Legally speaking, isn't there a such thing as a system error?

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As a Customer Service Mgr . , Is also my job to change and cash loans need. A few days ago , a cashier at the customer service desk needs a loan of $ 4000 cash Office . I went to the Office of Treasury and took out some $ 20 bills and $ 100 bills to the loan fund to give the cashier. You're always supposed to be put into the system each time a loan from the cash office . I did that . Well , I come to find out later that the loan fund is down for $ 600. The record that got the loan was $ 600 more . The system was off by $ 600 because it was typed on a loan of $ 4000. I did not realize that the cashier gave me an extra $ 600. The staff of the Office cash corrected the error and everything is fine now. So the reason that the loan system was wrong, he said he was a CSM error instead of a system failure . Can not the computers make mistakes ?
Answer1HaileAnswered at 2012-08-18 13:28:29
Computers do not make mistakes, but may have defects in them. These defects are created by people.
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