How can I setup a small home based business? Are there sites to help me get tips or a mentor to get started? related questions

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How can I setup a small home based business? Are there sites to help me get tips or a mentor to get started?4Jiya2012-10-01 12:06:05
I was thinking about a business of import / export or an online consulting firm . I do not know how to set one up. I know how to get website but nothing more. Do I need my own accountant ? incorporated ? business loan ? minority-owned business grants ? I have ideas but I need to get started and off the ground is the biggest challenge.
How to get started on opening my own small home business?0mikey2012-10-03 00:38:48
I want to do something like event planning or perhaps some music , possibly even something that has to do with pets or children but how do I get started and all I have to do to open one? Any and all advice is helpful thanks ! and I can get a business loan for things like event planning ? ? ?
Is it possible to get a small business loan with bad credit? i want to start a home based business.?0ortal2012-08-18 14:00:29
Is it possible to obtain a small business loan with bad credit ? I want to start a home based business . ?
Grant or small loan for a home based business?0Alexander2012-09-30 17:32:02
Where I can get a small donation or loan ( about $ 2,000) for a small home based business ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My personal credit is not good but I could not make the loan or grant under the company .
I recently started a small business. Are there any grants available for small business for start-up costs?1Willow2012-10-09 15:18:02
I'm interested in learning about legitimate grants for small businesses ( or women owned businesses ) to help with the initial costs of equipment (computers , fax machines , printers , etc. ) and advertising. I have a business plan , tax identification number and complete all the basics , but I need help with additional funds without having to borrow up to win customers . Any information is appreciated.
I'm starting a new web based business. Where and how do I get a piece of the small business stimulus money?4Huggins2012-09-26 08:11:05
President Obama said he is going to have money available for people who have or want to start a small business . I have a business in the revolutionary Web -based matchmaking that even in tough times like these should make a lot of money and could be as large as eBay or Google in a few short years . I just need a decent sized government grant ( s ) and / or a small business loan package to get it started , but subsidies would be better than loans . Where does this small business to get government stimulus money for Barack Obama is talking about? MedlinePlus Just do not have any credit history and because of the economy I have no job at present ( he was fired in August '08 ) and I live in a small remote village in South Podunk Minnesota no jobs available within 200 miles in which they live . Around here you have to make your own opportunities . MedlinePlus I'm looking to create much of the website myself to learn HTML , but will also search for web professionals and investors who would be willing to help you along the way in exchange for a percentage of ownership in the company . MedlinePlus Thank you.
Can small business investment loans be solely based on the business plan rather than my poor credit?0jerae2012-09-22 18:02:02
Im a frustrated engineer looking for a way out by going into business . Im looking to get a small business loan for a business idea I have.
Questions for those of you who started your own small business...?2Wella2012-10-07 05:31:02
If you have started your own business .. what kind of business is it? How do you get the money ? ( of a loan , inheritance? ) . How much did your business cost ? and how long it took for you to repay the loan and start profiting ?
Do banks give out small business loans for web based business' ?0PlzHelp2012-09-10 16:34:02
Do banks give small business loans business web based '?
Any tips on getting a small business loan?0Kai2012-10-07 04:38:59
Any advice on how to get a small business loan ?
Can i get a small Business loan for an internet based Business?1Matt 20002012-10-16 22:15:02
? I can get a small business loan for a web-based business ?
How do you start a small business and get a loan to get started?3pinki2012-11-03 17:18:02
I want to start a full machine shop with welding and fabrication , all I get are scams online that want your money and do nothing for you . I need a reliable source for a loan . My plan is to take people who can not afford to go to school to learn this trade and taught for a year doing real work for other companies . The cost of each training people would be free and would be paid for learning at work each person does . What this means is that each person would receive a percentage of the price of each piece that he or she did . Help me to help those who need help .

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