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I need a lawyer but What type?6chantel2012-10-12 01:34:03
I have some serious problems with respect to two loans and two different schools of the university, I tried to attend and was not able to let the state 4 September 2003 and a loan to the university dispursed October 3, 2003 . I called Sallie Mae both the school and say that the burden of proof is on me and are givin back. The other loan was a scam AIU Online school in which he decided to retire , but since signing online once during the first week of the new neighborhood I have to pay full tuition for that quarter . Both loans are negative on my credit report. I think you need legal help. What kind of lawyer is responsible for this and think how much it cost? ?
What type of lawyer do I need to sue a title loan place?0 mei. people admire ã‚› 2012-10-09 07:38:26
What kind of lawyer do I need to help me sue 800 Loan Mart is a car title loan place recently my car got repoed and got a loan for $ 3,000 and I paid $ 5333.88 says my total payment is $ 2335.51 which is a total of $ 7669.39 . Am I wrong or is there something wrong here?
Child custody, lawyer or no lawyer ?0 my mother. -2012-09-18 21:53:03
This is the story of my girlfriend Yahoo , just let me use for this question . Anyway , me and my ex-wife there have been a battle for custody of the child since I got divorced when my daughter was six months. There has been very good on my end from the beginning , because when I found out that she cheated on me I was so angry that he had given up a lot to be with her and our baby , I punch and broke the window of your car passages . After that , he was accused of domestic violence and my daughter was seven months. My daughter has two moments . I've never had trouble with the law before this incident and do not plan to do it again . I took anger management classes and everything the court asked me too, but still only get to see my daughter twice a week for six hours and are supervised . It also gets you every two weeks during the night and also monitored by my grandmother . Redicilous 's just how she is telling the judge is and do they have the power to drug test , but she still has not done so . I'm a full time student and work full time , so I do pay support . I do not know if I can afford a lawyer , but I'm willing to borrow because I miss my daughter and I'm tired of it . So my question is what is my case worth getting a lawyer , the mother always has a lawyer and as u can see it has not gone very well for me it represents .
Do I NEED A LAWYER?!!!?0ddd2012-08-31 11:33:03
I have a loan to a compaany to a machine and the company still has not given me a machine . Now , the lender is going to report me to the payment of the machines never had ! Do I have a right in this case , I have a defense ? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP WITH knowldge !
How can I get $3,000 to pay a lawyer?2motlhalefi2012-09-28 18:51:02
I already tried loans , payday loans , auto title loans , etc. .. just do not add up to the amount I need. Is there any benefit or any place I can help pay for this? I have nothing worth significant money . Only the listed websites or ideas or something. I just need a place to start looking for someone who is willing
What action can I take against my lawyer?1Ele2012-10-07 08:59:03
I was arrested last year for a misdemeanor drug offense in my home state of Georgia. I contacted a lawyer because I absolutely could not lose my license because my way of driving a company vehicle at work. (License suspension is mandatory for minor possession in GA) began the long term through the court system until it finally convicted in February. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a lawyer, because when I talked to him, he said he would be able to win the case through illegal searches and seizures, as my friend pulled over and had no reason to cite to anything or anyone in the car provided good cause for search or questioning. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Long story short, the judge refused to listen and my lawyer was determined to win us what his plan was to try again, and if denied would take a conviction and appeal. I agreed with their "expertise" and decided to go that route. First, I called in February, February 2011 at 9 am and asks me if I go to court without notice. I was working an hour away, and not only could not leave at will, but never do 1 Sept. 30 court case. I told him I could not do it and he said 'manage' it. For its operation, referred to him allow a warrant to be placed for my arrest, and nothing more. He called me and told me to lay low until day 28 when my next hearing was scheduled. Again he heard his advice, then appeared on the 28th. He spoke with the D.A. and took me out of the room to tell me that if I plead guilty to proceed with our plan to appeal, my license would be suspended indefinitely until the court of appeals was able to sort through my case or could accept the fact first offender , get a *** load of fines, communication service, classes, probation etc., and keep my license. I decided to throw in the towel because my license was literally my life. MedlinePlus I returned to the courtroom where he was taken into custody immediately because my warrant (spent 12 HOURS wrists and ankles shackled as if I were a dangerous criminal, leaving no possibility of contact with anyone or anything, he was transferred to jail and had to sit for 3 hours, then finally released). After his arrest, he had to leave (shackles) to ask a lot of humiliation. I pray that the infringing act first and left the jail at night. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus About two weeks later, the Department of Driver's Services sent me a letter that my license had been suspended for six months. I had to quit my job because if you stop for any reason, I violate probation and absolutely go to jail for driving without a license. I scheduled another court date, the court returned a month later, in his first start, resubmitted corrected for my sentence and a week later had my license back in order. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Due to the seriousness of the situation, I could receive unemployment benefits, I could not drive for a total of 7 weeks and had no income to pay the mortgage, loans, credit cards, etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally have resumed work, but I have 2 months + backup and accumulate debt over the coming days ahead. Not only I have 2200 in fines, court costs, probation, classes etc, but still I have my other accounts and my new job pays only half of what my old man pays. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was fucked up somewhere and need some help, does anyone have any suggestions? thanks so much! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, please do not reply if you only tell me drugs are bad and I deserve this, etc. MedlinePlus I had 2 grams of pot home from a party in my honor because I (at 20 years of age) had closed on my first home purchase without any financial assistance and I was enjoying life. I'm not a lazy or a drug addict or a drunk. I was having a fun weekend to celebrate something monumental in my life and now I will be fighting an uphill battle to get out of this horrible horrible situation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your help! Jake
Fired Lawyer?2Ilma2012-08-22 04:28:02
This is a kind of complacaited and long, but I will try my best to be brief , with the most important. Bro.died no will , the wife, or family children.Surving , 2 sisters and mom. Bro . should 20.ooo . in debt. Credit cards, a secured loan with the motorcycle. Remaining at home funded 48,600.00 50,000. Family all agreed to leave it simple niece Laweyer agreed assumption that this house wasn.t invilved too.He real . Niece quit jobs and moved 2000 miles to take loan which was approved by the bank because it was a VA loan . 2 children with special needs, single parent, explainded the lawyer and said he did not problem.After 6 months told me that assumtion misplaced documents and decided that there could be inthe home equity and had to be sold daughter stopped making payments of his house after he said he would sell the house. He said the attorney would have to have the funds in the account of goods and pay morgtage . He saidNO! On.Daughter The house has been forclosed is still there with him children.Was wrong ?
My lawyer has done nothing in 2 months?2Dragana2012-09-25 03:00:07
I live in Ontario, Canada. I was involved in family court for 4 years with my ex husband. It is self-employed and refuses financial information. At the end (2000) was declared in default and my support for 3 children was based on a notional $ 60,000 .. I was employee earning $ 40,000. Since then, I was fired that job, found another 11 months, but I was fired, and then spent a year caring for my mother with terminal cancer. When Major left home (2003), reduce support your own for $ 378. At middle child left summer 2009, reduced support in their own back again for $ 378. I was unemployed at the time. I heard he was earning $ 140,000. in 2008, so I started on my own, to take him back to court. We had a court date on September 10, I was self-represented, hired a lawyer who lied and said he was in the hospital and could not come, requested deferral and finance would be delivered to me on Friday. Financials came, incomplete and without notice of assessments. I knew I needed a lawyer ... took out a secured loan and hired a lawyer four days before our case conference date in late October 2010. Without time to prepare, my lawyer needed a reprieve. I went to court to ask for a postponement only for my lawyer to prepare. I met her November 4, 2010. She is a sole practitioner with no support staff. As we went through my four years of documentation (two banker boxes), she wrote a letter detailing the full financial information and told me that would have 14 days to submit. I have not seen the letter, just saw her writing ... and she did not copy of this letter to opposing counsel email. From November 4 I have not heard anything! I emailed him twice ... no response .. I wrote a third time, five days later, she replied that she has not had any financial information and have a motion in January 2011. I emailed him on January 3 asking him to do something to move this case forward, and I'll need reasonable notice as I'm busy (minium wage). Today is January 8th and I have not had a response. I am very frustrated. I paid $ 5,000. retainer and from what I can see, she has not done anything. She knows that money is a big problem for me, since I am in huge debt. I do not know what I can do. I lost two months of momentum towards the end of my case. I ordered the child support based on his 2008 income for a child who is in college and reinstate spousal support. I have no medical or dental benefits, no insurance, no pension. Please, if anyone can suggest something, I'd appreciate it.
I called,My Lawyer Said there Is No Thing I could Do About My..?1Bromine2012-10-19 21:46:02
I think my wife is our biggest 3 favorites on my 15yr previous marriage . Well , my wife got this little company that opened last year and is doing well . He named the company after our son is in the business of his name . He already knows everything about the company , saying he is going to take over. She says she 's not responsible for my daughter finically . Also bought holiday home in Jamaica and is under our son
Could I get a loan to hire a lawyer?1quick question2012-10-09 19:29:02
I'm a little confused on the whole loan process . Basically , if your credit is good enough and that I could make payments , do you think I could get a loan of $ 3900 to hire a lawyer ? I have to take legal action quickly , but I have no where I can get the money fast enough.
Do I need a Lawyer for Green card???9Jada2012-09-03 02:17:03
Hello , I'm a poor college student workign part time, and I'm trying to apply for a green card, do you think should have a lawyer ? I'm legally in the U.S. with an F1 visa ( student visa) and married a year ago. I still go to school in the state with the USCIS. I hear it's a must to have a lawyer, but we have no money to pay for one. all you do is take a short term loan of school is bad. thanks
Do I need a Lawyer while selling my house?4jbcbjbi2012-10-24 20:06:03
I am selling my house for cash at a investor.There 15k is a small loan at house.This means the bank will be involved in the transaction . MedlinePlus The investor is doing most / all papers . MedlinePlus Should I hire an attorney to review all the paperwork ? MedlinePlus Or if the check box has the correct numbers in I will be okay? MedlinePlus My thought is you do not need a lawyer because the bank will be watching their own interests , therefore , not wanting to see mine too . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think of Yahoo ?

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