I need help with the first vehicle I am financing?

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L.P Mhlanga
Asked at 2012-08-18 19:28:03
I have 19 years and was approved at a dealership for a car loan. I have 3k I can leave . I'm trying to decide what to buy . I like the Dodge Caliber, however, read the reviews that people have had problems with this vehicle. I've also read many reviews that people love this vehicle. Is it really just about caring for your vehicle? Do most people who bash American cars really biased and can not be open to the possibility that the U.S. automaker is making a return ? I like the fact that I can buy a caliber used by around 10k . That's a big advantage.

I'll be test driving cars before seeing what I like. Do you all have any suggestions on what sight? I am a college student and do not want to pay over 10k for a vehicle. By the way, when my credit card is better established , I will buy a new car. I like American cars and know many people who have 250 - 300k in their American made cars . Any help is greatly appreciated.

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