Please help me with us history?

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1. Which was not a reason for low adoption of Carter in 1980?
(Score: 1)

economic problems
Hostage crisis in Iran

lack of confidence in the president

Camp David Accords

2. In addition to lower taxes and smaller government, what Ronald Reagan's political agenda is?
(Score: 1)
social programs to help the poor, USDA

a strong army
a reduction of nuclear weapons

improvements in Medicare

3. In 1980, many Americans want a smaller federal government, lower taxes and a strong army. How do these issues influence policy in 1980?
(Score: 1)
There was a rightward shift to more conservative views.

There was a shift to the left of liberal viewpoints.

The political climate has not changed.

Voters do not know where to turn.

4. Which was not a problem in the 1980 elections?
(Score: 1)
Iran hostage

confidence in the leadership of

social programs

5. What was a key element of the Reagan plan to tackle the economic crisis in 1981?
(Score: 1)
raise taxes to pay for government programs

raise interest rates to curb inflation

reducing interest rates to stimulate home buying

regulation of credit unions to avoid new crises

6. What was one of the benefits that some economists believed the economy would offer?
(Score: 1)
more jobs like individuals and businesses spent their tax savings

lower interest rates for home mortgages and new cars

greater benefits for large corporations

money increased social programs

7. What was not an economic problem associated with Reagan?
(Score: 1)
large budget deficits

tripling the national debt

rising inflation

increasing inequality between rich and poor

8. What happened after the Reagan administration loosened the rules on savings and loans (S & L)?
(Score: 1)
People had more investment opportunities.

Many S & Ls made bad loans and went bankrupt.

The S & L, and saw his clients over the long term benefits.

The banking sector suffered the people withdrew their money from banks.

9. What was a result of environmental deregulation during the Reagan years?
(Score: 1)
Oil companies discovered many new sources of oil to reduce dependence on foreign oil.

Private companies made logging national forests more accessible to people.

The mining companies opened new types of mines that allowed them to reduce pollution.

Millions of acres of public lands have been opened to private drilling, mining and logging.

10. Why do many conservatives in favor of deregulation the government?
(Score: 1)
They thought that the number of regulations had become excessive and painful business.

They believed that the government had no authority to regulate any aspect of the business or industry.

They thought that liberalization could help reduce inflation.

They wanted to increase tax rates and save money by deregulation.

11. Who is Sandra Day O'Connor?
(Score: 1)
Secretary of Interior during Reagan's first term

the first woman Supreme Court Justice

the president of the air traffic controllers
Secretary of State for the first woman

12. What was the difference between traditional views of the Cold War and Reagan's vision of what?
(Score: 1)
Reagan favored the elimination of communism, not just containing it.

Reagan wanted a closer affiliation with the Communist countries.

Reagan viewed communism as a threat at all.

Reagan expected his foreign policy would be to persuade people to abandon communism.

13. Who does not protest against communism?
(Score: 1)
Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov

Lech Walesa and Solidarity

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

The Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev

14. What was the Reagan Doctrine?
(Score: 1)
nations to form alliances with as many as possible

oppose communism in all circumstances

limitation of the U.S. military as an example for other nations

the opening of new air bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan

15. What was the strategy of Ronald Reagan's arms?
(Score: 1)
a continuation of mutually assured destruction (MAD) theory

a conventional and nuclear military buildup that the Soviets could not afford

an attitude of wait and see attitude to determine what other nations would

greater emphasis on nuclear weapons instead of conventional weapons

16. Who was Mikhail Gorbachev?
(Score: 1)
Soviet leader who wanted to restructure the Soviet Union
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9. A
10. A
11. A
12. A
13. A
14. A
15. A
16. B
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