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Define an annuity savings plan?1macaw2012-08-22 14:33:02
My mother is 96 years old , is an important record , he has to cash , the bank wants a 3% early withdrawal , but he paid an amount necessary until the CD matures in one month, so you do not have to charge on the cd. the bank says they can convert your CD to an annuity at expiration next month. the bank says it can be able to give 4.5% interest ? what is an annuity. financial instrument is good for a woman 96 years old ?
I have a ten year savings plan, am I able to secure a loan against it.?0August2012-09-02 20:20:03
I have a ten year savings , I have to get some money rather sharpish but not pay the
On FHA loan- i borrowed 4000 from my 401k plan I had 1000 saved in my savings?0Jeni2012-10-27 16:07:50
And recently I've put the 4000 in my savings account for closure. I will be paying back $ 90 every 2 weeks for the loan , but could suspend my contributions if I would . But I want to know will this stop my process FHA loan , and who asked to see my bank statements and wanted to see a copy of the check 401k . I Thurs houston mortgage company but buying a house in Louisiana . We closed on Tuesday , but I'm still concerned about the matter . They already were Thurs all the paperwork and everything is this what I called Friday afternoon does anyone think that something is wrong ?
How would you define "mortgage" for a child?1Sorrells2012-11-03 07:33:01
My eight year old brother asked me what is a mortgage . Being young and naive , I still do not understand the operation of the loans , property or rights . I already checked online for children with definitions , but definitions such websites " are still too " wordy "for a child to understand. Any help ? Thank you ( :
Can some one define section 80E of IT Act 1961?0keleb2012-08-07 15:41:45
Can the father claim the deduction on your tax assessment for the payment of loan taken for higher education of your child.
Is there any one Who Define me-Secured Loan Vs Unsecured Loans?1Husam2012-09-15 09:47:03
Does anyone define me - Secured Vs Unsecured Loan ?
Is my savings in my online savings account safe from the subprime loan shakeout?1chima2012-10-09 04:51:07
I have two online savings accounts ( with two independent banks ) earn much interest (5 % +) . Each account has significant U.S. dollar . I am concerned about the situation of subprime loan .. and I was wondering if any of the two banks that I have my money could be in danger of collapsing . Any body have input on this issue ?
Can you define a conventional fixed conforming fast rack 30 mortgage loan?1Micaela2012-09-02 08:01:03
I applied for a year 30. refinance the conv . Fastrack fxd conforming loan . Is it really a 30-year fixed loan ?
UK - Can I secure a loan against savings? Can I use money/savings as collateral?1Naviva2012-09-06 12:21:05
I look forward to getting a loan
Gr 11 present value of annuity?0Kainalu Mauga2012-09-09 08:29:02
jonah signed a loan agreement which requires a down payment of $ 1,500 and fees of $ 200 a month for 10 years. The interest rate is 9 % per annum , compounded monthly . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the cash value of the contract MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If Jonah missing the first 8 payments , what you pay at the time of payment ninth himself should update MedlinePlus MedlinePlus if you missed the first 8 payments, which is what you have to pay in the ninth payment to pay the full contract
Accounting Present Value of an Annuity?0Dilinda2012-08-29 20:01:04
I'm stuck and going crazy with this question . Sam Weber finances a new car by paying cash of $ 6,500 and authorize payment of 40 monthly installments of $ 500 each , the first payment is made ​​one month after purchase . The loan bears interest at an annual rate of 12% . What is the cost of the car ? ( Use Table B.3 ) ( Round " PV Factor " to 4 decimal places and final answer to 2 decimal places. Omit the "$" sign in your response . )
Present Value Annuity Question?1I need ENGLISH help2012-11-02 12:49:04
Question: Every year in September , BMW offers 3,000 cash back or 0.0 % financing for 60 months on most of its cars to facilitate inventory turns . Youre still interested in buying the 325Ci Coupe as reward for their school work difficult. The selling price of the car is 35,000 , with a required down payment of 10,000 . If you choose the cash offer , the loan amount is reduced to 22,000 ( 25.000 to 3.000 ) , but you need financing from a bank at a rate of 6 % ​​compounded monthly for 60 month loan . If you take 0.0% financing , you pay the sticker price of the car and 60 monthly payments do not include any interest , that is, you pay 25,000 / 60 = 416.67 per month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . What is the present value of your monthly payments , if you take 0.0 % financing ? MedlinePlus b. Are you better off with cash 3,000 or 0.0% financing ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PLEASE HELP .

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