Any suggestions on what type of Loan we should apply for?

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Asked at 2012-08-19 08:28:04
Any suggestions on what type of loan you should apply? MedlinePlus My credit is not very good (I went bankrupt two years ago), but I have a fixed income (disability receipt) and would like a loan to buy a new car but do not want a car loan, because then they have to have insurance full coverage on the car that I can not afford because I receive disability so I'd like to get a personal loan or something so I can buy the car outright and get insurance Dollar a day, that is what I have now. .. I am looking for a loan of about $ 6,500.00 I can pay in 48 to 60 months ... my mom said she would co-sign for me or even take credit for herself ... My mother on the other hand have perfect credit and she owns an open house, but when I went to a bank today Madonna was not being very helpful, said the bank will want to know what the loan is for and if they say it is for a car, then they'll want to do a car loan that I've explained why I do not want that and she also told me that if we put any other reason to buy furniture or do some renovations to below , the bank may ask for proof ... So my question is do you have any suggestions on what type of loan you should ask and / or provide any good reasons to take a loan without having to show proof ... Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated ... PD ... I'm adding this, so hopefully you will not get more negative responses, because I've had a few ... I'm not trying to defraud the insurance company told me my mother said she would co-sign for me and your credit is perfect, so I'm not trying to ruin your credit just to get my mom a car also has an open house that doesn 't owe a penny on it, so do not try to defraud the bank for a measly $ 6500.00 that my mother could lose your home it's ridiculous ... All I'm saying is that it should not be forced to take a car loan and then have to pay the full coverage insurance .... It would be much better for me and really I have no choice because as I said I collect SSI and could not afford to pay full coverage plus interest plus my other bills that we should ask the bank for a personal loan for I can buy the car open and then a dollar a day insurance I have now ... So if you have any suggestions, please share them with me thanks ... Also if you have nothing good to share or to be useful then keep your comments to yourself or you block'm not asking for help mocked or lectures about how I handle my business ... Thank you and have a nice day
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I think you should go for car loan because the car loan rates are very low compared to personal loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus good luck ..!
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