When should I consolidate my student loans and who should I consolidate with? related questions

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I am wanted to consolidate my student loans, but I do not know who I should consolidate with; and suggestions?3guzy2012-08-14 05:13:03
I want to consolidate my student loans, but I do not know who should be consolidated with and suggestions?
When should I consolidate my student loans and who should I consolidate with?1Elizabeth R.2012-08-08 07:29:05
I am a graduate student level with just a couple of months out of school . I have student loans from my undergraduate and graduate . I know I need to consolidate, but do not know how. Should I wait until I graduated to consolidate or should I do now? Also, I heard Nelnet goes ... So who should be consolidated with ? Thank you !
Consolidate or don't consolidate student loans?0Tim S2012-09-08 09:26:02
if ... now I have a loan of approximately 4.5 % interest rate for students and student loans important . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why? Or why not ?
Can I consolidate sallie mae student loans? what is the best way to consolidate my student loans?1RAH RAH2012-08-13 13:26:03
Thanks for your time and help. May you and your family have a prosperous and blessed 2012!
Should i consolidate my undergrad loans now or wait for my grad loans, then consolidate?0Emileigh2012-10-03 15:39:32
In fact , I finished school in October and I've been trying to get into graduate school in the last six months , but it looks like I will not start until August. I'll have to start paying my undergrad loan March 17. Should I consolidate what until now or I'm done with graduate school ? If I start to pay , would not allow me to consolidate my murderer and sub at all? Not sure ?
How to deal with salliemae to consolidate signature loans. they keep refusing to consolidate my signature loan0tory2012-09-12 08:07:03
I called several times . refuse to take over the payment . SallieMae want to consolidate federal loans.they has signed a five credits. I do not know how to ensure that the loan will be used to pay right? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus helps nobody
Should I consolidate my student loans?0Nadine2012-09-16 14:56:03
I'm starting law school this fall . I have about $ 25,000 in student loan and I know absolutely nothing about finances ! My loans are spread among four different lenders and people are calling my home every day telling me that I'll have all kinds of benefits if you consolidate. I'm not consolidated when I graduated because the interest rate is high and my loans will go into overtime when they start school . So ... the question is , does it really worth it to consolidate now or are people trying to sell me a loan ? If I do not consolidate now , what are the chances that the interest rate will be lower by the time I graduated law school ? Help !
Should I and how do I consolidate my student loans?0Andres2012-10-13 06:18:11
I heard recently that by consolidating , you can lock in a rate of about 4.5 % over the life of the loan , but if it does , the rate can rise as high as 8% + . I have about $ 9,000 in student loans , which is a reputable company ?
What is the best way to consolidate student loans?0shikha2012-10-15 08:26:32
It's time , these people are saying my debt Alumni loans of $ 50,000 will be $ 538 per month with the consolidation of off , and $ 250 with . What should I look for to get the best deal
Need to consolidate student loans. Please help!?1Bhoomeeka2012-08-27 02:07:17
I have 4 difft student loans. I need to consolidate into one payment . I need to still have the option of deferring later, when I return to graduate school . The cauldron is I want an interest rate very good and I have difft types of loans . I have private loans and other loans . I have Salie Mae , direct federal student loans iowa liquidity , and LIC . I really need help on that loan consolidation with and that I can consolidate . Please help
Consolidate Student Loans?0NELSON J2012-08-07 11:40:03
Is it smart to consolidate an unknown subject and sub ​​loans with different interest rates fixed, along with a small Perkins Loan ? I've always heard to consolidate, but I'm not sure? I would greatly appreciate any advice !
Should I consolidate my student loans?0Told2012-10-05 04:37:25
Hi! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I make 33,000 per year. I have four credits ( three of which are educational ) . Should I consolidate ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4800 my truck at 7.99 percent ( private loan ) fixed MedlinePlus 19,760 unsubsidized direct loans ( Federal ) MedlinePlus 6.85 percent fixed Sallie Mae 15,000 1.45 percent variable rate but is MedlinePlus 7500 perkins loans 5 percent fixed MedlinePlus What is the best way to pay and you're out ? Should I consolidate ? I've been paying the income contigent plan for 19,760 federal loan and learned I havn't paid a penny of princiap last year? ! ? ! ? ! I just want to get these paid off I do not like being in debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any ideas or suggestions ? Should I consolidate ?

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