Should I get a personal loan to consolidate debts using car as collateral? related questions

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Should I get a personal loan to consolidate debts using car as collateral?4Edwar2012-11-01 21:30:03
Only paid the car this year . has a credit card debt , loan is better than trying to pay off credit cards ? Bank said having secured loan. Without equity in the house , good credit score . What would you do ?
How can I get an interest-free personal loan to consolidate my debts?1Aubrey2012-08-28 15:06:03
If anyone knows of someone who could offer this to me please let me know. Thank you.
Hi. I'm looking for a high risk personal loan to consolidate my debts (around $10,000).?1kenzie2012-10-27 12:18:03
I am a professional, but have been slowed by a regular credit history .
Has the U.S. government ever offered physical collateral to secure its debts?0 country girls. -2012-09-27 09:22:03
Has anyone heard of physical guarantees offered to foreign governments to buy its loans to the U.S.?
How can I get a loan?/ To consolidate debts?3Guillermo2017-09-15 17:45:42
I have a loan from the school as 10 000 , then I owe the hospital as 15 000 , but my credit card is not very strong around the 563, would appreciate it if anyone knows what I can do well I'm young does regardless of age to qualify for such loans ? Im 21 years . I'm trying to get another job.
How likely is it that a bank would consolidate other debts with a new mortgage loan?2Trissy2012-10-01 17:29:02
I'm looking into buying a home, but would be much more affordable to do so should my other two big debts will be consolidated into the mortgage . How likely is that this is even a possibility? The two debts include the last year and a half of my car loan ( about $ 7500) and credit card debt . I like to have a co -signer on the mortgage .
I am looking for a genuine unsecured loan to consolidate existing debts?2Brandon jones2012-09-16 03:40:04
My credit rating is not great, but I have enough debt to apply for an IVA. I desperately need to consolidate my existing payments in a lower monthly payment ... I have a living wage, monthly insurance and understand that any loan you take will have a higher standard in April ... Well I searched all over the Internet, and although many companies promise a "bad credit unsecured loan " all the sites seem to just pick up details and then move to other lenders ... Does anyone know of any original loan company may be eligible and which can be applied to them directly?
Can we use a first time home buyers loan to consolidate other debts?1Success2012-10-23 07:45:07
We would like to consolidate recent medical bills and a small student loan with a first-time home buyers loan. We are preapproved for $ 15,000 more than what we're looking to buy , but are told that you can not get cash .
I have a very bad credit rating and would like to get a loan to consolidate debts into one payment.?1Kapomaikai2012-09-19 17:42:04
I'm not worried about interest rates , all you need this money quickly . I can not find anywhere that can help me, and I did not want to go through a broker ..
Where can i borrow money to pay off some personal debts since i am in personal bankruptcy. I need $40,000?1Queen2012-10-03 12:09:03
I need to borrow $ 40,000 colatteral as I have no real estate and have no assets . I borrowed money from friends and family and had to declare bankruptcy , where I can borrow money for about 5 years ago APY everyone that I owe . Currently I have a job and be able to pay about $ 300 a month in loan repayment .
How can i consolidate these debts?2eustace2012-10-05 20:33:03
I have two credit cards in
How to consolidate my debts.?3Urgent2012-10-21 13:36:02
Hey guys im in my 20 years as well as some young people who got me into debt . Total is around 32000-18000 as secured debit ( personal loan through my car title ) . I can make the payments , but its stretching me thin . im paying something on time, but I thought to ask for a little help . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I considered calling my credit card companies and a bank I have a secured loan and unsecured and see what I could do, but I've heard of these debt consolidation companies so honestly not sure what I can do for me ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I take home about 1,600 each month , after taxes , so you can make the payments , but I'm hoping to consolidate everything and maybe get my debt down somehow without runing my credit score . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Yes ive thought bankruptsy but I'm not suffering and is really a stretch . But I would somehow lose my debts and pay them off as best you can. Any advice on which company to treat or some story about how to clear your debts ? Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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