Can i consolidate a payday loan to lower my payments? related questions

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Can i consolidate a payday loan to lower my payments?2Jayme2012-08-28 18:19:18
I took out a payday loan , but my hours cut at work, so I can not pay full so it was late a few times and took the loan up to 3 times higher and the loan never I will just lower my payments that said I could refinance the loan through them to reduce payments, but that actually makes the loan even higher and more time to pay
Can you consolidate a student loan twice to help lower payments?0Sexxy_Aussie_Guy 2012-10-06 18:47:11
i already consolidated once ... Also anyone know if there will help with paying your student loans ?
I'm drowning in my private sallie mae loans.... should I consolidate? How can I lower my monthly payments?0katlin2012-10-10 17:56:51
I'm about to enter my student loan payments , which are all through Sallie Mae . With interest , I'm at about $ 95,000. Holy **** , I know, but without the help of family ( everyone has bad credit ) or the government this was my only option to get an education. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I talked to Sallie Mae told me my payments would be $ 600 per month for the first two years , then jump to about $ 900. Right now I have a job and can barely make these payments. I have credible, probably about a 720. The thing is I do not think I'll have this job much longer, and I can only save a lot until repayment begins . Bottom line -I want to consolidate. Sallie Mae has already told me they will not budge on the monthly payments and no private loan consolidation . Who does it ? Would it be even lower monthly payments , since I'm on a payment plan of 25 years anyway ? I can handle 300 a month , but 600 did not . I do not care if I end up paying more after stretching my loans , because in order to be successful in my career clemency need to go after him now , and I tie my loans . MedlinePlus Any help would be greatly appreciated ... I have come to a standstill .
Can I lower my monthly loan payments?0Aymi2012-11-02 09:38:14
I attened school and didnt finish yet. I couldnt go back due to some finacial issues. Im now stuck paying $730.0 a month from Chase Student Loans, Im only working part time and it isnt easy finding a full time job. The loan is a private loan, ive called to ask them if there was any way i could lower my payments and they said they couldnt, only give me a 6 month extention while interest goes up. I was just wondering what would happen if I told them Im only going to give them what I can and deal with it, will this end up bad or what?
How to lower student loan payments?2help2012-10-11 09:44:02
I'll have about $ 40,000 in student loans when I'm done with college. I 'm going to be a teacher , so I will not make a lot of money for a while? Is there a way to lower payments for student loans ? Even with the amortization schedule of 15 years that I will be paying about $ 300 a month :-/ Any suggestions ?
How do I lower my payments for my car loan at fifth third bank?2DrBob2222012-10-06 11:44:05
How I can reduce my payments on my car loan with Fifth Third Bank ?
Early Car Loan Payoff vs. Lower Payments?0mi2012-10-10 13:50:26
If I make an additional payment to Honda Financial ( this is for a car purchase loan , not a lease ) and apply it to the loan principal , will lower my monthly payment for the remainder of the term, will shorten the term and keep the same monthly payment ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no desire to be on hold with HF at this time , so if your response is to call , please do not bother publication. I'm hoping someone has already done this and know the answer . Thank you !
How can I lower my monthly student loan payments?0Pauly2012-08-06 13:36:48
I had to pay for the 4 years of college with student loans , and now I'm paying back @ $ 700 a month . Obviously, I want this payment reduced, especially when I try to find a better job than I have right college. Are all of Sallie Mae, but they are several loans. ¿ I can consolidate several loans of the same company? They all have different interest rates . Is there anything else I can do to reduce my monthly student loan payments ?
How come the bank will not give me a loan for a new car thats payments are lower than the two i have now?2Fida2012-10-13 17:48:03
I pay $ 416 per month for two cars . I'm trying to change both of my cars to get one. I can borrow an amount they say they do not earn enough to make payments that are like 100-200 dollars less than what you pay now . What I can do? And can anyone help ?
Best way to lower private student loan payments through sallie mae?0Aqua2012-10-14 21:26:05
I graduated in May and I have over $ 100,000 in private student loans with Sallie Mae , and after extending the repayment period of 25 years , and that is what I have to pay interest only for the next four years, I owe a $ 600 per month. I have really wanted to pay less each month, but I'm not sure if I could do better than interest only with any other lender . Would it make sense to consolidate , and if so where ? Thanks for any help .
I have an 08 chevy aveo and have a loan for about 14k but now i want a cheaper car with lower payments.?1mohamed sedeeq2012-11-04 11:40:03
I bought this car last year , but now I like a lot cheaper , older, used car. I do not know how well. Since my car would be worth more technical than the car I would get , but I do not have money for input and still have the 14k loan . I do not know what to do. I think they've stuck with the car right?

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