently misplaced - that says I'm over 30 days late in paying the loan you just kicked in. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I paid immediately online , 56 days late . It kills me that this is going to affect my credit report (pay only $ 50 per month -argh ) when I have felt so above everything else. How bad will my credit be affected ? Is there anything I can do to mitigate the consequences of this?
Late payment dispute?0Sham2012-10-15 17:03:45
hey guys ... A few months ago I was checking my credit ... and I realized hunting ( my credit card ) has files a late payment on my card April. Now , when I called .. that month , when I knew I was going to be late ... because things got screwed with my salary , I informed the customer service representative that , and it would be nice if I made the payment in two weeks was reported as usual , I was informed that no ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I called when I realized again in June , and talked to someone , and they said they would fix it, because understanding what happened ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well I checked today , and bam ... Still not updated .. still yellow mark in April ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I called today and they said tehre was nothing to do ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I filled a dispute with equifx ... I do not know what else to doo ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus how badly does this affect my profile ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have two credit cards ... one in 2005 and another in 2006, all payments perfect except that one .. MedlinePlus I have a car loan that I got last year with all payments perfect MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to buy a house , but I do not want this to kill myself ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are my options here ?
Car payment is not late and not on time and its due in 1 day?2abraham2012-09-29 09:58:03
My wife said I paid for the car in the Dec. 24 online and still not hit . and I checked today for the last payment and said nothing outstanding or paid, anywhere. Today is day 27 and its future 28. the weekend . We argued about it because it was decided to be treated or managed accounts. and she messed up. never late, because I handled all the financing of the home. I do not know if the bank is going to have today. or tomorrow. and. the same bank that gave us the loan for the car at the dealership and I piss im so worried bout our credit is bad for late or others.
I was four days late on my sallie mae student loan payment, will this go on my credit report?0New Endless Love,2012-11-04 11:07:02
I've never been even one day late on a single payment , and do not really want this to go on my credit report . My payment is due at the same time every month , and I was in the middle of moving and just completely forgot about it. When I logged online to pay even charge me a late fee . Should have paid more ?

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