Is America really the best country?

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If you like reading then just skip this question

First to start I'm American, so I do not think I am a foreigner who simply hates the U.S.. I concluded that the U.S. is built to support the weak and the poor down. Think about it, what other countries are known to use the Social Security System and that citizens pay for health care? Of course we have the best medical care, but are not useful if you can not afford it.
Growing up I use for the U.S. was the best place in the world, but now that I'm older I realized I did not have that degree of freedom.
When I was eighteen I was immature, so I decided to take a loan to buy a car instead of buying a cheap car with cash. Eventually I paid off my car loan and the car was recovered, although the bank has already paid for 2 years as the recovery continues to appear on my credit report. Now the sad part of the U.S. is that your credit score is linked to everything (his name may well be the 9 numbers ... jk)
So because of this I can not I get loans, certain jobs require a clearance, I was refused even an apartment after that. So as you can see that the system is designed to ruin your life once you make a mistake. I would have understood if I was a criminal, but this is unnecessary for a car that was repossessed 5 years ..... ALSO paid in full

The second thing is health care. When I visited the Caribbean could buy my inhalers for asthma in a pharmacy for $ 20 (which is like $ 4 in the U.S.). No prescription is required because asthma is a chronic fatal disease of the lungs.
Apparently, the health department does not really care about that in the U.S., for me to get an inhaler should consult a doctor for a prescription. Without health coverage would cost about $ 500 including a visit to the doctor (probably more). So go to another country saved me about $ 450 +.
So, why do other countries provide free health care? Is it because they care about the survival of its citizens and the U.S. only cares about money?

In my view that the U.S. should not fight a war because we're fighting amongst ourselves. The U.S. government was so busy screwing over your own people who did not realize that terrorists were plotting against them. Then the government was forced to put out more taxpayer money to send thousands of troops to the Middle East to find bin Laden.
We are citizens of the United States are manned by all sides, I guess that is how the U.S. government gets its power. They design strategies to keep the poor down and charge and tax us for everything, does not even matter if we live or die ....... very sad ....... but again this is' the land of opportunity, and the land of "free ........ who said he had to be rich ....... lol

So tell me what you think and describe some of the pros and cons of your country
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If you do not like here, just move.
You sound like a loser who wants everything for free.
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