4 history questions multiple choice?

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1 . What was the direct cause of the Great Depression?
(Score: 1)
mass production

Russian Revolution
the stock market crash

the rise of fascism

2 . What was the result of the Great Depression in the world ?
(Score: 1)

global unemployment

speculation worldwide

improvement in the global economy

increase agricultural production

3 . What was the name of Roosevelt's plan to remove the U.S. from the Great Depression?
(Score: 1)
Five-Year Plan

New Deal
Fourteen Points

The New Economic Policy

4 . What was one of the economic problems of France and Great Britain faced after World War I?
(Score: 1)
loan repayment to the United States

reparation payments to Germany for war damage

increasing population of German immigrants

overproduction of agricultural products
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ok I'll try 1c 2b 3b 4b
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